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July 2005 ISSUE #55
Betsie's Literary Page Newsletter
in this issue

Featured Article

I Am an AUTHOR - Is This the Next Big Fad? by Martin Lemieux

Write an article, get the traffic. Well sort of! Since the birth of writing articles, our industry has caught on to the phenomena of increasing your website's traffic by becoming the professional in your field. The only problem with this is that for every serious professional in one field, there are a thousand other writers who are jumping on the 'band wagon'.

This article phenomenon is hurting every industry!

From bloggers, column writers, and e-books, the writing industry is yearning for more great writers. The internet marketing community is especially hurting for better content.

With the birth of SEO (search engine optimization), people all over the world are searching, browsing, and reading everything they can on how to promote their business on the internet. Because of this demand for different content, the supply of writers is increasing everyday but the quality of articles is decreasing exponentially.

Everyone is writing about the exact same thing! My company receives on average 10-20 articles per hour submitted to us. I would have to say that only 1 in about 100 articles submitted are ever published within our website. Those numbers are extremely low and for good reason.

It's all about 'substance' - or lack of it!

Many articles we review are nothing more than simple 'babble' and most of them are pointless. You can seriously tell right away whether the article is just a promotional piece or something with actual substance within the content.

Great content is very important. There is a misconception out there that most people won't read your content and you can pretty much post anything you want within your website as long as your website is clean, professional looking, and can be found online.

You are so wrong.

If there is one constant online, it's the fact that the general public is getting smarter and more knowledgeable on how to research for honest, reputable companies on the internet.

Unfortunately, authors these days are simply stealing from other great authors!

I am not talking about posting someone else's article on your website! Copying content from other leaders in your industry will only hurt your company. This is why the writing industry is getting worse; many writers out there simply select a topic they want to write about, then they go online and find 5 articles on that topic. Once they have some other great articles, they simply proceed to combine each article for themselves, by personalizing the content a little.

Do you ever wonder why for specific topics within your industry, you can find hundreds of authors that wrote almost the exact same thing? I call these people 'Content Copiers'.

Even worse are people who buy articles to post online.

This gets me every time. Did you know that you can now hire a company to write something for you and insert your company information as the source and author of the article? This strategy is seriously sad considering I can almost guarantee you that the article you just bought was also sold to a handful of other companies. All they do is tweak the article a little bit and insert a different title.

No one knows your business more than you do. If you are seriously good at what you do, 9 times out of 10, you probably have enough knowledge to write an article that makes sense, that is unique in content, and that has your personal touch.

We've all come across different situations while operating our businesses. These small but important situations are what gives us confidence in what we do. When you learn from your mistakes, you should also consider educating people on what you've learned in order to help your potential clients or even help better educate your industry.

Think beyond yourself and write down something helpful.

I hope you've enjoyed this article!

Martin Lemieux is the president of the Smartads Advertising Network. Smartads helps all sorts of companies to increase their business online and offline.

Frank's film tip: BATMAN BEGINS

It has been an astounding eight years since audiences last saw the Caped Crusader roam the gothic landscape in search of vengeance on the big screen. Of course moviegoers were previously treated to distinctive versions of the Black Knight courtesy of the artistic whims by noted filmmakers Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher. While Burton chose to delve into the dank and sardonic surrealism of the courageous Costumed One, Schumacher delivered somewhat of a flexible frivolous take on the classic comic book hero.

In director/co-writer Christopher Nolan's breathtaking fantasy action adventure Batman Begins, the stakes are higher as Gotham City's "guardian of the good" returns with the right amount of sure-fire angst and redemption that should please Batman-loving enthusiasts from all walks of life. Nolan's magnetic entry into our hooded hero's consciousness is delightfully disturbing in its somber skin. Relentlessly moody, colorfully chaotic and symbolically transfixing, Batman Begins is definitely a new chapter of good conquering evil that's instilled in the same old reliable book. Armed with a notable star-studded cast and a brooding energy that elevates the film's toxic turbulence, Nolan's explosive examination of a complicated man marred in cynicism and self- righteousness certainly gives this particular movie franchise its guaranteed resurgence.

At times, Batman Begins can be perceived as atmospheric and its tendency to add clutter to the script by juggling three wavering plotlines instead of concentrating on one main story is occasionally distracting. Nolan and fellow screenwriter David S. Goyer (Blade) felt liberated in displaying the assortment of guilt and despair that consumes the conflicted Bruce Wayne/Batman by demonstrating the connect-the-dots approach to his tattered psyche. The necessity is somewhat warranted in watching the interchanging phases of the vulnerable orphaned billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne. For one, showcasing his transformation into his legendary cowl. Secondly, the ability to parlay his personal pain and pathos into a constructive philosophical triumph. And thirdly, his challenge in finding the love and affection that seemed to have abandoned him. There's too much on the table to swallow these ingredients in one setting. Still, the forum does allow for us to marvel at a heroic lost soul that must come to grips with his haunting demons in order to experience his own growth as a perplexed individual at the crossroads.

Naturally the background foundation for the tormented Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) is widely known to avid followers of both the comic books and the film series. Tragically, a young Wayne bears witness to the senseless execution of his beloved parents by a common street thug. Since being left alone to fend for himself without the guidance or support of his dearly departed folks, an understandable void has been left inside this empty shell of a human being. A lonely figurehead with sorrow and rage wrapped up so convincingly tight in his gut, Wayne must learn how to use his endless materialistic resources and mental rigidity to overcome his inherent fears and defeat the wicked element in society--the same vermin responsible for his perished parents years earlier. No doubt that the wealthy and charming but no nonsense Bruce Wayne is out to settle a score and leave a mark on the sordid environment that exposed him to such a numbing existence.

As time passes on, we find out that Bruce rubs against the wrong shoulders with Gotham City's top- notch criminal mastermind Carmine Falcone (Tom Wilkerson). Feeling the need to confront the likes of Falcone and his undesirable ilk, Bruce must depart the city and take some sort of reflective retreat to replenish his confused thoughts and figure out how to contend with his non-addressed, pending issues. More important, he needs to tap into the criminal mind in order to prepare for his return to Gotham City where he can help eradicate the scumbags such as with his heated dealings concerning a menacing Falcone.

