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News from Betsie's Literary Page
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November 19, 2004
Betsie's Literary Page Newsletter
Imagination and fiction make up more than three quarters of our real life. Simone Weil (1909-1943, Philosopher, Teacher)


Wow we have so much to share... so get those printers ready because next week is our last outgoing newsletter and we're going out with a bang!!

2003 was BLP's first official year as a review and resources site... in that year we accomplished so much! Not only have thousands flocked to our site and signed up to subcribe to our newsletter. From directors to screenwriters, major publishers to publicists, media outlets to newspaper/magazine editors, and aspiring writers to established authors.

But our most important achievement is the amount of consumers who have lined up to hear about the latest books, movies and more. Although none of this could have been possible without you... the subscribers. Making us one of the most popular newsletters on the web today! And for this we are grateful.

Our only hope is that we can continue to live up to these expectations.

Here's to wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving Day.... now don't over eat!


The Hottest Christmas Toys for This Holiday Season
Experts are all agreeing on a couple of things about the hottest Christmas toys 2004: 1) that it will be a blockbuster year for children's toys and other playthings; and 2) that the hottest Christmas toys 2004 can be summed up in several categories, which you'll find below.

This is an especially important year to get a jumpstart on the hottest Christmas toys for 2004 because toy manufacturers are being more conservative this year due to the economy, and almost everyone is predicting Christmas toy shortages.

A little advice: The best gifts for kids are the ones that he or she asked for - and thus the Xmas gifts that you give your son or daughter will be right on the money. Speaking of money, if the kids are like most of the kids that I know, a twenty-dollar bill is an excellent Christmas gift too.

1. Techno -Video games (and the systems to play them on) are HUGE again this year -- again. Some of the old favorite characters and game types will still be hot, but there are new electronic entertainment systems and interactive TV games that will be equally popular. From snowboarding to 'monster truck' interactives, and from action heroes to mysteries, you can look for Nintendo, Sony Playstation and xbox systems and games to be leading the pack.

2. 'Boy Toys' -Action 'toys' like scooters, dirt bikes and skateboards are for both boys and girls, of course, and they are all among the hottest Christmas toys for 2004. The Razor E battery- powered scooter is sure to be hot, as is the Fisher Price Power Wheels Go-Cart, and other electric or battery-powered 'toys' that translate into transportation fun!

3. Remote Control -2004 will quite possibly be the 'Year of the Remote Control' toy. Hobbytron's remote control stunt cars are hot, hot, hot, and there are remote control boats, hovercrafts, helicopters and various kinds of action figures on the list of the hottest Christmas toys for 2004. Be sure to check them all out!

4. Oldies but Goodies -The classic children's toys that have been around for a few decades are still going to be around, and still going to be among the hottest Christmas toys for 2004. For example, Barbie and other Disney character toys, games and accessories are on top of the list. Some other old favorites will be back, but some of them have a decidedly new 'flavor' - for example, the EasyBake oven just got even easier, and even Cabbage Patch kids have been updated and will be hotter than ever this year.

5. Educational/Creative --Every year there are newer and smarter educational or creative games or toys that your children will learn new skills from -- the whole time they're playing and having fun! A relative newcomer to the educational toys scene, Leapfrog Enterprises, Inc. has burst on the scene with junior computer games called 'LeapPad' that will definitely be one of the season's hottest Christmas toys. Other creative and educational games include the classic Fisher Price toddler's line, and Discovery Toys. You can start to shop anytime online or offline for the hottest Christmas toys 2004 -- before the shelves are empty!

6. Classics -If you're really not too sure which category will work best, there's one category that's as timeless as Christmas, and you can't go wrong with these hottest Christmas toys: the 'classic' toys like Barbie and GI Joe never seem to lose their popularity with kids!

7. Books -Any time there are best-selling children's books on the market, you can bet that there will be lots and lots of 'spin-off' toys, games and accessories in the book's theme that children will absolutely love! Pay attention to any books that are selling like hotcakes, and you'll have a good idea what toys will follow. (And of course, if your child doesn't actually have the book yet, start there!

8. Movies -Sometimes a movie follows a best-selling book, but not always. Other times, there's a blockbuster movie that children are clamoring to see. Again, if there's a hot children's movie, you can count on the merchandise that will follow -- and children will clamor to own. Example: 1. The new SpongeBob game comes with 30 new cards and a complete set of rules. This game is less than $20.00 2. You may not know Yu-Gi-Oh! But your kids sure do. Here you'll find everything you need to play this hot new game with special collectible tins starting at less than $20.00 (Hey even I watch Yu- Gi-Oh ^_^ )

9. Listen Up! -If you are still having trouble figuring out what the hottest Christmas toys will be this year, start paying attention to your children and their friends. What are they interested in? You'll easily overhear their conversations this time of year - - what are they talking about, excited about? And of course, you can always ask them -- or just wait for the TV commercials to start, and they'll be asking!



FORMER ESSENCE/ HEART&SOUL EDITOR YANICK RICE LAMB AND FRANCES CLAYTON GRAY IN NEW YORK FOR BORN TO WIN - The Althea Gibson Foundation, the New York Association of Black Journalists and John Wiley & Sons. Inc. Present Honoring Harlem's Own: A Celebration of the Publication of "Born to Win: The Authorized Biography of Althea Gibson" by Yanick Rice Lamb and Frances Clayton Gray.

Ms. Lamb is the founding editor of BET Weekend magazine and has also served as editor in chief of Heart & Soul magazine, editor at large of Essence magazine, and as an editor at the New York Times and the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Lamb has written for numerous publications, including Emerge, and teaches journalism at Howard University.

Ms. Gray is the cofounder and Chief Executive Officer of the Althea Gibson Foundation. As Gibson's confidante and caretaker, she came to be viewed as the daughter Gibson never had. Gray has occupied a number of roles in the state of New Jersey, including businesswoman, community leader, and professor.

Included, a foreword by Bill Cosby and an afterward by Venus Williams, Born To Win is the thrilling, inspiring story of the larger-than-life woman who broke the color line in tournament tennis as well as women's golf. Born To Win offers a revealing glimpse of Gibson, from her childhood in Harlem and her ten- year reign as champion of the all-black American Tennis Association to her historic 1950 debut at Forest Hills and her momentous victories of 1957 and 1958, when she swept both Wimbledon and the U.S. Open.

ROSS DELAYS TELL-ALL - MOTOWN legend Diana Ross has delayed her second autobiography ''indefinitely'' after she told publishers she doesn't want to discuss her private life. Ross signed a huge deal with REGAN BOOKS last year (03) to write about the end of her second marriage to ARNE NAESS, her December 2002 arrest for driving under the influence and her subsequent 48-hour prison sentence. The singer received criticism in 1994 for avoiding the grittier details of her private life in her first book SECRETS OF A SPARROW. Despite an expected publishing date of January 2005, a spokesperson for Regan says the date has been delayed ''indefinitely'', while Ross' rep adds, ''She's still in discussions about the direction of the book and no decision has been made.'' A source tells, ''There's a disagreement between Regan and Ross about what belongs in the book and what doesn't. ''She was supposed to tell all, but she kept saying she doesn't want to get into anything unpleasant, and kept going on about how that's all in the past.''

