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May 2005
Betsie's Literary Page Newsletter
Issue #54

Greetings Everyone!

Hope all has been well with you!

There is much to share and we hope you enjoy this newsletter!

Interested in publishing your articles? Want to write a specific column? Send us a sample and who knows-- we may just give you a spot!

Or are you Looking for a specific "How To"? Then send us an email.

Thanks again, enjoy!


Tips from a Road Warrior Book Signer
by Diane Wolfe
Are you terrified by the words "book signing?" Fear not! As a book signing road warrior (45 stores in six months) and your fellow author, I would like to offer you a few fresh ideas to help get your campaign off the ground.


There are three things I recommend getting before you start your book signing adventures: a Book Signing Kit and the Booksellers Return Program from AuthorHouse and a few books to help you hone your interpersonal skills (useful when dealing with store managers and the media).

When you are ready to begin prospecting for venues to sign in, research every bookstore in your state. Once you create your signing strategy, open your calendar and start making calls. When I get the manager or owner on the line, I give them my pre- planned "commercial." I tell them my name, book title and genre, a brief description of my book Lori, and finish by asking what information they require considering an author for a book signing.

A few managers simply have asked for my ISBN and booked me on the spot, while most ask for additional information. For those that request additional information, I send my sell sheet, business card, sample reviews and a cover letter in the mail. I always keep track of every contact and I follow-up within a week to set up a signing time. When I call back, many accept my request. A few pass on the opportunity. Don't be discouraged if you receive a negative response. Politely thank them and go on to the next call.

Before the Signing:

With the date set, I send the store bookmarks and a poster for promotions. Then I conduct media research. I contact the features department of the local newspaper and producers of radio and TV news programs. (You'll find that many stations are eager to feature someone interesting!) Many media sources have online event listings, so request that your appearance be listed. If you have a Web site, update the information too. I keep the bookstores abreast of all the articles and appearances so employees become excited about the signing as well.

At the Signing:

I have one rule: never sit and hand out bookmarks. Roam the store, greet customers and place either a copy of your book or a signed bookmark in their hand. Set up colorful posters, copies of your press kit, bookmarks and a big bowl of sweets. Consider taking pictures of the individuals who purchase your book to make the event memorable. When the signing is finished, give each employee a signed bookmark and autograph any remaining books. Let them know that you appreciate any hand selling that they do for your book. When I follow these steps, managers, without fail, ask me to return soon!

After the Signing:

Don't forget the important step of sending a thank- you note to the store staff and those responsible for media coverage you receive. A thank you goes a long way, and you'd be surprised how many authors fail to complete this simple task. In the note to the bookstore, I always include photos taken of the staff at the signing so they remember the day.

Note details of the signing for future reference. Touch base with each store periodically through updates and press releases. This past holiday season, each one of my contacts received a Christmas letter. When the press release went out for my second book, Sarah, I sent a Valentine. These little touches assure future signings for the remainder of my series, Circle of Friends.

Don't forget the key resource at AuthorHouse- your author advocate. I keep my advocate Chris updated every step of the way. Everything I learned about marketing and promotions came either from Chris, research, or the AuthorHouse Book Signing booklet. I've embraced every suggestion along the way, determined to overcome all obstacles and rise above average. I've poured all of my enthusiasm into every recommendation because this is my dream. If you haven't already, go after yours!

Diane Wolfe is inspired by to write by the adage, "everyone needs something to hope for and someone to love." Wolfe's series of books focuses on the pursuit of dreams and overcoming of obstacles. With over 50 book signings under her wing, Wolfe continues to fly through her book promotion adventure.

Call for Essays: Chicken Soup Healthy Living Essays
Deadline: June 30, 2005 or before
STORY CALL for uplifting, nonfiction essays on living with * Arthritis * Diabetes

* Asthma * Stress The Chicken Soup Healthy Living books bring a new, refreshing format to a best-selling series. Each title features 10-15 stories interspersed with important information from top medical experts. At 144 pages they are priced at an affordable $6.95

What They Want:

The perfect blend of emotional support and vital information. Heartfelt, personal, uplifting stories from real people living with specific medical conditions along with positive, practical advice for caregivers and patients from top medical experts. Story topics focus on issues that affect your daily life; diet, psychological issues, relationships, daily challenges, unique obstacles, even alternative therapies. Expert content will explain medical terms, managing symptoms, quality of life issues, the effects of treatment options and managing the doctor-patient relationship.

Story Specifications: Length: 300-800 words. Pay: $200 upon publication for non-exclusive, World-Wide, all languages.