While frequenting the remote mountains somewhere in Asia he finds solidarity in an ancient Chinese organization known as the League of Shadows. The founding father of this outfit is revered ninja master Ra Al Ghul (Ken Watanabe from The Last Samurai). However, most of the training that is provided for Bruce is done by Ghul's capable protégé Henri Ducard (Liam Neeson). The meditative martial arts sessions between Wayne and Ducard may recall the mentoring connection that was so essential in the Obi Wan Kanobi-Anakin Skywalker partnership from the Star Wars flicks. And as Bruce Wayne gains the disciplinary upper hand in strengthening his mind, body and spirit, Batman is soon able to emerge on the scene and ensure the protection of Gotham City once and for all.

As Wayne/Batman revisits the hostile hamlet that he left behind for purposes of adopting an edgier advantage, he finds that his adversaries are running amok like never before. While mob boss Falcone is consistently true to despicable form, Wayne has to consider the other slimy playmakers that figure into the precarious puzzle. Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy) is the devilish pusher behind the airborne drugs that heightens the paranoia in his victims' sketchy illusions. From a corporate standpoint, a Wayne Enterprises CEO (Rutger Hauer) is a seedy son-of-a- gun that looks to the shady side of business that clearly is not in the best interest of Bruce's holdings and his impeccable business-like reputation.

Batman Begins has the needed potential to jump- start the aura of our famed costume-wearing caretaker whose overwhelming woes and sense of urgency dictate what a three-dimensional dynamo this fearless flying rodent really is in the scheme of things. As the emotionally wounded but determined Batman, Bale is thoroughly outstanding and dons the cape with indescribable vitality. It is easy to overlook the previous cads that assumed the masked face duties (Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, and George Clooney) since Bale brings his notable spin on a comic book fixture injured by life's unpredictable nastiness but rejuvenated by the compulsion to savage his self-destructive tendencies. Through exacting his concept of fair play among the evil- doing scoundrels that threaten an honest man's livelihood, Bale's Batman is a misunderstood renegade that lingers on in a universe that invites all kinds of temptation.

The histrionics and other references that cater to the Batman mindset are reserved for the most die hard of fans. Nolan and Goyer stay faithful to the animated gadgetry that's part of the caped crimefighter's folklore--the tongue-in-cheek usage of the Batcave, the Batmobile and the famous signifier of all--the Bat Signal. We are even granted the privilege of meeting the masterful inventor behind such elaborate toys in the person of resilient Batman associate Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman). Also, it's refreshing to see Batman's ultimate behind-the- scenes partner in the presence of trusty manservant/guardian Alfred Pennysworth (Michael Caine). More than anything else, Nolan and Goyer never lets us forget the on-going agony that is the hidden tainted armor of this dark prince of personalized pain.

The only regrettable omission in Batman Begins is the lack of substantive villains to compliment the constant suffering of our protagonist's self-loathing. Whereas Jack Nicholson's over-the-top and nihilistic Joker brought out the sulking magnificence that was Michael Keaton's Bruce Wayne/Batman, Bale seems to be doing his moping balancing act without the benefit of a robustly viable foe that can draw out more of his Batman's inner strife. Unfortunately, there's not enough screen time devoted to fleshing out the corrosive aspects of these lackluster baddies. In the supporting role as Batman's estranged girlfriend in Assistant District Attorney Rachel Dawes, Katie Holmes is sufficiently effective and shares an uncanny emotional distance much like her superhero suitor in the film. Yet, you also get the feeling that Rachel's pursuit of the lawbreakers in court is every bit as significant as the riff raff her precious Batman battles in the mean streets of Gotham City.

In its full scope, Batman Begins is an exhilarating and grand piece of popcorn entertainment. Visually, it has a vibrancy that percolates beyond expectations. Spiritually, it is a morality tale of going against the grain and trying to survive despite the ambivalence of one's clouded convictions. In many ways it has a contradiction about its vibes that's very telling--a comic book characterization that has been around for nearly seven decades gets another chance to introduce itself in its creative infancy.

Thank goodness for Batman's new cinematic beginning because it's inconceivable to even contemplate its eventual ending in the winding tunnels of pop cultural consideration.

Frank rates this film: *** stars (out of 4 stars)

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Cruz Surprised By Combs Fashion Range - Penelope Cruz was amazed when rap mogul Sean 'P Diddy' Combs asked her to be the face of his first womenswear collection, as she was convinced her image wasn't "urban" enough.

But the Hispanic screen beauty, who recently completed a photo shoot for the hip-hop star's new range, Sean By Sean Combs, was pleasantly surprised when she realised his clothes were sophisticated.

She says, "I was asked to be the spokeswoman for P Diddy's new line.

"I was so surprised because at first I thought the clothes would consist of urban wear, like lots of hoods, but his clothes are so sexy and they made me feel good."

Live 8 Takes Its Toll On Geldof - Sir Bob Geldof initially shied away from organising Live 8 because of the intense stress he experienced during the original Live Aid concert in 1985 - and the pressure is taking its toll again.

The rocker insists all the hard work is worthwhile but admits he is suffering from insomnia and anxiety due to the pressure of coordinating the global extravaganza.

Geldof, 53, says, "I haven't been sleeping, there are constant crises and panic attacks. The phone keeps going all day, all night.

"I really didn't want to take it on because the cost to me of Live Aid personally and emotionally was profound. But not to do it would have been like a betrayal of myself and worse, betrayal of those in whose name all this stuff is done."

Sting: 'I'm Not Singing With Madonna' - Superstar Sting has rubbished reports he is performing a duet with Madonna at the London leg of Live 8 tomorrow (02JUL05) in Hyde Park.

The English rocker, 53, is far too busy concentrating on performing a new version of his haunting hit Every Breath You Take to worry about working alongside the pop queen.

He says, "There was a rumour that I was to do a duet with Madonna but it's completely untrue.

"I don't know where that came from. I'm singing three songs, the main one being Every Breath You Take.

"There'll be footage of the world's leaders playing on screens and I've changed the words to 'We'll be watching you'."


Mandalay Joins With Lone Runner - Mandalay Sports Action Entertainment will partner with William Winokur's Lone Runner Entertainment to develop and produce TV and feature projects.