DEAN MARTIN SHOPLIFTED - Legendary crooner Dean Martin used to shoplift in busy department stores - according to the late singer's daughter Deana. Deana has infuriated fans of the EVERYBODY LOVES SOMEBODY hitmaker by revealing her father's dark side in her autobiography MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS. At the book launch party this week (15NOV04), Deana revealed, ''My father used to go to crowded department stores and shoplift inexpensive items like ties. ''Everyone would simply stare at him slipping these items in his pockets, but the stores, out of respect, would just let him walk out and then send over the bill.''

Disney Publishing Worldwide - DPW has acquired of the assets of CrossGen Entertainment Inc., an innovative publisher of comicbooks and graphic novels. CrossGen's stable of epic fantasy and science fiction properties include ABADAZAD, RUSE, WAY OF THE RAT, MERIDIAN, MYSTIC, ROUTE 666 and SOJOURN. Disney represents approximately 50% of all children's comic magazines sold around the world, reaching readers of all ages, with 220 million comics each year.


12 GAMING FIRMS SUED OVER 3D PATENT. - A patent infringement case has been filed for the patent, "Method and Apparatus for Spherical Planning," which could affect every 3D videogame ever made, reports GameDAILY BIZ. Texas-based law firm McKool Smith has sued 12 major game publishers, including Electronic Arts, Take-Two Interactive, Ubisoft, Activision, Atari, THQ, Vivendi Universal Games, Sega, Square Enix, Tecmo, LucasArts and Namco Hometek. The law firm is threatening legal action against several small companies as well. McKool Smith claims that the defendants infringed on their patent, originally filed in March 1988 for a specific method of displaying 3D images on a monitor. The complaint doesn't request any specific damages at this time. Eight of the 12 gaming firms are being defended by the same law firm, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP.

24 HOURS IN ENTERTAINMENT RETAIL HISTORY. - HALO 2 broke entertainment retail records in its first 24 hours on store shelves. Microsoft Game Studios announced that the highly anticipated game sold through 2.4 million units in the U.S. and Canada, driving cash register receipts to the $125 million mark.


THE INCREDIBLES HOLDS OFF THE POLAR EXPRESS. - With only a 28% drop-off in its second weekend, Disney/Pixar's THE INCREDIBLES continued its box office assault for the period ended Nov. 14, 2004. The 3D-animated superhero homage tallied $50.2M on its way to $143.2M, which sent Pixar stock soaring to a record $90 a share on Monday. POLAR EXPRESS finished in second with $23.3M The film is rumored to have cost $270 million to make and market.

Opening in third place was New Line's Pierce Brosnan thriller, AFTER THE SUNSET, which took in $11.1M Focus Features' SEED OF CHUCKY opened in fourth place with $8.7M Universal's BRIDGET JONES: THE EDGE OF REASON (with vfx by Double Negative) bowed in the fifth spot with $8.6M Universal's RAY slipped to sixth in its second week, with $8.4M and a total of $52.5M Sony's THE GRUDGE slid to seventh with $7M and a cume of $99.2M, Lions Gate's SAW came in eighth place with $6.4M and $45.7M so far. Miramax's SHALL WE DANCE settled for ninth with $4M and $48.6M And Paramount's ALFIE finished 10th with $2.7M and only $11.1M to date.

COMEDY CENTRAL ANNOUNCES 2005 DEVELOPMENT SLATE. - While Comedy Central has had an impressive string of animated shows premiere this fall the new development slate for 2005 consists chiefly of live-action shows and a videogame project. The all-comedy network has closed talent deals with Norm Macdonald and Jamie Kennedy, completed production on five new pilots, including two entertainment show parodies, and greenlit a concert film with network star Dave Attell, it was announced today (Nov. 16, 2004) by Lauren Corrao, svp, original programming and head of development, Comedy Central.

SCI FI RENEWS ATLANTIS & SG-1. - Sci Fi Channel announced that it has ordered a second season of STARGATE ATLANTIS and a ninth season of STARGATE SG-1. The network has ordered 20 new episodes of each show from MGM Television Ent., and production on both is set to begin in March 2005 for summer premieres.


INCUBUS FRONTMAN RETURNS TO COURT - Frontman BRANDON BOYD is returning to a New York City court on Monday (22NOV04) to plead guilty to possession of a weapon. The DRIVE singer was arrested last month (06OCT04) when arriving at LaGuardia Airport from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, when baggage screeners spotted a switchblade in his carry-on luggage. Boyd admits he ''totally forgot'' the item was in his bag and was charged with criminal possession of a weapon. The star will appear in Queens County Court on Monday, where he hopes to pay a fine up to $1,000 (GBP555), instead of a possible year jail term.

ELTON SLAMS ASHANTI, STEFANI AND McFADDEN - Flamboyant rocker SIR ELTON JOHN has slammed Irish star BRIAN McFADDEN's new single IRISH SON, claiming he had to stop listening to the track ''in case I committed suicide''. The ROCKET MAN star commented on new releases as part of his role as guest editor of London magazine TIME OUT, and gave McFadden, ASHANTI and even celebrity pal GWEN STEFANI scathing reviews. John complains, ''Brian is probably a nice man, but I nearly died when I listened to Irish Son. I absolutely hated it. It's the worst lyric on a record I've ever heard. I had to take it off in case I committed suicide. It's just horrible. No, no, no.'' When asked about Ashanti's ONLY U track, John fumes, ''I hate this. Absolutely hate it. It sounds so dated, it's just painting by numbers. Awful. And that horrible cover. How will this ever sell? Ugh.'' Despite admitting he ''loves'' NO DOUBT singer Stefani, John is unimpressed with her debut solo single WHAT YOU WAITING FOR? John laments, ''Very disappointing. I love her, but I just don't think the song is very good.'' The bespectacled singer also took the opportunity to mock BUSTED's new track SHE WANTS TO BE ME, claiming the boyband trio ''are trying too hard to get established'' in America, by trying to sound ''quite SUM 41-ish''.

MADONNA ADAPTS KIDS BOOK FOR BIG SCREEN - Superstar Madonna is adapting her debut children's book THE ENGLISH ROSES into a film. The MATERIAL GIRL penned the moral tale last year (03), about young bullies NICOLE, AMY, CHARLOTTE and GRACE tormenting lonely, but beautiful BINAH. But, after a visit from a fairy godmother, they soon see the error of their ways and make friends with her. According to American gossip site THE SCOOP, Madonna is hoping to start production on the big screen version of the story this year (04).