Firestorm by Michael Archer
Publisher: Firebomber Pubns (February 2005)
Genre: Action/Adventure
ISBN: 0970798024
Paperback: 388 pages

Rating: Highly Recommended

Excitement and high drama!

April 25, 2005

Multi-billionaire Joseph Talon and co-founder of Firebombers Inc has always had a good heart, placing welfare before profits. Now, at the stockholders meeting he announces that the company is on the verge of bankruptcy. What he fails to mention is that in an attempt save it all he has secretly made arrangements to take the company to international level. First stop Central America and the city of San Pietro.

A decision, he will soon regret.

Firestorm is a steady pace, well written and author Michael Archer's attention to detail is absolutely engrossing. Archer places readers deep within danger zones faced by firefighters today, but even more exciting is the unusual situation in which Joseph Talon forces his company into.

Government uprising, the jungles of Central America, gun-toting locals, secret weapons, and kidnappings are but a few of what to expect.

What turns up the heat in this novel is the firefighters' backgrounds, not your typical American citizens. Each has been carefully selected for their military combat experience!

Firestorm is pure entertainment of nonstop action and suspense. Michael Archer exceeds readers expectations!

Reviewed by Betsie

Don't Feed the Animals by Tima Vlasto
Publisher: Vlasto Publishing
Genre: Children's
Reading level: 6-8
ISBN: 960881751X
Hardcover: 48 pages

Rating: Highly Recommended

Excellent Learning Tool!

May 1, 2005

A young girl's imagination turns anxieties into strange creatures that "feed" on her fear.

This wonderful children's book teaches children that they have the ability within them to change negative thoughts into positive ones.

As a tool-parents can teach tots "not" to feed the animals, thus giving them more confidence and control. That no matter what occurs within the surrounding's - we have the ultimate power to change course as to how events will turn out.

Author Tima Vlasto has created an entertaining "how to" for kids of all ages!

Reviewed by Betsie

The Amendment: A Novel by John J Fitzgerald
Publisher: iUniverse, Inc. (January 2005)
Genre: Political Fiction /Suspense
ISBN: 0595787703
Hardcover: $25.95
Paperback: $15.95
Digital: $6.00
232 pages

Rating: Highly Recommended

Political intrigue at its best!

May 8, 2005

This entertaining tale begins with Father Malrooney who on a third visit to Fairview Hospital for the Criminally insane is given a tissue box that contains a neatly folded manuscript - Jude's story.

Jude Thaddeus was more than just an orphan. He was a man with high aspirations, intelligent, and extremely cunning within the business world. His path an extraordinary one, and one that would lead him to great men such as: Henry Kissinger, Nelson Rockefeller, George Wallace and Richard Nixon then to tango with wealthy organizations such as OPEC and scandals like Watergate.

His cool, calm demeanor a plus in his strategic plan to obtain 10 million dollars! With careful manipulation - the game is on. Jude's sights are on the Presidency, although after years of preparation, something goes wrong.

The characters are vividly depicted, to the point that you become emotionally involved with them. Jude is certainly a fantastic and fascinating character.

I guarantee readers that from the moment you pick the Amendment, you will want to read more from this promising author. John J Fitzgerald's writing style is smooth and well paced, pulling you into this saga that will leaving you wondering if it actually occurred. Excellent work Mr. Fitzgerald!

Reviewed by Betsie

3 Doors by Kiane Simeon, Rochelle Simeon
Publisher: Authorhouse (October 2004)
Genre: Fiction/Action & Adventure
ISBN: 1418474894
Paperback: 216 Pages

Rating: Highly Recommended

An Excellent Adventure to Be Enjoyed By Adults and Children!

May 18, 2005

In a rather odd town - that can quite easily be the one that you may find yourself living in, six children happen upon a rather odd bookstore. As they browse through the books they are pulled into a book and made into various characters that fight to retain the memories that will bring them back home. Along the way your find yourself in the middle of adventures reminiscent of Dr. Seuss meets Alice in Wonderland meets Indiana Jones meets Sliders meets any other place that your imagination can create.

The reluctant characters in someone else's twisted story are given choices. These choices present themselves in the form of "3 Doors" that can lead the children home or deeper into the Abyss that has swallowed them. A part of you will cheer for them to enter the wrong door to see what they'll find while the other part will want them to arrive home safely.

"3 Doors" was originally conceived as a Screenplay and then rewritten as a novel. The authors, sisters Kiane and Rochelle Simeon, write some of their characteristics, memories, traits or mishaps into their characters and the result is a well-rounded cast of characters that the reader will feel some type of attachment to. This book is the first part of a trilogy that is bound to become an establishment reminiscent of other multi-chapter films that we enjoy today at the box office.

