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Meet Mushy Mouse
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        Entertaining and sweet

Title: Meet Mushy Mouse

Author: Rosalee S. Wilson

Publisher: Publish America; (November 2003)

Genre: Children's Fiction

ISBN: 1413707149

Paperback; 27pp



Rating: Recommended


May 26, 2004


This is the story of a likable mouse, named Mushy and the way he adapts to conditions. After the loss of his parents, and at the urging of Uncle Charlie, Mushy moves to Cheese City. It takes no time for Mushy to get a job and make friends. A co-worker named, Feathertail, invites Mushy to his home in the forest.


The novels main theme seems to be the importance of family ties. The text is simple but eloquent and so are the illustrations. Illustrated in cartoon style, the book has an obvious lesson.


Unfortunately, and according to the back cover's synopsis the book is incomplete. Or maybe this reviewer missed the boat, still it felt as if the story should have been a bit longer. Even with this one minor flaw, this is a good story for children to read or be read to.


In this reviewers opinion, author Rosalee Wilson has a great character in Mushy and should think about expanding this little mouse into a series.


Reviewed by Betsie



An Interview with Rosalee S. Wilson

To start this off, why don't you give an idea of what the book is about?


This book is about a lonely mouse that is searching to find himself and his destiny. He is bashful which makes it hard for him to communicate with others easily. He meets an Indian mouse named Feathertail who helps him establish who he is and helps him to fulfill all of his dreams through his friendship.



Where did you grow up and was reading and writing a part of your life?


I grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and reading and writing was a part of my life that I enjoyed even when I was young. I used to help the Librarian out at my elementary school.


Who were your earliest influences and why?


Actually, my second grade teacher Mrs. Brandon wrote a book called Rosie the Rockhound. I thought she was writing the book about me since she used Rosie as the name of her main character. It made me wish that I could write a book also.


What would a typical day be like for a writer?


A full time writer would probably get up in the morning and have coffee or breakfast first thing. Then probably head to the computer or typewriter and sit down and get to work on the ideas that have been building up in their head and finally get them on paper. After awhile probably take a break and then back to work. When you have things you want to say, you have to write them down while you are thinking about them or you will forget them. I write until I feel I am at a stopping place.



How long have you been writing and in what capacities?


I have been writing all my life since elementary school but not to the extent of completing a book . I love children's stories. They are fun and very creative to write. I also like poetry. I have poetry also on poetry.com website.



Which is more difficult to write - Fiction or nonfiction and why?


I think non-fiction would be harder to write because you are telling a true story and you would have to stop and think what true things you didn't want to say in the story that might hurt someone or yourself. With fiction, you can make up anything using your own imagination. I like that!



Has there ever been a time when you wanted to throw in the towel and give up? And if so, how did you defeat those instincts?


I haven't been there yet. There are times you do get frustrated and can't decide which way you want your story to go.



What is the hardest part about being a writer?


Probably the promoting part. Finding the time to promote your book and working at another job is very hard. Being a writer takes time and dedication to your work. That is probably the hardest thing.



Do you have any hobbies? What are they? How do they enhance your writing?


I love music, relaxing and of course writing. The music helps me relax if I have had a stressful day and puts me in mood to where I can think.



Articles and media alike make it sound as though the only way to rise to the top is to sacrifice. What do you find to be good sacrifices?


I guess sacrifices would be your time. Spending most of your waking time getting the book out there and not taking time for your usual daily routines that you enjoy.



What question do you get asked more than any other?


Where can I buy your book? How is your book doing? When is the next book coming out?



Whats the coolest thing a reader has said to you?


 I just loved your book! I don't know how you can sit and write a book!



What has been your feedback from readers? What do they say to you about their interpretations of your book?


Most of my readers have liked my book from the ones I have heard from.



Do you think that as a writer you are more prone to watching what goes on around you and observing behaviors than most people are?


Yes, I do. I think we look for things at times and say, " That would make a good story".



Who are some of the author's you consider to be "don't miss"?


Danielle Steele is my favorite. She really gets to my soul with her stories and movies. I cry at all of them.



If one were looking to start his/her own career as a writer, what would you suggest his/her first step to be?


To decide what genre you want to write and then think up characters to go in the story and of course get a story line as to where you want this story to go.



What kind of movies do you enjoy?


I like romance , comedy and mysteries.



What is your favorite city to visit, but one that you wouldnt want to live in?


I like Gatlinburg in Tennessee but only to tour. I like the forest and the mountains.



Whats the best part of being a writer? 


Seeing you book in print and the reactions from the readers. Someone who bought my book told me that her grandchild was taking "Meet Mushy Mouse" for show and tell on Friday of that week. I was so excited about that!



What's next? 


I have written the second and third book to Meet Mushy Mouse. This is a series and leaves you wondering at the end of each story what will happen in the next book. I also am writing a book about our sugar gliders called Dixie and Daisy's Adventure. I will then write a novel about my mother's biography.



It's been a pleasure reading some of Wilson's material and we can only hope and wish all the best in her career. Betsie's Literary Page looks towards any future works by this promising author.