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Teen Queens and Has-Beens by Cathy Hopkins
Publisher: Simon Pulse (November 2004)
Genre: Preteen and Teen
ISBN: 0689871295
Paperback: 178pp
Price: $ 5.99

Rating: Highly Recommended

Real Problems, Great Message

November 10, 2004

It's Valentine's Day and Lia Axford is depressed because no one has sent her a Valentine's Day card. She is still adjusting to her new life in Cornwall. Lia had loved her old school, but ended up boarding there when her parents moved to a new home, far from London. She missed her family and decided to live at home and start over at a new school. She has made some great friends there, particularly Cat, Becca, Mac and Squidge. But she wonders how she will fit in at this new school. Her dad is a famous rock star. Her mother is beautiful, her brother and sister are popular and outgoing and Lia feels invisible, no matter how beautiful everyone says she is. She wants to conceal her parents' wealth and her father's fame from her new schoolmates, hoping to fit in with the rest of the crowd.

Kaylie O'Hara is teen queen of the new school, along with her group of Clones. She has set her sights on newly unattached Jonno Appleton, the most popular boy in their class. But to Lia's surprise, Jonno is interested in her, not Kaylie. While Lia is flattered by the attention, she fears that Kaylie will be out for revenge. Sure enough, Kaylie and the Clones set out to make Lia's life miserable. No matter what Lia does, Kaylie has zeroed in on her as target and the bullying begins. Kaylie starts rumors, humiliates Lia at every turn, making sure that whatever she does cannot be pinned on her. This causes Lia's self-confidence to take a nosedive, wondering if she is imagining that Kaylie is behind this mess. She is also confused over who her real friends are. In the satisfying resolution of this book, Kaylie gets her comeuppance and is exposed for the bully she is, and has always been.

It is sad and disturbing to realize how prevalent this kind of bullying is these days, typified not only by the experiences of so many young girls, but brought jarringly to our attention by recent movies such as Mean Girls and 13 Going on 30. It is important to teach children that bullying of any kind is never acceptable and that keeping silent is toxic to their self-esteem and relationships with others.

American readers might have a bit of trouble understanding some of the British colloquialisms, but the message in this book is well worth the effort. The writing is authentic and it is apparent that Cathy Hopkins has done her research well, delving into the psyches of young teens and creating characters that will be immediately recognizable to her readers.

Reviewed by Nancy Machlis Rechtman

The Christmas Train by David Baldacci
Publisher: Warner Books (November 2004)
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 0446615757
Paperback: 304pp

Also available in Hardcover $19.95

Rating: Highly Recommended

Second chances and dreams do come true!

November 13, 2004

Tom Langdon is a journalist and a man determined to change the world. Although Langdon also has a bad temper, which erupts during a security check at La Guardia Airport. Before the magistrate, Langdon receives stern warning, instructions to enroll in anger management classes, and two-year banishment from all air carriers within the U.S.

Langdon makes the best of his situation, using the opportunity to take the train to LA and write a story about it. However, his motivation is much bigger than meeting his West Coast girlfriend Lelia Gibson for a holiday ski trip in Tahoe.

Once on board readers will meet a fascinating cast. Such as Agnes Joe who loves trains. Drusella Pardoe a palm reader. Julie and Steve who have eloped and planned their wedding while riding train. Father Kelly a retired Priest. Mark Powers a famous film director and his entourage. And the one person Langdon would never have expected, Eleanor Carter, his one time girlfriend and the one he let get away.

Things heat up when Lelia decides to surprise Langdon - on the train no less! Bad weather also stirs things up along this adventure. Thus, making one wonder, will the passengers make it home for the holiday?

Having ridden on Amtrak a few times this book brought back fond memories of cross-country travel.

The Christmas Train is a wonderful novel that is filled with humor, mystery, romance, adventure, as well as memorable characters that are sure to entertain and not easily forgotten. David Baldacci has created an excellent heartwarming story, guaranteed to put spirit back into your holiday season!

Reviewed by Betsie

Uncle Sim's by Liz Rohloff
Publisher: Publish America; (March 2004)
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1413705669
Paperback: 236 pages

Rating: Highly Recommended

A Universal Story and Theme That Could Take Place in Any Town.

November 15, 2004.

Derek grew up in a small Midwestern community in which the secrets and gossip have taken on lives of their own. There is little that can occur in this small town that will remain secret or unknown. Derek has questions of his own, primarily about the "black- sheep" of his family; Uncle Sim. Derek has questions about Uncle Sim, who is his father's cousin, but when he questions his father about this relative, he receives very brief and guarded answers. On a day when Derek speaks to Uncle Sim, his father rushes to Sim's home and warns his cousin to stay away from his son. Sim's reply, "I'll get even with your some day."

Thus, the reader has questions and this piece of fiction becomes a mystery novel of sorts. Little by little we learn more about Sim as viewed through Derek's eyes. Sim introduces Derek to a world of drugs, lies, vengeance and murder. We see Derek grow away from his childhood friends Kyle, Leslie and James. One of them, however, will become one of Sim's victims as he carries out a plot to get even with Derek's father. This story can happen in any town and many have seen what drugs can do to people. The ones that sell or use will never be the same.

We grow up with Derek, meeting his friends, as they were children and viewing their progress and fate as the pages of this book turn. Liz Rohloff is a talented writer and that talent is evident as you find yourself lost in the pages. Her characters portray the personal traits of many of our own childhood friends that either fail or succeed in spite of everyone's expectations. I think of the movie; Less Than Zero as I ponder the message relayed. Derek is that friend who took the wrong path and made some unwise choices in spite of his personal beliefs. A recurring theme throughout the book as stated by some of the characters was to "control the drug and not let it control you." However, the message is simple and painfully true - if you deal with or in illegal drugs - your life is no longer in your hands.

I can see this book as a springboard for Liz Rohloff and many advocates who want to remove drugs from the hands and lives of our youths. Liz Rohloff's book will show you a scenario that's more realistic and one that we know to be true. The book flowed along remarkably and the end was one that some would expect and others will never forget.

Uncle Sim's was a tragic but very readable piece of fiction based on many remnants of non-fiction. You will enjoy the book and its message. Drug usage and abuse is not selective. It can happen to anyone anywhere and this book will tell a story that can be everyone's story in some manner. I thank Liz Rohloff for her research and insight that gave a living and breathing problem another personification to examine - and prevent.

Reviewed by Tyrone Vincent Banks

False Profits by Patricia Smiley
Publisher: Mysterious Press (November 2004)
Genre: Fiction/Mystery
ISBN: 0892967900
Hardcover: 292pp

Rating: Highly Recommended

Excellent amateur sleuth!

November 15, 2004

For seven years, 30-year-old divorcee Tucker Sinclair has worked for the financial advising firm Aames & Associates as a management consultant and is now being considered for a partnership. However, her risk taking methods make others within the firm somewhat nervous. Though since completing her work with Dr. Polk, a neurosurgeon, who was in need of capital expansion, Tucker feels confident she'll get it.

That is until the Doctor turns up missing, money can't be accounted for and the firm is being sued for 11 million dollars!

To make matters worse - her original files, which prove the claim is incorrect are missing, and her Aunt Sylvia who has conveniently moved in with her dog suddenly claims the Malibu beach cottage that Tucker's grandmother left to Tucker in her will, is hers! What Aunt Sylvia doesn't reveal is that the land the cottage sits on is worth about 2 million.

