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There’s something sinister lurking in the computer corporation.

Title: PeaceMaker

Author: Dan Ronco

Publisher: Winterwolf Publishing; (June 30, 2004)

Genre: Fiction/ Thriller

ISBN: 0975271148

Paperback: 284 pages


Rating: Highly Recommended


October 10, 2004


A long time alcoholic with two impressionable sons, a failing marriage, and only after an almost fatal car crash, does Ray Brown the primary developer for the Atlas Operating System check into a rehab clinic. The incident reawakens nerves and feelings, giving him the chance to re-examine his life.


Alan Goldman is the owner of Goldman Information Systems and business rival for Vantage Point Software. Ray’s boss, Diana Morgan and CEO for Vantage Point Software, also has a hunger for power in this futuristic techno-world, bringing chaos & anarchy to all that cross her path. Diana uses her sensuality to manipulate Ray.


Five years later, back at work, Ray Brown stumbles across PeaceMaker, a computer virus that is designed to spread and relocate itself. If not isolated, PeaceMaker threatens to cripple billions of computers across the globe. Unable to pinpoint the source, Ray brings in a first-class developer named, Richard Kim. Ray uncovers the truth only to find out another twist to the plot; his boss is in on the bad deeds.


Author Dan Ronco has created an action packed novel with intense drama and emotion that is realistic and all too plausible. This novel sends a message that technology, used correctly, is a great boon. In the wrong hands, it can be devastating! For all you cinematic fans, this is along the lines of the movie Antitrust, but far better! Although anyone remotely connected with the computer industry will find this novel an intriguing read.


Reviewed by Betsie


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