Downtown: My Manhattan by Pete Hamill
Publisher: Little, Brown & Company (December 2004)
Genre: History)
ISBN: 0316734519)
Hardcover: 289 pages)
Price: $23.95)

Rating: Highly Recommended

A Love Letter to New York City

May 26, 2005

I grew up in New York reading newspaper articles by Pete Hamill and always imagined him as a rather gruff and cynical newspaperman. In Downtown: My Manhattan, Hamill reveals not only an incredible knowledge of the history of New York, but a tender and affectionate heart towards this most incredible city. Hamill serves up personal stories along with the people and places that once made up and, in many cases, still make up, downtown Manhattan.

He takes us on the journey that so many immigrants took, leaving the Old Country and arriving, and often staying, in New York, that amazing melting pot of so many different cultures and peoples. He reminds us of the gifts we now take for granted such as free schools and libraries which were crucial in helping the children of poor immigrant families build new lives for themselves. We learn the history of the Battery, how Wall Street got its name, the development of skyscrapers, and stories of the Bowery, Park Row and the Rialto. Hamill takes us along with him to learn about the first newspapers and the men who ran them. He tells us the stories of familiar names such as Peter Stuyvesant and John Jacob Astor, as well as less familiar names including Alexander Stewart who wrought radical change to New York City. We are taken to Times Square and the impact of the subway on transforming this intersection of roads into one of the most famous and influential pieces of real estate in the world. He takes us back to the neighborhoods when the diverse immigrant groups were struggling to make their way in this new world. We go to the villages, including Little Italy, Chinatown, and that most famous of villages, Greenwich Village. Hamill also pays tribute to the World Trade Center and the horrific events of September 11th in a personal and moving reaction to the terrors of that day.

Hamill discusses the fact that New York City is always changing, sometimes for the better, but not always. Early on, he explains the difference between sentimentality and nostalgia for things that no longer exist: Irreversible change happens so often in New York that the experience affects character itself. New York toughens its people against sentimentality by allowing the truer emotion of nostalgia. Sentimentality is always about a lie. Nostalgia is about real things gone. Nobody truly mourns a lie.

Hamill is the kind of writer who makes it look easy, who makes it sound like he is having a conversation with you about the most everyday of topics when he is actually weaving complex and often obscure historical facts and characters into a most readable, fascinating history of downtown Manhattan. While most of us have heard bits and pieces of this story, few have delved into the truth of it with the gusto and affection of this author. This is a most enjoyable read and one that takes us on a nostalgic, but never sentimental, journey into another time. This is one love letter meant to be shared and savored by us all.

Reviewed by Nancy Machlis Rechtman

Shadows at Garner Lake by Hank Kellner
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc. (November 2004)
Genre: Fiction/Suspense
ISBN: 0595336760
Paperback: 167Pages
Price: $12.95
Also available in Hardcover and Digital reader

Rating: Highly Recommended

An Exciting Page-Turner Loaded With Suspense!

May 31, 2005

Peter Engstrom and Hal Bonnacker have fished at Garner Lake for many years trying to catch the one that got away affectionately named Old Jonah. It was a time for them to bond and reflect upon various memories until a young runaway named Cindy Garvey enters into their lives. The events that transpire will change them forever.

Luke Downing, who can be described as a murderous sociopath and his imaginary friend that directs his actions from within his own psyche, conceive a seemingly brilliant plan. He will blackmail Peter and Hal, threatening to expose their exploits with Cindy unless they pay him for his silence. All is going as planned until Cindy undermines Luke's plan by wading onto Garner Lake and drowning herself.

Peter and Hal return to their wives even more distant than before. Not only do they have the weight of their infidelity to bear, but they also have Cindy's death on their consciences. Therefore, when they return to Garner Lake for a sense of closure, they bring along their wives as well. They are not prepared for Luke downing, his imaginary friend and Bruce Orum but the evil trio are prepared for them. Luke has decided that this will be the last time that Peter and Hal will go to Garner Lake and he has plans to kill them. When they arrive with their wives, the plans change as Luke plans on torturing and humiliating the two couples before killing them all.

Shadows at Garner Lake is a well-written book loaded with excitement, terror, suspense and clever dialogue combined with character development. The story is constantly moving and each character's role in the story is vital to its impact. There are no loose ends and all questions are answered at the conclusion of the book. This is an excellent read and mentally stimulating. When you close this book after reading the final page you feel as if you've traveled to Garner Lake and caught the one that got away. Shadows at Garner Lake is a winner!

Reviewed by Tyrone V. Banks

The Coat That Covers Him: and Other Stories by Michael Hoffman
Publisher: Authorhouse (December 2004)
Genre/Market: Fiction/Short Stories
ISBN Number: 1418494402
Paperback: 644 Pages
Price: $29.50

Rating: Highly Recommended

An Excellent Summer Read!

June 8, 2005

I have just read and enjoyed Michael Hoffman's The Coat That Covers Him and Other Stories. It was a long but worthwhile read written in a unique style. Six shorter stories set the mood for the main story. An artful combination of plots drive these stories with subjects ranging from a man who believes that he is a murderer and is approached by a young girl looking to sell her body to him followed by a man who loses his key thus creating an unexpected chain of events that you'd never imagine. (The ideas are so witty and complex that I am allowing myself a run on sentence with this one!)

The main story, however, is about Sidney Levin. Sid is a well-traveled man involved in a love triangle between his wife Natalie and his Japanese girlfriend Keiko. He lost Keiko as she married another man named Jon many years before. After Jon dies, he pounces on the opportunity to rekindle that flame with Keiko. However, he willingly submits to the advances of Keiko's teenage daughter Mariko and she is impregnated. She moves in with her Uncle and Sid seems to settle for Natalie but the story does not really end there?

These stories will engage various senses as you read, comprehend and digest the material. It is written in a poetic form that grants the stories and the characters an added sense of tangibility as some of the emotions, reactions and responses are experienced by all of us in some small way. Hoffman's travels to Japan and Canada serve as a common theme as the characters always seem to end up or exist in one of those locations or the other, with Japan being the predominant location.

Add The Coat That Covers Him and Other Stories. to your summer reading list! If you're looking for an engaging read that could be accomplished in a day or even a week you will find it in the pages of this book.

Reviewed by Tyrone V. Banks

I Sea Horses by Dawn Van Zant
Illustrated by Callan Van Zant
Publisher: Wild Heart Ranch Books (2004)
ISBN: 0976176807
Paperback: 28pp

Rating: Highly Recommended

Spellbindingly Creative!

June 26, 2005

Ever wonder how seahorses came to be?

In contemporary lyrics, children's imaginations will soar as Pegasus plunges into the ocean in search of a new home!