Faced by a wall of secrecy, Tucker has too many unanswered questions, leaving her with no choice but to investigate the crime or face criminal charges of fraud and embezzlement. She has one week in which to clear her name, identifying Polk's accomplice and the person who helped alter her business plan, while Mo Whitner threatens to turn her into the FBI, which could probably turn up an insurance scam as well.

Tucker isn't going to waste a second, and finds herself investigating the crime-desperately hunting for clues. Her amateur sleuth skills lead to a number of high-level individuals, as well as her ex-husband, Eric, her own staff, the doctor's insane receptionist, and confrontation with autopsy photos.

False Profits is not only the author's debut novel, but is well written, fast paced and fresh. The result is a book you have difficulty leaving once you begin its reading. Sinclair Tucker, the fiery heroine would make Jessica Fletcher proud! Patricia Smiley is a talented author, and certainly one to keep an eye on - in a sequel perhaps?

Reviewed by Betsie

When Two Souls Connect: A practical guide to living with or without your Soul Mate by Steve Gunn & Johnette Duff
Publisher: Kick the Fish Publishing
Genre: Relationships
E-Book: 110 pages

Rating: Highly Recommended!

An essential and thorough guide to dealing with love and relationships.

November 15, 2004

The following was taken from Chapter 1 of When Two Souls Connect: Soul Shock:

"If you've met someone who's changed you forever...
If you love someone so much you realize you just weren't alive before them...
If you've met someone who's awakened you to the unbelievable beauty of existence...
If you've met someone who is more you than even you are...
If you miss someone so much you can't even conceive of existing without them...
If you've lost someone and it feels like your soul left with them...

Then read on..."

These powerful, poetic words summarize the lessons in love and loss that you will discover in reading this publication. It is so easy to speak of love and everyone professes to be adept at the emotions and feelings involved with this powerful state of being. One can feel that there is no more to learn of this topic and dismiss this work as documentation that justifies the feelings and emotions that they already know.

However, we must ponder and discuss two issues. Why do we fall in love and what do we do when the love of our life is gone? In playing devil's advocate, another school of thought must be introduced. Can anyone and everyone self-qualify themselves as the ultimate resource in matters of the heart? Perhaps... but when you read this E-Book, you will see that there is so much more to this emotion. Steve Gunn and Johnette Duff have written this guide combining medical documentation with actual real-life cases that highlight and define the points that they make. They have not taken a short cut or offered one half of the knowledge that they have collectively acquired - they have given this topic the scrutiny and attention to detail that I personally have never before read.

Both authors have experienced the reality of this multi-facetted phenomenon. Steve Gunn is a psychic healer and is aware of the hurt that people feel and the source of that discomfort. Healing the psyche can prove to be more difficult than healing and obvious cut, bruise or laceration - the scars caused by a Soul-Mate or potential Soul-mate's separation from the patient may never heal. Gunn identifies the root cause of failed or lost relationships and uses this knowledge as a tool to heal or at least begin the process.

Johnette Duff is an attorney and a nationally published author who has experienced first hand the reality of being torn away from her Soul-Mate. She has also suffered emotional setbacks and tragedies that those weaker than she would have surely succumbed to. Instead of giving up hope and being victimized by this harsh side of reality - she will share with you the results of her research. She has searched her heart and the hearts of others and contributed information that will aid in the healing process. Collectively, they offer us advice, insight, theories and first-hand experiences that can help the reader as they experience some or all of the cases discussed.

The chapters are broken up in a manner in which the case studies and actual experiences of the subjects exist in their own space. Some of the cases start off in a fashion that will lead the reader to believe that the couples will fail or succeed in their efforts. As we revisit those same subjects many chapters later, we find out that we were right or very, very wrong. Just like the love and relationships that they speak of, these experiences embody the spontaneity of this emotion and the peaks and downfalls that will surely occur.

What each reader learns or gains from this book will be unique. There are so many ideas and facts presented. As you read; When Two Souls Connect: A practical guide to living with or without your Soul Mate, there are many ideals that will accumulate in your thought process. Those ideals, when categorized and organized in a manner that you may benefit from, plot a logical course to emulate as you look for your Soul-Mate or try to cope with the absence of that Soul-Mate. There is so much more that you can gain as you embark on that personal journey that is just as unique as the person taking the journey.

There's something for everyone in this E-book and I recommend that you review this work. If you have questions that can be answered by your own heart, this book will lead you in the correct direction.

Reviewed by Tyrone Vincent Banks

Absolute Friends by John le Carré
Publisher: Back Bay Books (November 2004)
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
ISBN: 0316159395
Paperback: 456 pages
Also available in Hardcover and Audio Cassette.

Rating: Highly Recommended

In the pursuit of principle: Yesterday and Today.

November 17,2004

The U.S.-Iraq war has ended and dissatisfied with the British Government, Ted Mundy is betrayed by his English Language School partner, Egon. Egon has fled with the last of their assets, leaving him broke. Out of a job and business Mundy wanders the streets aimlessly. While at a café Mundy meets Zara, a young Turkish prostitute. Instead of taking her up on her offer, Mundy plays the Good Samaritan and offers her a meal.

Drawn to this neglected and abused woman, Mundy escorts her home, against her will. It doesn't take long for Mundy to establish himself as a father figure to Zara's eleven year old son, Mustafa, and soon enough within Zara's bed.

Although things change while Mundy is entertaining a multicultural group of English speaking tourists at Linderhof, a Bavarian Palace, where he works as a tour guide. Like a shadow from the past, Sasha shows up requesting a meet. Sasha is the son of a East German Lutheran Pastor and a middle aged double agent. Mundy agrees and follows Sasha to a secluded flat. Here Mundy's memories take over after the two men greet.

Recollections reveal who Ted Mundy really is, where he comes from, as well as his feelings. A boy born in Pakistan, an adolescent with an alcoholic father who refuses to clarify his mother's identity, and for most of life has associated himself with any cause encountered. From communism and socialism to his first meeting with Sasha in Berlin, when they were university students and at the height of the cold war.

Mundy himself is a flawed individual that has practically failed at everything: college, reporter, novelist, businessman, and radio interviewer. But has managed to succeed at one thing: a secret double agent.

John le Carré's book could be seen as "anti-American" if one chose to read into things and very easily find reason with phrases such as: Journalists, however, were blandly reminded that the United States reserved to itself the right to "hunt down its enemies at any time in any place with or without the cooperation of its friends and allies." Or "The easiest and cheapest trick for any leader is to take his country to war on false pretenses. Anyone who does that should be hounded out of office for all time."

But how far is America willing to go? How much are we, the people, willing to tolerate?

The war in Iraq, government deception and corporate misdeeds on an unsuspecting public are just some of what readers can expect. Absolute Friends is filled with engaging characters that guarantee to generate reader sympathy. The underlying layers and messages are sure to evoke much thought no matter how one feels of the ongoing war, 9/11, political views or President Bush.

Absolute Friends is an exceptionally powerful and spellbinding novel. Not only in its implications of democracy but also in how the threat of terrorism is being used, in our world of today. If you liked Fahrenheit 9/11, you'll like this book. This is one book you'll want to read or give as a gift to your favorite activist!