As well as their entertaining book I urge you to check: This website is very informative and you will have a great time there as well! ""3 Doors"" was a great read and I urge you to check it out. If you're looking for a book that will fill your mind with vivid images and leave you breathless - ""3 Doors"" is the way to go!

Reviewed by Tyrone V. Banks

Sea Glass by Anita Shreve
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company (April 2002)
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 0316001449
Paperback: 404 pages

Rating: Highly Recommended


May 19, 2005

Once again, Anita Shreve weaves a tale of love and loss around the New England seaside. In Sea Glass, we are given alternating viewpoints of 6 characters chapter by chapter. The story takes place just as the stock market crash of 1929 is about to hit and then how its tragic aftermath affects each character and seals their fate.

A swift-talking typewriter salesman, Sexton Beecher, sweeps the main character, Honora Beecher, off her feet and they soon marry. At first, the marriage seems to be all Honora had hoped for. But after the stock market crash, her husband's true nature begins to reveal itself. We soon meet young Alphonse, McDermott and Vivian, whose disparate lives all intersect as the world they once knew crashes down upon them. And, although we never actually meet Honora's mother, Alice Willard, we get to know her nature and dreams for her daughter through her letters.

After the stock market crash, the only job Sexton can find is in the local mills. Shreve depicts the deplorable conditions the workers had to work under and live in with her usual attention to detail, making that world real and painful for the reader. Meanwhile Honora meets Vivian and they strike up an unlikely friendship. Vivian seems to be the only one who still has any money left after the stock market crash, but she is generous and willing to help those less fortunate. Alphonse is a young boy who has never had much in life and he and McDermott strike up a friendship as well. When the mill workers decide to strike in hopes of obtaining a livable wage, Sexton offers up his home as a meeting place where the leaders of the movement can write up their flyers and plan their strategies. This leads to a strong attraction between Honora and McDermott. As the events progress to their inevitable tragic conclusion, we are thankful that it is Shreve, with her wondrous ability to weave a heartbreaking but beautiful story, which has taken us along for the journey.

Honora collects sea glass - colorful pieces of glass, which have been smoothed and shaped by the sea. In one devastating and climactic scene, Sexton arrives home, drunk, on Christmas Eve, announcing that he has lost his job and that he has no interest in the wonderful Christmas dinner that Honora has worked so hard to prepare. Vivian had given Honora a beautiful collection of sea glass earlier in the day and, in a fury, Sexton grabs the platter of sea glass and tosses it angrily into the air, before storming out of the house. After Honora collects all of the pieces of sea glass that she can find, she thinks: It's a miracle. Sea glass doesn't break. And this is the ultimate message of Shreve's book - no matter what life throws at Honora she will not break. And it is the message of hope, amid all of the despair and sorrow that the reader takes away upon finishing this achingly beautiful book.

Reviewed by Nancy Rechtman

Taming the Book Proposal:The Basics
By Jill Nagle - Founder and principal of GetPublished
Oh, that most maddening of documents! For so many of us eager to move forward with our nonfiction projects, it looms large like a guard at the queen's castle, blocking the path to publication. Its perfection eludes us yet it stands there teasing, "Complete me, or your manuscript will never see the light of day, mwahahahaha!"

In truth, that's a lie. Every author has the option of self-publishing. However, there are advantages to writing a book proposal instead of a whole book.

One advantage is that it usually takes less time than writing a whole book. Two, it creates the possibility of getting paid to write your book, perhaps just a few thousand dollars, perhaps tens or even hundreds of thousands. Three, it forces you to get clear about what you're doing with your book, on a number of levels.

Even if you want to self-publish, a book proposal serves as a sort of business plan for your book. The time and energy spent on research, evaluation and comparison of your ideas at the outset pays off down the line many times over. After all, wouldn't you rather find out now that someone else has said similar things more eloquently and have a chance to amend your manuscript, than publish the darn thing only to read terrible-or worse-no reviews?

The process of polishing your book proposal is also an exercise in discipline and focus. It brings the purpose of your book, its scope, depth and message into sharp relief. It will get your thinking muscles into the best shape ever to produce the most marketable book of which you are capable.


April 2005 Script Sales
Script sales slowed considerably in April - down from 111 purchased in March to 75 in April. Did tax-time take a toll on studios too? Or maybe all the star power behind the sales means there's less money to buy more scripts?