I Sea Horses is a sea-faring adventure sure to bewitch young and old minds alike.

The book also includes descriptions of 6 collectible plush seahorse characters with nametag & poem based on the storybook, available through the publisher's website. Other information included on Project Seahorse.

Reviewed by Betsie

The No More Nightmares by Dawn Van Zant
Illustrated by Kim McCoy
Publisher: Wild Heart Ranch Books (2004)
ISBN: 0976176815
Paperback: 32pp

Rating: Highly Recommended

From Ancient Times They Come!

June 26, 2005

"On a night when the moon passed through the Earth's shadow: At that very moment fate sealed his name: Eclipse."

Equine enthusiasts, as well as children of all ages will enjoy reading the history of horses, as told by author Dawn Van Zant and of the great stallion known as Eclipse.

Zant vividly reveals their legend and courage to survive amidst humans who seek to capture and tame their wild spirits.

This enigmatic tale will leave readers searching for stars! 14" plush collectible horses are also currently available through publisher's website.

Reviewed by Betsie

Tito, the Firefighter/Tito, el bombero (Bilingual) by Tim Hoppey
Illustrated by Kimberly Hoffman
Translated by Eida De LA Vega
Publisher: Raven Tree Press; Bilingual edition (August, 2004)
ISBN: 0972497331
Reading level: Ages 4-8
Hardcover: 32 pages

Rating: Consider


June 26, 2005

This is the story of 8 year old Tito, a boy who gets the chance to make his dream come true after he translates for a Spanish speaking elderly gentlemen. The older man arrives at the fire station to report a fire, opening the doors for Tito to ride the fire truck.

Written mainly in English with key words in Spanish, "Tito the Firefighter" reads more or less in the stereotype "barrio" way of speaking. Unfortunately this cute tale is not such a good tool for teaching.

However, the book does contain a vocabulary and great illustrations that will capture young readers.

Reviewed by Betsie

Alien Invaders/Invasores Extraterrestres (Bilingual) by Lynn Huggins-Cooper
Illustrated by Bonnie Leick
Translated by Eida De LA Vega
Publisher: Raven Tree Press; Bilingual edition (August 2004)
ISBN: 0972497390
Reading level: All Ages
Hardcover: 32 pages

Rating: Highly Recommended

Engaging and Irresistible!

June 26, 2005

Invaders have landed, although not where you may think! These little creatures camouflaged by shiny suits and robot like legs has setup camp in your backyard!

Alien Invaders/Invasores Extraterrestres is a wonderful teaching tool for children that parents, as well as teachers will enjoy using- not just because it is written in both English and Spanish, but also because it reveals the world of insects in their natural habitats.

Graphics are superb and sure to entertain kids of all ages!

Reviewed by Betsie

Ocean Whisper / Susurro del oceano by Dennis Rockhill
Translated by Eida De LA Vega
Publisher: Raven Tree Press; Bilingual edition (February 2005)
ISBN: 0974199249
Reading level: Ages 9-12
Hardcover: 32 pages

Rating: Highly Recommended

Delightfully Entrancing!

June 26, 2005

This wonderfully illustrated picture book begins with a mesmerizing poem that will lead children to a boy's bedroom.

During the dark hours of the night - the boy and his room are transformed. Dreams give way for the aquatic world in which to come to life!

Illustrations are exquisite and as I soon found out - children will use them to conjure up their own unique tales of adventure! This little masterpiece is great for young and old alike.

Reviewed by Betsie

Murder Is My Racquet by Otto Penzler
Publisher: Mysterious Press (June 2005)
Genre: Fiction/Mystery
ISBN: 0892960159
Hardcover: 336 pages
Also available in Paperback and Audio cassette

Rating: Highly Recommended

Sports mystery at its best!

June 27,2005

There's something for everyone in Penzler's anthology. From a tennis player with anger- management issues to Lisa Scottoline's "Love Match," to a baffling murder of a Sante Fe, New Mex., tennis pro.

Murder is My Racquet is a dark-suspense novel and an excitingly new way to read about the elite game of tennis. Murder and mayhem seeded deep within the world of aristocratic tennis. From eye-popping vile drop shots, to overhanging smashes, and butchering serves, this is certainly a side of tennis you've never encountered before.

Readers will get a first-hand glimpse and salty taste of ordinary human beings trampling over one another as they deal with the eminence of a high-strung race in becoming an international tennis star. No matter what your level of understanding is of the game, readers will learn of the many promotional opportunities these misfits may garner upon winning, the elimination of tournament competition, and the strategy of tennis in general.

Some of the genre's best are on display within the pages of Murder is my Racquet and just to name a few: Lawrence Block, James W. Hall, Stephen Hunter, Peter Lovesey and Judith Kelman. Tennis enthusiasts and mystery fans are sure to sink their teeth into this thematic compilation!

Reviewed by Betsie

Maranther's Deception by Nik C. Colyer
Publisher: Singing Reed Press (April 2005)
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 0970816340
Paperback; 302pp

Rating: Recommended

Phantasm or Reality?

June 27, 2005

Martin and Leigha Vandorfor have made an unusual pact: Leigha would spend 2 weeks in the scorching desert and in exchange Martin would accompany her for an entire thespian season.

Their great outdoor adventure immediately takes a turn when they drive off the road and by morning find a sandstorm has buried them!

At the deserts mercy, a tedious trek through parching sands leads them to a small cluster of decaying adobe structures that are tucked under a rock ledge. Hesitant the couple takes shelter within the first decomposing dwelling. A day later, inside the murky habitat, Martin is left bewildered by Leigha's pivotal claim to a talisman that mystically appears next to a stack of wood.

What happens next: no one expects.

An ancient sorcerer named Maranther exposes herself to Martin disguised as the apparition of an elderly woman. Maranther declares he has hidden Leigha from Martin and only the challenge and willingness to explore their past will reunite them. Can Martin and Leigha mend the affliction that keeps them in Maranther's game? For this, readers will have to dive into the pages of Nik C. Colyer's world.

Colyer's writing style is unique and dynamic. Maranther's Deception is well paced and action filled, and certain to seize readers, denying reprieve until the last page is turned.