Reviewed by Betsie

Lux: A Novel by Maria Flook
Publisher: Little, Brown (October 2004)
Genre: Fiction/Romance
ISBN: 0316000922
Hardcover: 272 pages


November 17, 2004

This is a love story with a strange twist between two people living in Cape Cod. Lux is a landscaper with a somewhat mystical element since childhood has scarred his life and contributed to his alcoholism.

Alden Warren is a troubled female who works for the National Seashore Visitor Center and is haunted by the disappearance of her husband, Monty, as well as childhood neglect and abuse.

Since Monty's disappearance two years ago, Alden is tormented with the need to be loved and has been trying desperately to adopt a baby. Lux is in love with Alden and both are currently involved in extra- marital affairs with other people.

Lux and Alden eventually become lovers after Lux helps Alden with a couple of vengeful schemes against those who have hurt her. Luxs' obsessive love ties him into Monty's disappearance and conflicts with his feelings for Alden. How is he going to reveal to her his involvement?

Alden's vindictive actions and child napping eventually land her in a mental hospital and Lux in jail. After resolving the above dilemmas Lux and Alden are left with a platonic love that may or may not evolve.

Maria Flook's love story takes two individuals on the edge, let's them dive off the cliff, and the chips fall where they may. Highly entertaining!

Reviewed by Juanita Reynolds

How Producer's Consider Loglines - Part 2

The key to your success is to get your story across in a way that intrigues someone enough to request the script and do it in a way that feels familiar to producers.

Every time we take a project out, the entire first day of marketing is about testing our potential loglines. With every call, we're checking to see if your logline works (gets the script requested) or if it gets a less desirable result (thanks, but no thanks).

I think there are really four keys to a great logline:

  1. That it is short
  2. Clear
  3. A hook
  4. And that it gives us a good experience of the story
If your logline meets all of those requirements, then you can write it anyway you'd like and it will most likely produce results.

When exposing the story in the logline and the synopsis, readers are unmoved by what is sometimes referred to as the "TV Guide" syndrome - bored!

It's not totally necessary to tell the ending in order to intrigue someone about your story... but I do think you need to hook them and that usually means telling the best part of your story.

Why? Because you are up against unbelievable competition and you need to convince a producer that your work is as good as a writer with CAA or William Morris, etc. So you need to show them something that truly amazes them.

Now, a little reality: When giving away the ending causes a reader to be bored with it, I usually look to the script for the source of the real problem. Why? Because the ending should be written so well that it is worth reading EVEN IF WE KNOW IT.

Stay with me here, because this is very important to your success. I have three possible solutions for you, including what to do if I am incorrect.

A. Increase entertainment level

Have you ever read a script and loved it so much that you read it again... or even twice more? If so, you already knew how it was going to end, right? But you read it again. Why?

My guess is that somehow the script entertained you on an emotional level and so, even though you already knew how it ended, you enjoyed the read so much you had to read it again.

That is the first solution. Increase the entertainment level to such a degree that they don't care if they know the ending.

B. Design the reveal and setups so they are more intriguing.

Think about making one change there -- spice up the setups to create more intrigue.

Consider The Sixth Sense for a moment. Even after people had seen the movie, they went back to see the setups... and still enjoyed it. People who saw the movie then read the script (I was one of them) just to see how it was written.

What M. Night Shyamalan did that was brilliant. He created setups that made total sense at the time, but when the ending was revealed, the setups had a completely different meaning.

If your ending is set up with that level of intrigue, people will read your script over and over. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, read the script to Sixth Sense and notice all the setups, then watch your emotions as you get to the final reveal. Is it still interesting? My guess is that it is.

C. Find a way to give the essence of the story without giving away the reveal.

Assuming I'm not correct about the need to improve your script, then I'd look for a better way to rewrite the logline.

One way to do that is to imagine that your story ended just before the reveal. Then write a logline for that story. Work on that logline until it is extremely compelling. That way, you give the best part of the story up to the reveal, without giving away the reveal.

Creating a Screenwriting Career

First let's get one thing straight - - you and only you have control of your actions and if you take the right actions, you can succeed. No studio or production company can keep you from taking the right actions... until you are being paid. Your job is to get to the point where you are being paid, because at that point, you'll have agents, managers, and/or lawyers who can advise you.

First, a perspective on succeeding. Here's what you need to succeed in this business:

A. A solid plan that can produce success.
B. The resources to make that plan happen.
C. The willingness to do what it takes to make the plan happen.

Before you think that I just said "If you have a plan and resources, you can succeed," look back and you'll see more in those three lines.

First, it is a SOLID plan that CAN PRODUCE SUCCESS. That means that it considers the marketplace and what they will buy and it gives you a step-by-step process to produce that quality of screenplay and get it to the buyers.

Second, you need the RESOURCES to MAKE THAT PLAN happen. This means time, effort, and money when necessary. But money is the least of the three, by far. Most importantly, you need to acquire the skills to write at the quality level that Hollywood requires.

Third, you need the willingness to make that plan happen.

It's inspiring to see a screenwriter who continues to take whatever effort is required. Like when a writer has a great script and promotes it to everyone who could possibly buy it, or when I hear back from a writer who started only yesterday, and had their script optioned! (This happened to a very nice person I know)

Before I present the first part of a plan that could work for you, there is one more thing that you must know.

IMPORTANT: To create a truly marketable script, plan and design it from the very first step in the process. Marketability doesn't just appear after you've written your screenplay.

You'd be amazed how many times a writer has asked me how to make their script marketable... after they've written it. Their story may be wonderful, but from a "marketability perspective," it has major problems at the concept level, the outline level, the structural level, and in many other places.

Instead of that, what if you build marketability into your script from the very first decision?


1. Start with a marketable concept.

In the first weekend of any movie release, two things sell the movie to an audience -- the concept and bankable actors.

Here's the good news, you have 100% control over one of those extremely important factors -- the concept. Isn't that amazing? As a writer, you actually have more control of whether a movie does well at that box office than most Studio execs.

A marketable concept is one that is unique in a significant way and appealing to a wide audience.

Make sure your concept is as marketable as possible. This is the place where the screenwriter has the greatest power. Don't waste your chance to "Wow!" them with your concept.

2. Create characters that A-list actors will want to play.

Most likely, you won't be able to interact directly with A-list actors, but it is still very important that your characters are appealing to bankable actors.


Because the public attends movies with stars they like. So it is easier for a producer to secure funding for a script they have stars attached to. Naturally, that is one of the first things producers look for in a script.

3. Outline your script to make sure every part of it is dramatic... and fresh.

If you want to make sure your story is marketable and will work for a Hollywood production company or Studio, take a few days to create an amazing outline.

Here's a tip: If you can't create a compelling outline for the story, your script will probably never be more than mediocre.

When you create an outline, you have the chance to test the quality of your plot, subplots, scenes, twists, turns, opening, ending, etc. It is so much easier to solve problems before the story is covered with thousands of words and images.