Of the scripts sold, about a quarter of them were comedies. Most remarkable (or hopefully, inspiring) sales was Rizzle, Pizzle, Sizzle - a spec sold to Gold Circle Films by first-time writers Adam Farasati and Ethan Furman. Other comedies to watch for are untitled, but full of promise - and untitled David O. Russel comedy, which Vince Vaughn attached, and an untitled wrestling project with Jack Black as a Mexican Priest who moonlights as a wrestler to raise money for an orphanage. That last one is-- wait for it-- based on a true story! For the teen set: Nickelodeon star Nick Cannon's got Miracle Cars, a new project about brilliant teen car thieves, and the Duff sisters (Hillary and Haylie for those of you not in the know --or not totally annoyed by them those Ice Breakers commercials) are playing heiresses in Material Girls. Guess Paris and her sister weren't available.

Crime flicks and dramas have some heavy hitting star power too. David Duchovny in The Secret, about a man who's daughter appears to be possessed by the spirit of his late wife; Nicholas Cage in Electric God, which follows the story of a man with a violent temper forces himself into isolation, only to find redemption when he reaches out to people and Goya's Ghost, a historical drama starring Javier Bardem and Natalie Portman. Keanu Reeves has teamed up with Oliver Stone in John Ridley's adaptation of the The Night Watchman, about a disgraced cop who makes an attempt at redemption by trying to rid the city of crime. Best of luck with that, by the way--

Some other gems to watch out for: Tom Hanks is producing Amelia Bedilia, the classic children's book about a housekeeper who's literal translations of her boss' instructions lead to hysterical outcomes. Nick Cannon again, this time as a writer and actor in the Will Smith production of Extra Protection. But the best of the bunch has got to be Will Ferrell starring in the film remake of the classic TV show LAND OF THE LOOOOOSSST!

Oh and yeah, they're making Baywatch into a movie. Sorry, doesn't look like Pamela Anderson or David Hasselhoff is attached. That would just be too much star power to ask for.


Buyer: Eric Holloway
Company: Fearmakers Studios
Credits: Death4Told, Strike the Tent
Is there money upfront? Yes
Years In Business: 4

Searching for a family film, preferably told from the child's point of view, to compliment our 2005 slate being produced in conjunction with 6 Lower Entertainment. Must be able to produce in the low 6 figure budget range. Please email a logline and synopsis as well as any awards received and any agents representing the material. We will respond if we are interested in reviewing your script. Electronic submissions preferred.

Michael/Finney Productions develops and produces all types of film and television projects. If you think you have something we should look at, please feel free to contact us and pitch us your idea. A one-page synopsis or brief paragraph is all we need. If your pitch sounds like something we're interested in, we'll contact you to send us your completed screenplay.

Terence Michael Productions
421 Waterview Street
Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

RAGE Entertainment is always on the lookout for innovative scripts from talented writers. Screenwriters are encouraged to contact us about their scripts and projects.

Rage Films
121 NW Bond St. Suite #3
Bend, OR. 97701

WRITERS WANTED: Inspired Films
Feature-length screenplays of all genres wanted for independent production company. Scripts must be registered with the WGA.
Please send QUERIES ONLY to for consideration. No follow-ups, please. We will contact you if we are interested.

Buyer: Nicole Williams
Company: Manx Entertainment
Credits: 1
Is there money upfront? Yes
Contact Person: Nicole Williams
Years In Business: 2

Producer Needed: Company seeks experienced feature film producer for project in development. Producer MUST HAVE a history of bringing films in on time and within budget. If producer has credits to his/her name that brought in box office profits, this will be a plus. Interested parties should send a brief film history synopsis and resume' via email to address above.

Most production companies require a "standard release form" with your submission. We have provided a sample release form here - just download and edit using MsWord.


The Great American Song Contest features awards for 45 winners in 9 categories and provides $5,000 in prizes. Music-industry judges are publishers, recording artists, producers & hit songwriters. EVERYONE receives a written evaluation of their songs. This annual International event is by Songwriters Resource Network, a trusted news and education resource for songwriters everywhere. Submission deadline is Nov. 18, 2005.

For more contest details

Music Publisher Seeking Music for Compilation CD - BMI Music Publisher set to release promotional compilation cd in July 2005.

Genres accepted: Dance/Techno, Pop, R&B, Rock and Hip-Hop. The cd will be used in the following capacity:

-To be shopped to major record labels.
-To be shopped to music supervisors, production companies and major music licensing companies for placement in film and television projects.

-To be distributed at music conferences and industry events, for example, Russell Simmons' "How Can I Be Down" music summit, which takes place in Miami in July 2005.

The cost of submission is $150 USD; $125 will be refunded if your music is not selected. (Only one song per act, so please submit only your best material) Each artist or group will receive 5 cds. Music must be high quality (master level sound quality) and copyrighted.