Reviewed by Betsie


10 Benefits Of Submitting Articles To E-zines by Keith Gloster

Submitting articles to ezines and newsletters is a great way to generate a steady and continuous flow of free targeted traffic for your website. However, most inexperienced marketers who use this method inconsistently, overlook the other valuable benefits of article submission which are as follows:

Relationship building - Periodically submitting articles to ezines and newsletters allows you to build relationships with ezine/newsletter owners and their subscribers.

Credibility - If you can write articles that provide value and benefit for the ezine/newsletter owner's subscribers, you can begin to establish trust with the list owner and her subscribers.

Long-term exposure - Most reputable ezine owners archive back issues of their ezines. And if you write good well- targeted keyword-rich articles, your content may be archived in the list owners back issues for continuous exposure.

Pre-selling - If you can write articles based on the criteria above, you'll be able to successfully use articles to educate or pre-sell your target audience on the benefits of your offer prior to their arrival on your website.

If I haven't pre-sold you on the value of writing and submitting articles to ezines yet, here are 10 additional benefits for you to consider:

1. You'll brand your web site, business and yourself by submitting articles to e-zines. You could include your name, business name, your credentials, web site address and e-mail address in your resource box.

2. You will become known as an expert on the topics you write about. This will give you and your business extra credibility, which will help you compete against your competition.

3. Your article might also be placed on the publisher's home page. If they publish each issue on their home page this will give you some extra exposure.

4. You might get extra exposure if the e-zine publisher archives their e-zine on their site. People might want to read the back issues before they make the decision to subscribe.

5. You will get free advertising. This will allow you to spend your profits on other forms of advertising. You could buy advertisements in other e-zines that don't publish your articles.

6. You might get extra income from people wanting to hire you to write other articles, books, or even ask to speak at seminars. This is a great way to multiply your income.

7. You could allow e-zine publishers to publish your articles in their free e-books. Since people give them away, your advertising could multiply all over the internet.

8. You will get your article published all over the web when you submit it to an e-zine publisher that has a free content directory on their web site. They'll allow their visitors to republish your article.

9. You'll gain people's trust. If they read your article and like it, they won't be as hesitant to buy your product or service. You will then be able to increase your profits.

10. You could get your article guaranteed to run in an e- zine. You could agree to run one of their articles in your e-zine if, in exchange; they run yours in their e-zine. It's a win/win situation.

Keith Gloster provides advice on effective traffic and lead generation tools and techniques.

Get Googled and Get Publicity

Google News ( and Yahoo News ( are a publicist's godsend. Both services work just like a search engine -- you type in a phrase and it does the rest. But, rather than searching the web, they get their results from thousands of newspapers, magazines, wire services and news web site. Results are amazingly current -- something that ran over the wire a minute ago will appear!

Here's how to use Google & Yahoo News to get publicity:

=> Develop a set of keyword phrases that match your area of interest. Be sure to include your competitor's names in the list! Run the list through Google & Yahoo News once a day.

=> Read through the articles that show up. Make note of the reporter's name and e-mail address.

=> Do a regular web Google search using the reporter's name to find out about other things he's written. Try to determine his likes, dislikes and tendencies.

=> E-mail the reporter. Your message might say something like: "I enjoyed your piece today about the growing distaste for huge SUV's. I also noted that, in a December 7th piece, you talked about the trend toward more whimsical automotive designs. I'm writing to tell you about a vehicle that combines both trends in one remarkable package -- the Mini Cooper."

Pretty powerful, huh? In a few moments time, you can craft a personalized, finely tailored pitch that is certain to grab a journalist's attention.


Find the Funny is proud to announce the start of its Second Annual Comedy Screenplay Contest -- the only contest that seeks out fresh new comedy screenwriting talent, then honors and promotes the winners.

Do you write Comic Horror? Family Comedy? Rom Com? All sub-genres of comedy are eligible. If you are one of the top three winners, you will receive cash ($2,000, $1,000 and $500 respectively) and other great prizes; the Osgood, Find the Funny's custom-designed bobblehead award; a VIP invitation to attend the Find the Funny Awards on April Fool's Day 2006; and of course, a chance to take that next step in your writing career.

Winning scripts and loglines for the winners, finalists and runners-up will be sent to our exceptional list of production companies, agents and managers.

In addition, the top three winners will be profiled on the Find the Funny website and a list of all winners, finalists, and runners-up will also be posted. Winners will also be publicized in press releases sent to hundreds of media outlets.

Submit now!

Th e Brass Brad Screenwriting Mentorship Award - A mentoree will be selected for one year of mentoring by produced writer and script consultant, Kimberly Seilhamer, webauthor of the popular website THE BRASS BRAD. Two runner-ups will be selected as well. Mentoring includes script consultation(s) and bi-weekly phone conferences. This award also includes prizes such as software and trade subscriptions... basically everything you need to be a professional writer (except for the drive -- that writers must provide themselves).

Entry Fee: $40 / $50
Type: Screenplay
Submission Deadlines: 8/31/2005

Send to: The Brass Brad Screenwriting Mentorship Award
PO Box 892410
Temecula, CA 92589-2410
United States
951-587-6350 fax

Hollywood is Burning Screenplay Competition - The first annual Hollywood is Burning Screenplay Competition is sponsored by the independent film company Happy Cloud Pictures. Get your script seen by actual producers! Cash prize, personalized critique offered.

Eligibility: Full-length feature-film scripts of any genre. No TV or short-film scripts please.
Entry Fee: $25 until June 30; $35 until August 30
Submission Deadlines: 9/30/2005
Send to:
Hollywood is Burning Screenplay Competition
PO Box 502
Waynesburg, PA 15370
United States

The Screenwriter Dig - The Screenwriter Dig is a pitch and script contest hosted by famous Producer, Mark Canton (As Good As It Gets, Jerry Maguire, Men in Black, My Best Friend's Wedding, etc.).

Entry Fee: $10 USD - $29 USD
Type: Screenplay, TV Scripts
Submission Deadlines: 10/17/2005
Send to:
The Screenwriter Dig
United States


Rewrite Well or Go to Development Hell

What do you do when you finish a first draft? Rewrite it. What do you do when your script doesn't place in a contest? Rewrite it. What is the most important thing you can do before your sent your script to a producer? Rewrite it.

But not just any rewrite.

You need to take the exact step that will double or triple the quality of your screenplay. What step is that? Depends on where you are in the process.

Development Hell occurs when writers and producers can't seem to truly improve a script to the level that is necessary. Sometimes, that is because of a relationship problem, but often, it is because no one is coming up with solutions that fulfill the needs of all the parties in the process.

