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Sell it Baby!
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 An outstanding practical approach towards marketing


Marketing Angels

37 Down To Earth & Practical How TOS on

Marketing, Branding & Sales


by Kimberly L. McCall (a.k.a. Marketing Angel)

Paperback: 124 pages

Publisher: Booklocker.com; (August 2003)

ISBN: 1591133947

Genre: Marketing/$14.95


Rating: Highly Recommended





Do you remember when Magicians Secrets Revealed came out on TV? The program showed you step by step how all the great magic tricks were done. It sure ticked off a whole lot people in the industry!


Sell it Baby! Reveals techniques and is a great refresher and reference book. According to the author, geared towards small-business owners, sales managers and marketing professionals, but I found it much more than that.


This book is an easy introduction to the topic for anyone who needs to learn about marketing for the first time. The book comprehensively covers the subject, in short and well-focused chapters.


McCall uncovers the truth and stimulates creative ideas on how to through effective research, the creative briefing process and how to manage creative development.


It provides a structured step-by-step process for applying total brand management to your own product, no matter what it may be. You'll learn how to secure long-term revenue and build enduring business value. The entire book gives a solid basis in marketing without the fluff for sure. There's definitely no BS in this book.


An enjoyable book that is best read by dipping in to the wealth of ideas and insights that are covered. There is so much -food for thought here, that a cover-to-cover read will leave you with your head spinning.


Overall, this book would be very useful for not only for business professionals with products to sell. But extremely useful for first-time authors who wish to launch their novels into the literary world, or just someone who wants to learn ins & outs of marketing. This book will take you by the hand and guide you towards success. Absolutely, a must read!



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