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The Carrot and the Mule
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 A Book You Can't Put Down!

The Carrot And The Mule

By: Joseph Anthony Foti

ISBN: 1591297575

Publish America, Inc

Genre: Fiction

Published: August 26, 2002

124 Pages

$17.95 (Paperback)


Highly Recommended


I Could Not Put This Book Down!


There has been many times where we have placed others on such a high pedestal that we fail to see who they really are.  We risk anything and everything to make that special person "happy" in exchange for their promise of fidelity and loyalty. Mr. Foti's main character, Roger Williams did just that.


Roger came from a troubled household where his father constantly abused him, as his mother pretended that she was the matron of a happy home and allowed the horrible abuse to take place.  At an early age, Roger's grandmother took him in and raised him for four years prior to her own death.  After her passing, Roger was again thrust back into that destructive environment that his parents provided and worked hard to escape.  Roger left that household and entered a world in which no one was to be trusted - until he met Sara, the love of his life and also the product of a dysfunctional family.


Sara was Roger's anchor and the source of the inner-peace that allowed him to move past his troubled childhood.  Roger placed all of his trust and faith in this one woman; she was his reason for living.  Slowly, Roger was pulled into Sara's world of questionable friends.  She refused to abandon them regardless of the broken promises and countless times that they betrayed her. However, Roger stayed by her side far longer than most would even fathom, with the hope that they will be together forever. Sara was the "Carrot" that pushed Roger forward, forever reaching for the ultimate prize to be found with her love.


Brilliantly written with a plot and dialogue that will intrigue you from beginning to end.  Once I read the first word of this book and the first scene unfolded, I instantly knew that this would be a winner!


I highly recommend that you purchase Mr. Foti's book and explore the darker side of the fairy tale that we call love. Find out if the trust that Roger placed in Sara was well placed.

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