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Murder at The B-School
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    When Murder Hits School!

Title: Murder At The B-School
Author: Jeffrey Cruikshank
Publisher: Mysterious Press (October 2004)

Genre: Mystery
ISBN: 0892967935

Paperback; 323pp

Price: $24.95


Rating: Recommended


October 20, 2004


The background for this murderous tale is Harvard Business School, aka The 'B-School'. Boston Police descend upon the school when the school's golden boy, Eric MacInnes, the son of a wealthy dynasty is found dead in a Jacuzzi after hours in a locked building.


A descendant of the 17th century Dutch painter, Wim Vermeer, is a teacher on The 'B-School' faculty who not only fears his career is on the line, but is stunned when this “freak” accident appears to look like an ingenious murder. He soon finds himself suspect in the case.


Dean Bishop assigns Vermeer the task of liaison between Harvard and the MacInnes who are demanding answers. The lead investigator in the case is Captain Barbara Brouillard, nicknamed by the department as 'Ms. Biz', also known for making up her own rules. She takes a liking to Vermeer, but isn't sure if he’s an asset or an impediment to her investigation.


Desperate to clear himself and discover the truth, Wim begins his own investigation into the case.


Corpses begin to pile up, when Libby, the MacInnes' daughter, is found murdered. Both rumors, as well as computer evidence begin to point towards Wim Vermeer. It doesn’t take long for Vermeer to realize he's been setup for a devious cover-up. With secrets unraveling, and higher members of the faculty being held responsible, the atmosphere in the halls of the Harvard Business School quickly tense.


Jeffrey Cruikshank’s descriptive settings of Boston, Cambridge and the Harvard Campus, New York and Puerto Rico help create an interesting debut novel, although the story is somewhat slow to start. However, there are enough twists and turns to keep readers guessing.


  Reviewed by Betsie

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