Mastering the rewrite process gives you many benefits:

  • You have a better chance to win contests.
  • You'll have more confidence as a writer.
  • You can be more effective working with producers.
  • You will build a reputation as a great problem solver.
  • You'll also be protecting your work by making it so good that they won't want to rewrite it.
  • You'll be able to avoid or escape from Development Hell.


You've completed your first draft and you love this story. But is the story that is on the page the same one that is in your mind? The number one problem screenwriters have is translating the amazing story they are imagining into a very finite amount of words that comprise a screenplay. Each of these processes will assist you to make that translation.


Now that you're done with the first draft, or the tenth, you can look at your story as a whole. As you watch the story you've written, notice what works and what doesn't. Does it flow well?

Before you make the minor changes, you want to make sure you've got the larger parts of the story working. It's been known that many times when writers have obsessed over every word of dialogue in a scene, only to cut the entire scene later on.

Your first rewrite may change entire scenes, characters, or even entire acts. Until the basic story and the larger components works, there's little reason to move on to the smaller parts.

Often, you can solve major problems just by identifying them. But if the problems are more complicated, you may need to outline the story. That way, you are working with five to ten pages instead of 120 pages. Also, outlining will give you a chance to look directly at the structure without all the character and dialogue details.

What you are looking for is a clear picture of your story.

Another way to make sure your story works is to write it out as a short story. Give yourself one to three pages to tell the story. Stay away from minor details. Just write the structure of the story. Get the plot down.

Writing a short story of your script will show you where it is strong and where it is weak. If the entire three pages is "setup," that means your story is weak in the 2nd and 3rd acts. If most of the three pages is character descriptions, then your story is missing a strong plot. Keep writing and rewriting that short story until you have an amazing story. Then return to your script and rewrite it to fit that short story.


Once your basic story works, the objective is to find places where you can improve the script. In any creative process, you want to keep improving until you have achieved your goal.

This doesn't mean there's something wrong with your script. It means that you are truly giving your all to your story. Rather than defending what you've already written, you are searching for the hidden treasure in your story.

Start with general questions like:

  • Which scenes would you like to be stronger, more unique, etc?
  • Which characters need to be more interesting, engaging, etc?
  • How can the main conflict of this story be expressed more powerfully?
Then go to more specific questions like:
  • What is this character trying to accomplish here and how can they do it more dramatically?
  • How can this scene be concluded more powerfully?
  • How can the first three pages be made more compelling?
Focus your questions toward improvement and you'll find it a lot easier to stimulate your creativity.


This is a process that few people use, but it can add layers to your script and fill in minor holes you may never have spotted.

Simply separate out one part of the script and work with it by itself.

Separate out one character's story. Look at it without any of the other characters around it. Does it have a beginning, middle and end? Is it a satisfying story by itself or is it just there to support another character's story?

Of course, the main character's story is most important, but often by looking at the supporting characters by themselves, you will discover ways to bring their story to life and add to the emotional moments of your entire story.

Let's say your main character, Nancy, is running for office and her campaign manager simply supports her. Whatever she needs, he gets it. As Nancy gets closer to winning the race, she becomes very single minded. All she cares about is winning. She begins hurting people around her without even noticing. The manager sticks by her side and she wins. Finally, in her acceptance speech, she looks out and realizes she's hurt all these people and breaks down crying and apologizing.

Simple story, right? Don't worry about how good it is. Just notice what the supporting character really has no story at all. He starts as the manager, stays the manager, and ends as the manager. There's no change in his story. In fact, the script could leave out 90% of his story and we'd never even notice it.

But what if we made him a real person. He starts out as the most supportive person in her campaign. Totally devoted. But as he sees her start hurting people, he pulls away emotionally. He asks for a weekend off. He meets a woman and they fall in love. He returns to the campaign, but he is a different man. Now, he is opposing the way Nancy treats others. When she wins, she shows up at the celebration and sees this woman on the manager's arm. She asks to speak to him alone and tries to manipulate him into a relationship with her. He pushes her away and resigns his position. On stage, she has the same emotional breakdown and gives the same apology, but this time, we experience the subtext. She's not apologizing to the voters and staff, she is apologizing to the manager.

Notice how the story is very different... just because we noticed that the supporting character didn't have a life in this story. Of course, you have to be careful not to turn every character into a lead, but this same technique can be used to add very small details that have a big emotional impact... without taking away from the lead roles.



Seeking Low Budget Thriller, Horror, Political Satire - Seeking tight thriller, horror (no slasher scripts) and political satire scripts written with few locations for low budget productions. Be original and have excellent grip of dialogue and characterization.
Payment involved?: Yes. Negotiable.
Include with submission: Send one page summary and complete contact information.
Response time: One week
Contact: DG, Producer MSE/Seventh Shadow Productions (Production Company)
Company started in: 2002
Credits: A Passage to Hell

Crime/Espionage Scripts Wanted! - We are looking for a completed crime/espionage feature script. We are NOT interested in animation, sci-fi, fantasy, or period pieces.

Budget will not exceed $25 million. WGA and Non- WGA writers welcomed.

Centurion Cinema is a division of Axium and is a new production company with financial backing looking for features and TV scripts.
Payment involved?: If we option the script - yes there will be payment
Response time: 24 hours Contact: Judi Hart, Director of Development Centurion Cinema (Production Company)
725 South Curson Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036
323-857-9847 fax
Company started in: 2005

Fun, Family/Tween Oriented Feature Film Scripts - We are currently looking for original, fun, family/tween oriented feature film scripts in the vein of "Mrs. Doubtfire", the "Air Bud" series, or a modern day "Annie".

We will not open any attachments.

Please do not send the entire script and resumes are not required at this stage. Please include contact information and please note that we will only respond to those submissions that we feel are right for us at this time. We look forward to receiving your material. Include with submission: one-page synopsis in body of email and your contact information.
Additional info: Family oriented scripts only, please.
Contact: Carrie
Rampage Entertainment (Production Company)
Vancouver, BC Canada
Company started in: 1995

Marketable Screenplay Wanted - I am a producer looking for feature length scripts. Any genre is welcome. Writer must be creatively flexible and screenplay must be at or beyond first draft stage. Please send the first ten pages only in Word or PDF format.
Payment involved?: Payment is contingent on investor interest and agreement. Include with submission:
Please send the first ten pages only in Word or PDF format.
Contact: Jarod Pharis, Producer
Kansas City, MO
Submission e-mail:

**** Once you are certain the listing is legit, submit material through an attorney, manager or agent. Never, never, never send your complete script to anyone over the net. A half page synopsis is all that should be expected via email, the requestor should supply full postal details for anything more. Unless you intend to make more money from the potential lawsuit than selling your script, make sure your script is registered with the AWG/WGA-west or east. Best of luck!