Along with cd, please include the following:

Name/s and age/s of artist/s
Address & Telephone #
Picture and Bio (if available)

Artists will retain all copyrights and 100% of publishing. The cd is for promotion only. Music that is not selected will be promptly returned, minus $25 for processing and mailing fees.

Make check or money order payable to: Imana Ink

Mail to:
Elizabeth M.,
Project Manager
Imana Ink

567 NE 68th Street, Suite#1
Miami, FL 33138

Space is extremely limited; submission end date is June 30, 2005.

For inquiries, please call Elizabeth M., Project Manager at 305-742-9174

Tryout for Making the Band 3's Next Season You saw the finale--P.Diddy is STILL Making the Band. That's right, it's not over, ladies. If you can sing like Beyonce and move like Britney, he wants you! Come on down and strut your stuff for MTV. This is the chance of a lifetime-- Don't disappoint the Diddy.


Line begins at 7:00 am (no overnight camping). Auditions start promptly at 10:00 am. To help ensure your spot to be seen, please be there no later than 2:00 pm. We want to get to everybody; however, your chances of being seen are better if you show up by 2:00 pm.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Virginia Beach
211 21st Street
Virginia Beach, VA 23451
21st Street and Pacific Ave. at the beach

Saturday, May 28, 2005
Club Paris
122 W Church Street
Orlando, FL 32801

Tuesday, May 31, 2005
234 W. Larned
Detroit, MI 48226

Friday, June 3, 2005 Minneapolis
Mall of America
At the Sam Goody Central
60 E. Broadway
Bloomington, MN 55425

Monday, June 6, 2005
Club Uropa
2600 Main St.
Dallas, TX 75226

Thursday, June 9, 2005
San Francisco
383 Bay St.
San Francisco, CA 94133

You must be at least 18 years of age to audition. They will only be able to see a limited number of people at each location, so make sure to arrive early. Please carry valid ID.

Got Scary Flicks? Enter Them in NYCHFF!

Once again, the U.S.'s premiere horror film festival will be held at the prestigious Tribeca Film Center in lower Manhattan. With special screenings, parties, celebrity guests and each year's prestigious lifetime achievement award, this is the genre festival not to be missed.

New York City Horror Film Festival (NYCHFF) 2005
New York, New York, USA
October 18 - 23, 2005
Deadline: September 1, 2005

The Children's Literary Agency is aggressively seeking new talent. We represent both unpublished and self-published authors.

Our focus is exclusively on the children's market. Founded by experienced and successful agents and business people, the Children's Literary Agency is aggressively creating success across all age groups and in many niche markets including pre-K, elementary, middle, and high school age groups.

We accept almost all genres. This includes fiction, non-fiction, spiritual, and Christian genres.

Comedy Central's "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" is Comedy Central's top rated talk and interview show, and the top rated show on cable. Seen from Monday to Thursday from 11 to 11:30 PM, the show takes an irreverent look at the day's news, and those who make the news. Jon Stewart is the executive producer of the show, and of course, the star. The producers are Stewart Bailey and Beth Carlin, and they are reached at the show, 513 W. 54 St., New York, NY 10019, (212) 468-1700; Fax: (212) 468-1890.

Marie Claire, created in 1937, was the first magazine aimed at women, encouraging them to consider their own autonomy, charm, and personal development. The magazine carries on today, helping women as they cut their way through the newest information on fashion, beauty, health, and the many other facets of the daily life of the women living in today's more complicated world. Jane Seymour is the editor, Didi Gluck is the beauty director, Tracy Taylor is their fashion director. They are at Marie Claire, 1790 Broadway, 3fl., New York, NY 10019, (212) 649- 5000; Fax: (212) 649-5050.

Self Magazine, the Conde Nast magazine which focuses on health and well being announced the following new hire: Evyan Metzner as the new fashion director, replacing Kate Moodle. The monthly covers health, psychology, beauty, fashion, nutrition, careers, fitness, money and financial management issues. Self is at Conde Nast Publications, Four Times Square, New York, NY 10036, (212) 286-2860; Fax: (212) 286-8110.

"Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace" is seen from 9 to 10 AM, re-airing at 5. The show uses guests who are experts on the news of the day- major issues such as foreign policy, health care, the laws of the land. They use government officials, authors, recognizable people to discuss the issues freely. Andrea DeVito is the booker of the show, and she is at Fox Broadcasting, 400 N. Capitol St., NW, Ste. 550, Washington, DC 20001, (202) 824-6300;


Never query a producer about an idea you have if there isn't a professionally written screenplay finished and ready to submit unless you have a previous relationship with the producer and you know he or she is open to developing a project with you, the producer has publicly come out and stated that he or she is open to receiving pitches for projects where a full screenplay isn't written or you are an established writer and are at a level where studios are going to have confidence that you can deliver the screenplay.