Even more important, the outline is the chance to design even more amazing situations into your story. Often, looking at a 10- page outline will have you see many places you can improve to bring your story to a professional level.

Don't let anything keep you from the creative opportunities that outlining can provide.

4. Write a great opening that will engage the reader and audience.

While the Indie market may be accepting of slow openings, the Hollywood market isn't.

Some people think it takes many pages to reveal character. I think you can start on page one and reveal your characters through their first actions and lines of dialogue. It isn't an easy thing to do, but it is doable, and that will have your writing stand out as professional.

Remember, your first page is your first impression. If you make it a great one, you'll have the reader, agent or producer feel like they are in the hands of a professional. That's the first impression you want, isn't it?

From a creativity perspective, keep in mind that it still takes a lot of creativity to write a great screenplay that is highly marketable. If it didn't, everyone would be doing it.

Know other screenwriters? Feel free to send this newsletter in its entirety to them.

Author Writing Tips

Literary archetypal references, including different types and examples.

Archetypal analysis of a work is one of the most common forms of literary analysis. It is easy to understand and use with a little knowledge of the basics.

First of all, an archetype is a pattern from which copies can be made. That is, it is a universal theme that manifests itself differently on an individual basis. Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung believed that these archetypes were the result of a collective unconscious. This collective unconscious was not directly knowable and is a product of the shared experiences of our ancestors. Jung believed it was:

Primordial: That is, we, as individuals, have these archetypal images ingrained in our understanding even before we are born.

Universal: These archetypes can be found all over the world and throughout history.

The manifestation of the idea may be different, but the idea itself is the same.

Archetypes fall into two major categories: characters, situations/symbols. It is easiest to understand them with the help of examples. Listed below are some of the most common archetypes in each category.


The hero - The courageous figure, the one who's always running in and saving the day. Example: Dartagnon from Alexandre Dumas's "The Three Musketeers"

The outcast - The outcast is just that. He or she has been cast out of society or has left it on a voluntary basis. The outcast figure can oftentimes also be considered as a Christ figure. Example: Piggy from William Golding's "The Lord of the Flies"

The scapegoat - The scapegoat figure is the one who gets blamed for everything, regardless of whether he or she is actually at fault. Example: Snowball from George Orwell's "Animal Farm"

The star-crossed lovers - This is the young couple joined by love but unexpectedly parted by fate. Example: Romeo and Juliet from William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet"

The shrew - This is that nagging, bothersome wife always battering her husband with verbal abuse. Example: Zeena from Edith Wharton's "Ethan Frome"


The task - A situation in which a character, or group of characters, is driven to complete some duty of monstrous proportion. Example: Frodo's task to keep the ring safe in J. R. R. Tolkein's "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy

The quest - Here, the character(s) are searching for something, whether consciously or unconsciously. Their actions, thoughts, and feelings center around the goal for completing this quest. Example: Christian's quest for salvation in John Bunyan's "The Pilgrim's Progress"

The loss of innocence - This is, as the name implies, a loss of innocence through sexual experience, violence, or any other means. Example: Val's loss of innocence after settling down at the mercantile store in Tennessee William's "Orpheus Descending"

The initiation - This is the process by which a character is brought into another sphere of influence, usually (in literature) into adulthood. Example: Ayla's initiation both into the Clan and into adulthood in Jean Auel's "The Clan of the Cave Bear"

Water - Water is a symbol of life, cleansing, and rebirth. It is a strong life force, and is often depicted as a living, reasoning force. Example: Edna learns to swim in Kate Chopin's "The Awakening"

Hopefully, you will now be able to recognize and understand archetypes as you create your literary works. They help to add depth and underlying significance to some of the world's best literature.

Are you trying to write children's poems?

If you've read the writings of Dr. Seuss, children's writing may seem to be a snap. However, anyone that has ever tried to write a children's poem knows that the process is much harder than it seems. It's very easy to fall into overused conventions and produce work that is not original. It is a well-known fact that publishers rarely accept children's poetry. This is the reason that there are so few established children's poets. Use the following tips to create original and engaging children's poetry that may just beat the tough market:

1. Don't Be a Mimic
The first mistake that all new writers to children's poetry fall into is writing like another writer. Publishers receive tons of Dr. Seuss-like poems from hopeful writers. If you are going to write children's poems, you first have to develop a unique voice, one that no one can dispute or copy. Courses in this area are usually available at local colleges, and writer's groups are invaluable for testing new work. This is the key to breaking into the poetry market.

2. Know your Market
You can't get a feel for the market that will buy your poems unless you read into it. Spend some time at a local bookstore, and browse other sets of children's poems in order to see the different types that are out there. Order children's magazine, and take a look at what makes the cut.

3. Find Areas of Interest
There are some areas that will always be of interest to publishers for poetry. Some publishers prefer easy reading, other prefer non-fiction and teaching books, and so on. Read up on this.

4. Make your Work Challenging
Children are very intelligent. Many writers feel a need to make their work very simple. Allow children to think while they are reading. Also, provide text that will lend itself to rich illustration, because most children love pictures.

5. Be Original
Avoid moralizing, because everyone does not have the same beliefs. Cute and typical stories will not make it, whereas original, off-the-wall ideas will.

6. Hone your Advertising Skills
If you can write a good query letter, you can often get your poetry in the door. Read up on writing these letters, and sending them in a manner that will incline publishers favorably toward you. Read up on publishers before you send them a manuscript. Some specifically say that they do not accept children's poems, while others may not be suited to your work.

7. Don't Give Up
It is very easy to give up in the field of writing. But remember, if your style is truly original, you have a good shot at getting something in print eventually. Good luck!

8. Test your Work
Kids always love a good story. Find a class, family or preschool and ask if you can read your stories to their children. Feedback from kids is usually the best gauge you can have.


After your interviews are underway, there are some very useful things that you can use the stations for while you are still promoting yourself to them. Amazingly, these techniques sometimes actually work better with smaller stations, especially non- commercial public and college stations, than with the large commercial stations that everyone always wants. These techniques can also work quite well with stations that have not even interviewed you yet, just so long as they are familiar with your topic/angle.

Besides radio, there are three other main parts to marketing yourself... press, speaking and retail... which can be quite difficult for a new author, expert, or website owner to get started. But fortunately, radio can be used to get these areas going, by using radio referrals. Here's how it works; we'll start with radio referrals to press...

After the stations have been contacted for several weeks, and thus they are aware of (and hopefully considering interviewing) you, they can be asked what local magazines, newspapers or websites they would recommend that the you should be reviewed in. Since the people at the station reside in the station's local area, and since these folks are involved heavily in their locals' happenings, they are the perfect people to tell you where to try to get reviewed. And of course, these station people are going to be looking forward to reading these reviews that they helped set you up with.

Then there is speaking. Same process: After the stations are aware of (or are interviewing) you, the stations are asked what venues or businesses you could be booked at in the stations' local areas. With non-commercial college stations, some of the places might even be on campus; this is an advantage for the right kind of speaker since college venues sometimes pay more than venues off campus. Another plus for referrals to college venues is that sometimes the college stations can participate in promoting the engagement for free.