The Wall Street Journal has named Tom Weber, who is currently deputy editor of the Weekend Journal, to edit the new "Pursuits" section. The section began publishing in September and covers such topics as entertainment, fashion, food, restaurants, travel, fitness. Weber has been the deputy editor since 2002, and reports to Joanne Lipman, the editor-in-chief of the Weekend Journal. He is reached at The Wall Street Journal, 200 Liberty St., New York, NY 10281, (212) 416-2207.

CNBC, Gloria McDonough-Taub is their new chief booker, working on business shows. She is at CNBC, 900 Sylvan Ave., Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632, (201) 735-2622.

Doug Stephan's "Good Day" Show is called America's number one, syndicated morning radio show. It is syndicated nationwide to over 450 markets over the Cable Radio Network and Sirius. The show, which runs from 4 AM to 10 AM typically has two guests,plus a group of regulars. The show is essentially skewed toward woman, and is family- friendly. They have authors, entertainment figures from radio, TV, movies who have something to say. They are also interested in politics, health, technology, sports,money and investing, etc. Suggestions for guests the show should go to the producer, Beth Brelje by E-mail:

"The Ellen DeGeneres Show", features a mix of celebrity interviews, musical performers, games, real people with interesting and extraordinary stories and talents. Originating from LA, the show airs in syndication, and also has a cable window on the Oxygen Network. Suggestions for the show can go to the executive producer Mary Connelly, who heads a staff of producers. Non-celebrity guests can be suggested to Melissa Costello. They are at:
The Ellen DeGeneres Show
3000 W. Alameda Avenue
Ste. 2700, Burbank, CA 91523
(818) 260-5600

Red Herring which was published from 1993 to 2003, is now back in business on a bi-weekly basis. They cover technology, innovation, financial strategies, venture capital, important personalities, and the trends that are transforming the world of business. Joel Dreyfus is the editor-in-chief, jdreyfuss@redherring,com, and he is reached at Red Herring
1931 Old Middlefield Way
Mountain View, CA 94043
(650) 428-2900
Fax: (650) 428-2901

"B Smith Style", the new one hour lifestyle show on the Discovery Channel, appears five days a week with shooting primarily in the tristate New York area. Suggestions for the show should go to the celebrity booker/segment producer, Paul Scott Adamo, (914) 835-8728.

Entrepreneur Magazine's editorial aim is to teach its readers, small entrepreneurs, how to make more money, manage their businesses, market their products and learn about the newest in technology. The editorial director of the magazine is Rieva Lesonsky.
Here is their story pitch editorial breakdown:
Technology information should go to tech editor Mike Hogan.
Information having to do with money, and money management should go to executive editor Maria Valdez.
Automobile info, book reviews, government, entrepreneurial profiles, sales andmarketing, start-up topics, travel, women and minority issues go to executive editor Karen Axelton.
Franchising or business opportunities, annual rankings of the fastest-growing new businesses, Best Cities, Best Colleges, or other special research listings should go to Maria Anton, executive editor.
Queries go to editor Peggy Bennett.
Entrepreneur Media
2445 McCabe Way
Irvine, CA 92614
(949) 261-2325

Sean Hannity, the conservative radio show host, is carried on nearly 400 ABC Radio Network stations reaching almost 12 million people. His show, which is openly political, and on top of the news, is heard daily for one hour. Suggestions for guests and subjects for the radio show can go to the producer, James Grisham,, (212) 613- 3807.
ABC News Radio
125 West End Avenue
New York, NY 10023
(212) 613-3800.

Her Sports, the national magazine aimed at women who lead active sports lifestyles, covers active and adventure travel, the latest trends in active sports, the newest gear, active vacations, and they uncover the latest research in sports and nutrition. While corporate headquarters are at 245 Central Avenue, Ste. C., St. Petersburg, FL 33701, (727) 825-0491, the editor-in-chief Christina Gandolfo is reached at their editorial department at 4480 33 St., San Diego, CA 92116, (619) 280-1845, which is their phone and Fax;

**** Look magazine is out of business. So too are about half of the new magazines launched in the past decade, for that matter. Your media list is the lifeblood of your publicity seeking efforts. Take the time to keep it fresh and up to date, or you'll be wasting your time.


Before sending any material to them, it is highly recommended that you contact each firm regarding their submission policy. In addition, it is always wise to meet with as many different agents and or managers as possible, and make sure that they are the best for your needs.

Hollywood View
5255 Veronica St.
Los Angeles, CA 90008
(310) 480-5118
*Inquiry Letters/Emails Only. NO PHONE CALLS.

Artist International Management
Attn: Joel Newton
8730 Sunset Blvd., 6th Floor
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(310) 358-9007
Note: Primarily represent TV and Feature writers. Some Directors. Submissions by mail accepted. (One per year per artist)

9 Mile Management
11271 Ventura Blvd. #329
Studio City, CA 91604
Notes: Los Angeles based writers only. E-mail logline, brief bio and synopsis. Will reply if there is interest. No phone calls or unsolicited scripts, please.

Blue Train Entertainment
9100 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 340 West
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
310-285-7311 (fax)

Careyes Entertainment
9000 Sunset Blvd., Suite 800
Los Angeles, CA 90069
310-888-1243 (Fax)

Epstein-Wyckoff-Corsa-Ross & Assoc.
280 S. Beverly Dr.
Ste. 400
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 278-7222
fAX: 212-586-9110

Exile Entertainment
732 El Medio Avenue
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
(310) 573-1523
Submit queries to:

The Laya Gelff Agency
16133 Ventura Blvd, Suite 700
Encino, CA 91436
(818) 996-3100
Note: They accept QUERY LETTERS from writers but they must include a SASE for reply.

**** E-mail addresses are listed only as an alternative way to contacting an agency or management company to see if there would be any interest on their part in accepting a submission or to see if they will consider you for representation. For your sake and theirs, DON'T just inundate them with pitches and story ideas. That's a big turn off for them and they probably won't contact you back!