The reason is that the world is filled with infinite amounts of great ideas for movies. The problem for most producers is taking that idea and turning it into a workable screenplay. The majority of producers will just be irritated if you waste their time telling about a great idea when there is no script to sell. Remember, that's what most producers sell is finished screenplays.


While there are exceptions such as a movie like SAW, it's generally a good idea to open your screenplay with some exterior shots that give the reader and ultimately the viewer some orientation as to where this story is taking place and at what time era. However, skip instructions on how opening credits will role. In general that is a post production decision that the director and editor will make after the film is shot.


If you want a chance to meet to face to face with industry professionals there is no better way than to go to pitch sessions:

Spec Script Marketplace PITCH SESSION is a good one to attend-- you may even acquire an agent!

Great American Pitch Fest is another.

As you all know, there are two parts to becoming a professional screenwriter. One is to write great material and the other is to be able to market it successfully. There are many businesses out there who offer a myriad of services to help writers market there screenplays. Some are better values than others. One particular service that has assisted many writers secure representation and sell or option scripts is called Ink Tip. It is run by a guy named Jerrol. I know he runs a business with ethical considerations as a supreme priority. Because of that and the very reasonable cost of his services I feel comfortable recommending his services to any of my subscribers.

If you do decide to use them, please let them know that it was a result of my unpaid endorsement.

While breaking into the movie business is not an easy task, you must remember that it is possible. Every month, never before sold writers break their way into the business. Maybe next month it'll be you. But, you've got to maximize your chances by using the most effective business tactics and mastering the craft of writing a professional level screenplay.

Using Local Publicity
Get to Know Your Business Editor

Unless you live in a very large city, it should be fairly easy to get in touch with the business editor at the main newspaper covering your region. A simple phone call to introduce yourself and let the editor know that you have some news to share is a good start. Remember some of the golden rules of calling a journalist, though: be respectful of his or her deadline (don't call an editor in the late afternoon as deadlines approach) and always start with "is this a good time to talk?" before kicking into your pitch. In smaller markets, it may even be possible to develop a personal relationship with a business editor, by visiting the office or taking the editor to lunch. The bottom line is this: keeping abreast of local businesses and finding interesting stories to tell about people in the community is the essential part of any business editor's job. He'll be thrilled to hear from you if you can provide something new and fresh in those areas.

Keep the Releases Flowing

Once you've built a relationship with a business editor, keep it growing by providing a regular dose of fresh news about your company. Won an award? Hired a new executive? Investing in some interesting new equipment? Scored a big new contract? Let the editor know with a well-written, hype-free release. Don't feel the need to pump out a release for every little thing but, if it's something really newsworthy, keeping the editor in the loop will help spur coverage on a regular basis.

Write a Letter to the Editor or an Op-Ed Piece

If something occurs locally (or even nationally) that relates to your business, let your voice be heard with a letter to the editor or a longer "op-ed" opinion piece. As a businessperson, your opinion matters when the subject relates to your field of expertise.

Write a Regular Column

Many smaller publications (such as weekly newspapers) are on the lookout for ongoing, well- crafted content. You can fill their needs - and promote your business -- by offering a regular column. Chances are, you've seen features along the lines of "Ask the Handyman" or perhaps a health column from a local doctor. Can you create a similar feature that taps your knowledge or expertise? If so, craft a few sample columns and present them to the editor of a publication in your area. You might even suggest that you don't wish to be paid if your contact information (your web URL, phone number, etc.) is included with each column. You'll be providing great free content for the paper and generating strong local exposure -- and credibility -- for your business.

Newly updated addresses!
Whether your looking for an autograph, celebrity endorsement or just interested in communicating with a star... here's the latest addresses.

Remember: Celebrity endorsements are a good way to boost book sales or any product for that matter, so don't be shy about sending out those requests!

Christina Aguilera
c/o Irving Azoff

Azoffmusic Management
1100 Glendon Ave #2000
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Jermaine Dupri
c/o Staff Member
Creative Artists Agency LCC (CAA-LA)
9830 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Fred Durst
c/o Rick Yorn
Firm, The
9465 Wilshire Blvd #212
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Marshall (Eminem) Mathers
c/o Paul Rosenberg
M2M Studios