Lastly, there is retail. Not recommended unless you already have the speaking and the press working, because retail is the most difficult to do. But for those that do want to get radio referrals to retail... the process is the same, except that the stations are asked for mom-and-pop retail stores that are friendly to consignment.

College and community station people are unpaid, and thus they work jobs in their communities. So not only do these folks provide much knowledge of what's available in their town, sometimes they are the same people that you need to talk to at the stores, companies, or venues in the first place. It goes for smaller commercial stations in smaller markets... they are more connected with their community, and thus their referrals are more powerful.

What do you do with the referrals once you get them? Try this: If Bob at WXYZ says he recommends that you speak at the Rotary, then you call up the Rotary and say, "You know the radio station WXYZ there in your town?... Well Bob over there has been considering interviewing me, and he said that I should call you up since you might be interested in booking me to speak. Would you like a kit to review?" It works great.

For press, it's "you might be interested in reviewing our book/site/topic." For retail, it's "you might be interested in consigning our type of product."

Either way, one thing is very important: Once you have the referrals, you have to use them right away. One of the reasons the referrals are being given to you is because the station people want to feel they are making something happen for you. If nothing happens, they feel let down.

Scripts wanted!

Professional Producer - I am looking for feature film screenplays All budget and genre considered. Give it your best shot! Send your synopsis to

Acuna Entertainment - We are seeking completed horror scripts for immediate production. I am looking for a horror that is very, very scary!! It is scary because of the writing, NOT because of the monsters in it. I prefer psychological horrors.

This will be produced on a low budget. The FX, animation must be limited. The story must be contained - meaning that it only takes place in a few locations. By locations, I do NOT mean one or two cities. By locations is meant that the shooting equipment needs to be broken down, loaded up and unloaded again just a couple of times. A city is not a shooting location. A house is.

AE's most recent accomplishments include setting-up the screenplay 'Mulligan' at Fox 2000, 'Touch of Grey' at Atlas/Mosaic Media, 'Borders,' a one hour dramatic series at FX, the upcoming Miramax release, 'The I Inside', starring Ryan Phillipe. Additionally, the company developed, packaged, and produced 'Two Days', starring Paul Rudd and 'How Did It Feel', starring Blair Underwood (both marked directorial debut's for AE's literary clients). We just completed producing 'Touched' starring Jenna Elfman, Samantha Mathis and Bruce Davison

Please email a logline and synopsis followed by a resume (if available) in the body of the email (NO email attachments. Those emails will be deleted without being read) to:

New City Films - I am looking for a completed drama, action/adventure, comedy and/or romantic comedy script (no sci-fi, horror etc.). The story MUST be set in Jamaica.

Budget range will not exceed 10 mil. WG and Non- WG both welcome to submit.

New City Pictures is a Vancouver-based production / distribution and finance company with many film credits. Our most recent credits include: 'The Last Stop', 'Mr. Rice's Secret' and 'Big and Hairy'.

If you have a story that takes place in Jamaica, please email a logline followed by a synopsis to Lindsay Moffat:

Zieger Productions - I am looking for completed action/thriller scripts where the story stars Americans, but it is shot entirely in Spain. The lead character must be a male who is a good guy at heart.

If you are a previous contest / festival winner or are produced, please put 'produced' or 'winner' in the subject of the email, in addition to 'InkTip'.

Budget will not exceed 2 million. WG and non-WG writers are welcome.

I (Michele Zieger) associate produced 'Skulls ll' and have a first look deal at Maverick Entertainment. I have quite a few projects in development around town ('Sex, Drugs & Mozart' by Carl Gottlieb of 'Jaws,' and 'The Jerk' is at Maverick. My producing partner in Italy and I are also doing remakes for his Italian film library which includes the Fellini films, 'Cinema Paradiso' and others.

Please email a logline and synopsis followed by a resume (if available) in the body of the email (NO email attachments. Those emails will be deleted without being read) to: Development

Space Program Films - I am looking for a horror / slasher film that is VISUALLY DRIVEN. Something similar to Cabin Fever, The Grudge, Night of the Living Dead. We do NOT want period pieces.

Budget will not exceed $5 million. WG and Non-WG writers welcomed.

My Credits Include: 'Silver Lining,' producer of Silverlake three day music festival documentary starring Elton John, Robert Downy Jr., Beck. 'Two Hip for the Room - the Story of Lord Buckley', 'Mother Load' currently in pre-production.

Please email a logline and synopsis followed by a resume (if available) in the body of the email (NO email attachments. Those emails will be deleted without being read). Please include '' in the subject of the email and send to Joe Jenckes:

Stag-Films - Is a new production company with film currently in postproduction and looking for original material for future projects. Do you have a warped sense of humor? A twisted mind? An unhealthy attraction to B-movie drive-in exploitation? Stag Films is looking for you! We are in search of original stories told by original voices. Genres include gore, horror, sexploitation, drug, rock n' roll, psychedelic and family/G-rated. Or any mixture of the above. All screenplays must be completed, no more than 110 pages, and low budget.

1001 N. Sierra Bonita Ave.
West Hollywood, CA 90046
Phone: 323-874-2769


Title: The Ivy Chronicles
Log Line: A former highflying Wall Street woman not only loses her job but finds her husband in bed with the wife of her replacement. She then sets out to establish a kindergarten referral service for well- heeled Manhattanites vying to get their tots into the country's choice schools.
Writer: Karen Quinn (author)
Buyer: Warner Bros. Pictures
Genre: Comedy-Drama
Novel. To be published in February. Jerry Weintraub will produce. Catherine Zeta-Jones will star

Title: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
Log Line: Poseidon's son, a 12 year old boy, sets out on a quest in present-day America to rescue his mother, return Zeus' stolen lightning bolt and prevent a civil war from erupting among the gods.
Writer: Joe Stillman
Agent: Joe Cohen of CAA
Buyer: Fox 2000
Genre: Children's Fantasy
To be based on the children's book by Rick Riordan. Maverick Films' Guy Oseary will produce.

Title: Room Service
Log Line: A spoiled young heiress has been disinherited by her father and is forced to abandon her socialite lifestyle. She takes a job in the hotel where she must work to pay off her tab and, along the way, she finds love and learns that not getting what you want can be its own best reward.
Writer: Janus Cercone
Agent: ICM
Buyer: Emmett/Furla Films
Genre: Romantic Comedy
To be based on the novel by Beverly Brandt. Gale Ann Hurd, Joe Simpson, Emmett/Furla Films' Randall Emmett and George Furla will produce. Elisa Salinas and Ashli Stockton will executive produce. Jessica Simpson will star.

Title: The Evil Dead
Log Line: Five twentysomething friends are holed up in a remote cabin and discover a Book of the Dead. When an archaeologist's taped translation of the text and its incantations is replayed, the kids accidentally summon dormant demons that possess them.
Buyer: Senator Intl.
Genre: Horror
Remake of the 1981 film written, directed and produced by Sam Raimi. Bruce Campbell and Ghost House Pictures' Sam Raimi & Rob Tapert will produce.

