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Killer in Pair-A-Dice
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    Night Phantom dulls glitter of Vegas

Title: Killer in Pair-A-Dice

Author: Dennis N. Griffin

Publisher: Writers Exchange E-Publishing (2003)

Genre: Murder Mystery/Suspense

ISBN: 1920741577

Ebook Format; $3.00

CD; $15.95

Paperback; 201pp $12.99


Rating: Highly Recommended


April 07, 2004


In the fabulous city of Las Vegas just past 10pm Juanita Hernandez is leaving her job as a manager of a women's clothing store. Juanita is excited and looking forward to taking her daughters for a joyride in her new convertible mustang.


Having parked at the distant end of the parking lot she checks her new vehicle for what she thinks is a scratch. So engrossed is Juanita, that she is unaware that a night predator has his eye on her. Before she can react, she is in his grasp!


In fear for her life she unwittingly decides it's best not provoke him and allows her captor to take her to a secluded area where she believes he is going to rape her. When he reaches the destination he savagely and repeatedly rapes and worse. Juanita soon realizes this was a mistake.


By 6am Juanita is wrapped in a sheet and left at a well-traveled intersection in the city.


Metropolitan Detective Steve Garneau and his partner of a few months Terry Bolton are assigned to the case. Discovering there is little to no evidence and no witnesses to the crime. Lt. Daniels, Garneaus superior is receiving pressure from the press as well as from city officials to catch the predator before he can strike again.


This is a first for the stalker, and he is genuinely satisfied with his handiwork. As the press glamorizes his crime, his ego is over inflated and is convinced that he is unstoppable and can and will paralyze the city with terror.


An over zealous reporter overhearing a private conversation between Lt. Daniels and Det. Garneau releases a story that insights the stalker to target Det. Garneau. Steve races against time before the killer can harm one of his loved ones.


Mr. Griffin's, Killer in Pair-of-Dice instantly captures and holds readers attention. For this reviewer it is the one of two books read by this author, having read the second book in the series first (One-Armed-Bandit), finding that these novels will make a wonderful collection to your library, and a must for avid Detective story fans.


Reviewed by Juanita Reynolds



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