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The Survival Guide: Home Remodeling
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  How to keep your sanity while upgrading your home!

Title: THE Survival Guide: Home Remodeling

Author: Diane Plesset

Publisher: D. P. Design Publishing; (September 2003)

Genre: How To

ISBN: 0972962700

Paperback: 266 pages



Rating: Highly Recommended


September 30, 2004


This author’s guide evaluating the pros and cons of remodeling is quite good. It takes the reader through this process by using examples of disastrous as well as successful projects. There are homeowner survey questionnaires to help the reader to decide if remodeling is the right step or whether it would be simpler or less expensive to move.


Ms. Plesset takes you through the process from decision to remodel to completion of chosen remodeling project. This is done using a series of surveys, spread sheet, contractor evaluations, material and supply comparison and budgeting techniques. The decision making process involves all family members and is inclusive of evaluating cost and quality of supplies and materials, as well as building codes for your chosen project.


Finally and most importantly there’s a price comparison for projects and supplies, budgeting spreadsheet, and contractor etiquette. This book is a must for any homeowner undertaking a large scale-remodeling project. Not only does this book help the reader with decision-making regarding remodeling, but it also provides thorough information on a range of subjects. It also includes basic information for smaller projects!



  Reviewed by Juanita Reynolds


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