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10,000 White Horses/10,000 Caballos Blancos
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  Incredible feats and heart-thumping adventure

Title: 10,000 White Horses/10,000 Caballos Blancos

Author: Betsy B. Lee

Illustrated by: Catherine E. Varnedoe

Translated by: Natty Cruz-Torres

Publisher: Learning Abilities Books (September 2002)

Genre: Children's Bilingual Text

ISBN: 097202672X

Reading level: K-3, special education 4-8

Format: paperback: 32 pp


Rating: Highly Recommended


March 27, 2004

Picture a clear blue sky along the coastal beach, miles and miles of the mighty ocean offering up her latest show just for you. A spectacular panoramic view of breathtaking waves of imagination, will give you memories to last a lifetime.


In this poetic story a young girl experiences some of that feeling during her outing at the beach. Having missed the first wave, is dunked by the second one, and then finally catches the third.


While on her floater, from the white caps of the roaring sea waves arise 10,000 White Horses, some unique guest members of the aquatic world. Running along the waves, pushing and shoving, as they playfully race for the shore. For one heart pounding moment upon reaching the sandy beach they jump through darkness and disintegrate back into the sea.


10,000 White Horses is a great adventure and a way to introduce young children to the wonders of nature, gaining a deep appreciation for these cosmically remarkable creatures.


This is an excellent starter book for both English and Spanish speaking children and an instrumental teaching tool for teachers and parents.


Reviewed by Betsie