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Fire in the Ice
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   Sucking in the life's tides, morning sunshine breathes life again

Title: Fire in the Ice

Author: Katlyn Stewart

Publisher: Publish America

Genre: Contemporary Romance Fiction

ISBN: Pending

Rating: Recommend

April 07, 2004


Deedra Elizabeth Marlan is the sole owner of the Fireside Inn, only after her husband's untimely death and for which she becomes involved to fill the void in her life. Building an outer shell, not allowing love to venture back into her life, with a matter of time her employees dub Deedra "Ice Princess".


Her sincerity, and her flaming self-respect serve well to ward off any potential suitors.


Until one day a stranger with a familiar face walks in. Although, she would soon find out that Joshua Tyler McKenzie was no ordinary man. His gentle smile, that could melt stone and flashing eyes, maelstroms into which a woman could fall happily forever and never once question where she was headed.


In a standoffish game of Cat and Mouse, Deedra, and Joshua, search out one another. Fascinated by their attraction, Marcy Tomlinson, Deedra's best friend takes matters into her own hands. In order to help things along, Marcy sets up a surprise dinner that turns into much more than expected.


What can readers expect form Fire in the Ice? A lush and spellbinding story of passion and betrayal that grandly sweeps readers. Hot and sensual scenes, as well as interesting enough characters to sink your teeth into.


Katlyn Stewart's writing style is a little raw in this genre and the plot moves at a slow pace, finding a couple parts to be slightly sappy and corny. The worry for this reviewer had been that the author, might not be able to pull everything together to give this romantic tale the ending it needed to be worthwhile. But alas, worry not dear readers.


Fire in the Ice is for anyone who loves a detailed story taut with physical attraction and fascinating characters. Makes for a good relaxing read.


Reviewed by Betsie