508 Pier Ave Ste 1
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Nicky Hilton
Hilton Hotels Corp
9336 Civic Center Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Anna Kournikova
c/o Lisa Jacobsen
United Talent Agency (UTA)
9560 Wilshire Blvd #500
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Lindsay Lohan
c/o Richard Lovett
Creative Artists Agency LCC (CAA-LA)
9830 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Frankie Muniz
c/o Jeff Golenberg
3 Arts Entertainment Inc
9460 Wilshire Blvd Fl 7
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Bijou Phillips
c/o Brian Young
Untitled Entertainment (LA)
8436 W 3rd St #650
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Andy Roddick
c/o Staff Member
William Morris Agency (WMA-LA)
1 William Morris Pl
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Russell Simmons
c/o Staff Member
International Creative Management (ICM-NY)
40 W 57th St
New York, NY 10019

Usher Raymond
c/o Holly Davis-Carter
6255 W Sunset Blvd #908
Hollywood, CA 90028

Victoria Gotti
c/o Staff Member
Growing Up Gotti
13400 Riverside Dr #300
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Luke Wilson
c/o David Styne
Creative Artists Agency LCC (CAA-LA)
9830 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Peta Wilson
June Cann Mgmt
73 Jersey Road
Woollahra, NSW 2025

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Category: Editor and Motion Graphics for TV Show
Location of work: DC, USA
Type of contract: freelance
Job description: A new television programming service is seeking editors and motion graphics specialist to assemble our content for a broadcast marketplace. This is a paying job, but this is a low budget production and thus all payments will be based accordingly.
Please send an email with a link to your online portfolio. All emails with attachments will be deleted. Email:

Category: Marketing Internship
Location of work: New York City, NY USA
Job starting date: ASAP
Type of contract: Internship
Duration of job: Flexible: 3 months
Contact: David Bruce Bates Jr.
Job description: Intern with the Maya & Miguel marketing department.

You'll learn a lot and meet a lot of great people.

The Misadventures of Maya and Miguel is an educational situation comedy for six- to eight-year- olds, debuted Fall of 2004 with 65 half hours of daily programming. It chronicles the adventures of 10-year- old Latino twins, Maya and Miguel Santos, as they figure out how to leave their stamp on the vibrant world around them. A Scholastic Entertainment Production.

Company name: ANIMAX Entertainment
Contact: Michael bellavia
Category: Storyboard Intern
Location of work: Los Angeles, CA USA
Job starting date: ASAP
Type of contract: freelance

phone: 310-559-9651

Job description: Need a storyboard intern to work with our lead storyboard artist on a variety of animated projects. You will be cleaning up boards and in some cases working on boards. If you can assemble an animatic that would be great.

Requirements (skills):Past experience preferred but since it is an internship we('re) very willing to work with someone who is just getting up to speed. Current students welcomed. Must be local to Los Angeles though and willing to come into our office for meetings.

Benefits: This is a paid internship based on either an hourly rate or a flat per project fee.

Name: Wayne Heyman-Hanks
Company: LightForce Productions, LLC
Credits: co. is start-up for this mini-series
Is there money upfront? Yes, salary after approval - hiring
Contact Person: Brent Goodroad
Years In Business: 21

Writer Wanted: 3 STAFF RESEARCHERS NEEDED. For Premium Cable Network mini-series "Real Rome", a docu-drama (5 Hrs air time). Hollywood vicinity meetings attendance required. Send e-mail self-pitch letter to one person only. Prior research experience required.

Company: Stu Segall Productions
Category: Film Personnel
Job description: Experienced Film Personnel needed to staff several Television Series, Low Budget Features, and Commercials. Locals Preferred.

Please send resumes to:
San Diego Film Commission
1010 Second Ave, Suite 1500
San Diego, CA 92101-4912
Or Fax: 619-234-4631
Or e-mail to: Please reference "SDFILM" on all correspondence

Category: Film Assets and Trafficking Coordinator
Company: TimeWarner Division: HBO
LocationUnited States - New York - New York
Requisition #38492BR
Position Type: Full Time

Job Description: Primary responsibility is overseeing the correct and timely delivery of all programming assets for HBO, Cinemax, HBO Video and HBO & Cinemax On Demand. Serve as department liaison with the motion picture studios and post-production labs to track materials and resolve disputes. Arrange delivery of film assets from our licensors and manage the in-house telecine film transfer schedule. Work closely with Business Affairs on film facilities erasures and sell-backs. Track HDTV and ESP CC expenditures to ensure budget compliance. Prepare year-end accruals for the department.

Requirements: College degree with a major or minor in Communications or related field is required. Proficiency with Microsoft Excel is required. Excellent computer skills required. Must be able to work on both a Mac and PC. 2-3 years employment at a video post-production facility preferred.

This employer prefers that you apply to their jobs on their site. By selecting "APPLY" below, you will be directed to the page on their site, which allows you to apply to this job.


