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The Holy Blood
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  Technology is never evil its the people who misuse it!

Title: The Holy Blood

Author: Charles Covington

Publisher: Skoobe.Biz; (July 2003)

Genre: Science Fiction

ISBN: 1904498043

Paperback: 326 pages



Rating: Recommended


August 11, 2004


At Kerr University in Oklahoma, Wallace Kerr, president coerces Jeana Van Rooykens the faculties’ religious historian lecturer into signing a letter requesting permission to examine some of the Vatican’s most precious religious artifacts. However, due to the fact that Wallace Kerr is well known throughout religious denominations for proving a lot of the “churches” most holy icons as forgeries. His university’s faculty member Jeana causes a red flag to be raised and their request is rejected.


Jeana feeling that her principles and reputation as a renowned published religious historian has been compromised. She informs Wallace that she is resigning from Kerr University at the end of her present tenure. Wallace is remorseful that his attempts to gain access to the relic “The Holy Blood of Burges” has caused Jeana harm and decides to forgo any further attempts to examine this “holy of holy” relics.


It is Spring break at the university and Wallace has a scheduled trip to Paris to submit his technically advanced bike for approval of the Federation of International Cycling. Wallace invites his department head of genetics because he wants Gene Graham to see the festivities surrounding the Holy Blood relic. In addition, Jeana and her son are invited on the pretext of a chance for them to visit with her parents, because he feels guilty over having her signing that letter and hopes for an opportunity to change her mind about leaving Kerr University.


During their visit to Paris, The Holy Blood relic is stolen and Jeana becomes the prime suspect. Not only has Wallace’s obsession set the Vatican on Jeana, but, his activities into the net for data has attracted the terrorist fraction of Arab world.  Thus placing the lives of his wife and unborn child in grave danger.


For this reader, The Holy Blood speaks volumes about the moral and religious implications of cloning. Additionally it reveals how power can corrupt and compromise even the greatest of minds. How many lives have been lost because of those given unchecked power to play God? Technology is a good thing, but like any, and everything in this world there must be a system of checks and balances in place to avoid misuse and corruption. Most importantly to protect the innocent.


  Reviewed by Juanita Reynolds