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The Diary of Alice Mary
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A daughter's tribute to her father's love to be shared with your family. 

Title: The Diary of Alice Mary

Author: Alice Mary Connally Fisk

Publisher: 1stBooks; (November 2003)

Genre: Non-Fiction/Biography 

ISBN: 1410798860

Softcover: 412 pages

Price: $19.95 


Rating: Highly Recommended


April 15, 2004



Joe Connally kept a diary in which he faithfully recorded the daily activities of his young daughter, Alice Mary. Joe lost his wife and Alice Mary lost her mother on December 31,1943. During this time, although surrounded by family, Joe and Alice Mary shared a special bond that was created by Alice Sr.'s untimely death. This diary chronicles the daily events as they unfolded during the World War II era as seen through Joes eyes and Alice Marys memories. 


This book is definitely a touching tribute to the love between a parent and their offspring. As I read through the pages I felt as if I lived during that era and experienced the turmoil and tranquility firsthand. I could see a lot of my daughter's characteristics in the young Alice Mary and this book touched my soul in a special way. 


Alice Mary has paid tribute to her father and she has created something that will live on forever in print. The diary entries are separated by quotes, anecdotes and even the last words of famous personalities. It is a very entertaining and smooth read that you will definitely enjoy. The plot is just as uncertain as life itself and as you read the pages you experience the spontaneous emotions and feelings that have always been a part of human life, but from a unique standpoint. 


What I take from this book is this. Love your loved ones and cherish them as if they will be gone tomorrow. No one's time on earth is promised and each moment is a precious entry in the diary that chronicles your life experiences. I commend the author for committing this work to print and I thank her for sharing this personal experience with us. 

 Reviewed by:
Tyrone Vincent Banks