Category: Senior Writer Producer
Company: TimeWarner DivisionHBO
Location: United States - New York - New York
Requisition #39691BR
Position Type: Full Time
Job Description: Must demonstrate superior creative and conceptual abilities, superior writing and producing skills, and superior film and video shoot skills, including talent and client relations Impactful writing, dazzling cutting and an innovative point of view are a must; these qualities and versatility are demonstrated on a first-rate reel along with a strong eye for graphics and great ear for music.

Responsibilities include conceiving, writing and producing a wide range of on-air promotional spots with little supervision Ideal candidate must be able to consistently generate compelling, innovative promotional concepts Ability to juggle multiple projects through all phases of production with strong organizational and budgeting skills required Candidate must possess a broad knowledge of current production and post-production techniques for both video and film Candidates must possess superior AVID and technology skills and a minimum of three - five years relevant experience

Reels should be available upon request

This employer prefers that you apply to their jobs on their site. By selecting "APPLY" below, you will be directed to the page on their site, which allows you to apply to this job.


Category: Production Assistant
Company: TimeWarner Division Turner Broadcasting
Location: United States - Georgia - Atlanta
Requisition #41852BR
Position Type: Full Time
Job Description: College degree, prefer degree in Broadcasting, Film/Television Production or Communications. Previous Production Assistant experiences a plus.

Duties: The Production Assistant will assist with research and development of new original shows, current show ratings and network competition. Assist as needed with various shoots on location or in the studio. Supervise tape dubbing, assist in show delivery to appropriate departments throughout Turner South, and supervise various edit projects as needed by Executive and Coordinating Producers. Maintain tape library and support Operations department with day to day administrative duties and office work. Act as liaison to in house and out of house production companies.

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. and its subsidiaries are Equal Opportunity Employers.

This employer prefers that you apply to their jobs on their site. By selecting "APPLY" below, you will be directed to the page on their site, which allows you to apply to this job.


Design Your Website For Pre-Selling
How do you feel when salespersons knock at your door at odd times trying to sell something you are not interested in? I feel pity for these people who have to toil from house to house facing rejection at most of the places. And yet they wear a forced smile as they start their rehearsed sales speech. When they come to me at most inconvenient time (for me) and insist on selling when I do not want to talk to them, I find it, if you will pardon me, irritating; although I do my best not to show it as I turn them away as politely as I can.

Websites that have only sales pitch as their main content are very much like these salespersons that arrive when you are not looking for them. Visitors go web browsing primarily looking for specific information and not sales offer. When a visitor arrives at a website which offers information she finds useful and solutions to her problems, she is likely to visit again.

A website should not be designed only for selling something, though that may be purpose for setting up the website in the first place. The website should provide information and commentaries which can pre- sell the product to the visitor. It should attract targeted visitors interested in the content. Pre-selling arouses interest in the product prompting the visitor to visit again. She will try to satisfy herself with information provided, testimonials, bio of the webmaster, links to related sites and other considerations before she will actually buy the product. In a way, pre-selling tries to guide her in this direction and makes it easier for her to make a decision.

People are more inclined to buy what they want instead of what they need. Once they set their minds on buying something, they look for reasons (or call it excuses) why they should buy, only to satisfy themselves, though the decision for the purchase has already been taken. Pre-selling provides reasons which they find compelling; enough to part with money.

The website which has valuable content the visitor is looking for produces a pleasant experience for her. By pre-selling she is made to develop trust in the website and the webmaster and will look at the recommendations with an open mind. Once the visitor decides to buy, the website should ensue that she does not face any problems in making actual purchase. The links provided for the order page should work properly and the whole process should be kept simple. It will be very unfortunate if the prospective buyer calls off the purchase only because she finds that the ordering process does not work.

How will your website appear to your visitor? That is an important question, which should be asked often. Try to visualize yourself as a first-time visitor to your site. Then see your site as if you're looking at it for the first time. How does it appear? Does your headline create a curiosity? Are you drawn towards the main content or other features of your site grab your attention? Are your main content readable, interesting and not a sermon?

How far does it succeed in pre-selling?

Ask your friends to see your website and give their opinion on these and other questions. Website building is a dynamic process and is never complete or perfect. But whatever changes are made, they should enhance its pre-selling ability. It is good idea to actually test the website after changes are made. Any change, which tends to reduce the traffic, needs to be modified. The changes should gradually refine the website to attract more visitors.

Pre-selling should be seen as a service to satisfy the needs of the visitors who arrive at the website. It should be considered as the first step before actual sale. Pre-selling forms a bond, an understanding built on trust between the seller and the prospective buyer, which eases the process of actual sale.

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