Whether your looking for an autograph, celebrity endorsement or just interested in communicating with a star... here's the latest addresses.

Remember: Celebrity endorsements are a good way to boost book sales or any product for that matter, so don't be shy about sending out those requests!

Talisa Soto
c/o Staff Member
Agency for the Performing Arts (APA-LA)
9200 Sunset Blvd #900
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Dixie Chick Emily Robinson
c/o Staff Member
Creative Artists Agency LCC (CAA-LA)
9830 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Benjamin Bratt
c/o Staff Member
William Morris Agency (WMA-LA)
151 El Camino Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Whitney Houston
c/o Staff Member
Nippy Inc
60 Park Pl Fl 18
Newark, NJ 07102

Eric Clapton
46 Kensington Court
London, WE8 5DT

Elton John
c/o Howard Rose
The Howard Rose Agency Ltd
9460 Wilshire Blvd #310
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Scarlett Johansson
Melanie Johansson
7135 Hollywood Blvd #804
Los Angeles, CA 90046

George Lopez
c/o Staff Member
The George Lopez Show
4000 Warner Blvd
Bldg 19 Rm 229
Burbank, CA 91522

Kobe Bryant
c/o Team Member
Los Angeles Lakers (LA Lakers)
Staples Center
1111 South Figueroa Street
Los Angeles, CA 90015

Here's some popular requests:

Hugh Dancy
c/o Parseghian Planco
23 East 22nd Street 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10010

Anne Hathaway
c/o Leslie Sloane
9100 Wilshire Blvd 6th Floor
West Tower
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Jamie Lynn Spears
c/o Zoey 101
2600 Colorado Ave
2nd Floor
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Marc Singer
15821 Ventura Blvd. #235
Encino, CA 91436-2924

Patty Jenkins
c/o Creative Artists Agency
9830 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212-1825


Writer needed for short film - Screenplay for 20 minute film needed. Romantic/dark comedy style. The basic plot is mostly done, some jokes we already have and just need them incorporated into a screenplay.

Lead Actress is already hired. Actress's resume includes "Predator 2," "Married with Children," "Scarface" and more!

Payment involved?: We will discuss payment. Include with submission: Years of experience, completed features, sence of humor, comedy screenplays written.
Response time: 3 hours
Contact: David K., Director of Operations Deak, LLC (Producer)
Bellport NY

Lead Artist
Location of work: Surrey, UK
Job starting date: ASAP
Type of contract: Full time
Contact: Tom Champion
phone: 0207 745 7211
Job description: This studio has one of the best reputations in the industry today. They have a long history of producing quality games across all genres.

They are now looking to hire a Lead Artist to head up the art team on an eagerly anticipated title currently in development.

# Core skills for this role include: Prior experience as an artist in the games industry.
# At least 3 years experience leading a team.
# Good project management skills including scheduling, milestones etc.
# First class art skills using packages such as 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Maya etc.

If you think you fit the bill please contact Tom Champion at Probe Games for full details.

3D Background Artist
Location of work: San Diego, CA USA
Company name: Eye of the Bennu
Contact: Paul Madariaga or Tyler Styer
Address: 835 Maria Ave.
Spring Valley, CA 91977
Job description: Background modelers needed for upcoming independent feature animation film. Will create all the scenery and objects.
Requirements/skills: Proficiency with Maya; submit stills or demo reel to Email or physical address.

Sketch Artist
Start date: Immediate
Salary: $75 to $100
Address: 2186 Union St San Francisco
Co. email:
Co. phone: 415-921-7740
contact: Larry Caruso
Job Description: four 3X5 same face sketchs,wearing a hairfrosting cap, showing the different process steps.


The following radio stations are known to be receptive to broadcasting original music from undiscovered talent. Formats tend to change frequently, so check out these potential opportunities carefully.

Internet radio show "The Soul Brew" is looking for original recorded music (R&B, Jazz, Folk, Soul, Hip-Hop, Blues, Trance, and more). Also seeking DJ's. Contact HetHeru or Ladybug at or write to: Box 342, 1308 Centennial Ave., Piscataway, NJ 08854

KUAT Radio -- Classical or new age artists may submit. Contact Alan Campbell at:

Independent's Day -- KCFV Radio at Florissant Valley College Or email Todd: Indie-label and underground rock-n-roll, punk and hardcore. Station is KCFV 89.5 in St. Louis. Address: 3400 Pershall Rd. St. Louis, MO 63135.

Rollin & Tumblin -- KFAI Radio -- Minneapolis -- Focus is on the female perspective in blues and jazz. For details, email Jacquie Maddix at < Internet radio station programmer Janet Wilson at or seeks music that "bridges the gap between creators and consumers of soul music."

****** - Music promotion services
Phone: 973.556.5400

Shooting Star Productions - a new label looking for Christian artists
Address: 2424 Campania Dr. Delano, Ca 93215
Telephone: 661-725-5510
We are a new label and looking to produce several Christian albums over the course of the next 2 years. We are looking for writers as well as singers. Anybody interested can contact us.


FindTheRightWords - A team of writing professionals with 45 years combined experience in writing, editing, legal/administrative secretarial and office management. They are available to assist you with editing/proofreading, transcriptions and will even help you rework that book you're writing. Learn more

PR by the Book -Marika Flatt spent seven years with Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists as the lead publicist. She has launched her own firm called PR by the Book. PR by the Book offers: full scale media campaign, ala carte publicity services such as media training, specific city promotion, press material development, and other training/ consultant services. Of most value to new writers, Flatt develops a complete marketing plan which writers can use in their promotion to agents and publishers. Visit PR by the Book today!

WriterOnLine - is an e-publication dedicated to writers and lovers of writing. Fiction, poetry, business and technical writing, how-tos, articles, reviews, freelance markets, jobs for writers and much more, published bi-weekly. Completely renewed! Visit WriterOnline today.

BookPros. LLC - Since its inception in 1994, previously known as Phenix & Phenix has built a reputation that ranks it among the industry's most highly respected publicity firms, and the publicist of choice for authors and publishers throughout the United States and 17 foreign countries.

BookPros also offers a no charge comprehensive media analysis of your book, to evaluate its potential reach and scope in the media.

2525 West Anderson Lane, Ste. 540
Austin, Texas 78757

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