Title: V for Vendetta
Log Line: In an alternate future, Germany wins WWII and Great Britain becomes a fascist state. A terrorist freedom fighter known only as "V" begins a violent guerilla campaign to destroy those who've succumbed to totalitarianism, and recruits a young woman he's rescued from the secret police to join him.
Writer: Alan Moore (author)
Buyer: Warner Bros. Pictures
Genre: Science Fiction Action
Graphic novel. James McTeigue will direct. The Wachowski brothers will produce. Joel Silver will produce.

Title: Escape Artists
Log Line: A professional escape expert is hired to break someone out of prison and is shocked to find out who he's liberated.
Writer: Jay Wolpert
Agent: Rich Freeman of Paradigm
Buyer: DreamWorks
Genre: Heist
Jason Hoffs will produce.

Title: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Log Line: As his fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry approaches, 15-year-old Harry Potter is in full-blown adolescence, complete with regular outbursts of rage, a nearly debilitating crush, and the blooming of a powerful sense of rebellion. Harry is feeling especially edgy at the lack of news from the magic world, wondering when the freshly revived evil Lord Voldemort will strike.
Writer: Michael Goldenberg
Agent: Cliff Roberts of William Morris Agency
Buyer: Warner Bros. Pictures
Genre: Fantasy
To be based on the novel by J.K. Rowling. Fifth installment of this franchise. David Heyman will produce.


Major market public radio stations have joined together with PRI (Public Radio International, distributors of 'This American Life with Ira Glass', 'Studio 360' and other shows) in an unprecedented collaboration. Together, we're creating innovative true short stories and commentaries for radio called 'PRIMARY SOURCES'.

Think of them as 'three minute movies', an incident, a story, something that shook you up, and then a conclusion. Maybe some advice that comes from your experience where you're the character. Tell your story to public radio listeners in major markets (NY, LA, Boston and more).

Each 'PRIMARY SOURCES' episode will push the boundaries of what public radio can say, who can say it and how it's presented by featuring the voice of an individual who is not usually associated with public radio.

Your most creative input is essential. Here's what we're listening for: individuals with a story to tell and SOMETHING THAT HAS CHANGED THEIR OUTLOOK. We'll produce the final pieces we select with sound and music. We like experimentation.

Authors/performers on pieces produced and broadcast will receive $250 and the appreciation of a smart audience. E-mail me with a brief written sample of what you have in mind to:, then I will get back to you.

NOTE: In the subject of the email please specify: 'For PRI Primary Sources'. Keith Talbot

Web Designer/Developer
Job description: We are looking to rebuild our website for online sales. We had a website posted very original and won 2 website awards. Now we want to expand and make our website into a business machine. We are a music source, we have our own tv show now we want to build a one stop shop for our fans. If you have any work you can show us and are eager to be in a music environment work please email us back. This site will be half html and half flash mostly. The closest idea we are looking for is Please reach us asap if you are interested.
Company Name: Innerstate 5
Type of contract: Contract
Duration of job: 1-3 months
Benefits: Benfits for this job will be on going work in the music industry. Also a lot of viewers to witness your work.
Location: Glendale, CA, USA

Job description: Print / graphic design for various projects including poster design and background design for animation.
Requirements/skills:3-4 years experience with extensive knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator and Quark.
Company name: Noodlesoup Productions
Location of work: New York, NY USA

Office Assistant
Job description: Do you love Japanese Anime? The US division of Gonzo - a Japanese animation company - needs part time office help. 2 days a week. Paid and an invaluable educational experience.
Requirements/skills:Basic Mac skills. Word, excel. Light filing. Need a self starter and good thinker who wants to learn and take on responsibility.
Company name: Gonzo
Type of contract: Part Time/Freelance
Contact: Eric Calderon
7527 Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 91335
phone: 323-512-8086

Office Production Assistant This is a PART TIME JOB
Location: West Hollywood, CA
Description: West Hollywood full-service creative television Production Company looking for an Office Production Assistant for 2 days. Could lead to future work since we always need help in the office and on shoots. Pay: $125 per day. Hours: 9am until usually 7pm.
Responsibilities will include: answering phones, creating labels, running errands & deliveries and other misc. production office needs.
Requirements: Must have a pleasant phone manner and have experience working in a production office. A can-do attitude can go a long way!
Contact: Please send an e-mail with a note and your resume.
Via email:

Bupa Music Publishing Songwriters This is a PART TIME JOB
Location: Atlanta, GA
Description: Bupa Music Publishing is looking for 5 new songwriters that are serious about taking their careers to the next level.
Requirements: Songwriters must have a professionally recorded demo of at least 3 songs that they have written. Must have ability to professionally demo new songs independently. Must be able to meet consistent deadlines for submission of new material.
Contact: Please send email and cover letter and we will contact you with further information.
Via email:

Talent Agent's Assistant This is a FULL TIME JOB
Location: New York, NY
Description: A prestigious, Legit, bi-coastal talent agency is seeking applicants to work as a full-time assistant in our New York office. Salary and health benefits.
Start date: ASAP
Requirements: Experience in a talent agency or casting office is strongly preferred. Please, no actors. The ability to work effectively in a fast paced environment and multi-task is absolutely necessary.

Contact:Reply via email please. As previously specified, we prefer resumes as text in the body of the email.
Via email:

Lieberman Productions - Be acne-free and have a chance for TV exposure This is a PART TIME JOB
Location: San Francisco, CA (all locations will be considered)
Description: Do breakouts keep you from doing the things you love? Do you think everyone is looking at your blemishes and not at you? We are looking for upbeat men and women with mild to severe breakouts ages 18-55 of all ethnicities to participate in a 3- month user group in San Francisco. If you're British, that's a plus! We want to give you the chance to have the clearest, freshest skin ever! Qualified applicants will be sent free product for the duration of the user group - and the possibility of national television exposure! The user group is a feeder group for our infomercial testimonials; we will collect information from everyone, and select a few participants for the show.
Requirements: Ideal applicants suffer from mild to severe acne or other skin conditions, and should send a description of their skin issues, age, name and contact information to Danielle or call 1-800-736- 3223 ext. 4521.

Lieberman Productions is a top producer of nationally broadcast infomercials for respected direct response television company Guthy-Renker.
Salary: product compensation only
Contact: Please send email or mail with your name and contact information, age, a description of your skin issues and a photo and un-retouched photo if possible.
Via email:
Via fax:415 955 0822
Via Mail:
Lieberman Productions
455 Ninth Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Reich New York Booking Agent This is a FULL TIME JOB
Location: New York, NY
Description: Looking for a high energy, self motivated employee to work in a fast paced modeling agency. Candidates should be able to multi task and problem solve. Specific job requirements would include a high amount of phone work while working with models and clients in the advertising, fashion and entertainment industries. Representing models as a model manager. Computer knowledge a must. Good public relations skills a plus in dealing directly with the models and clients.
Requirements: See Above
Salary: determined by experience
Contact: no phone calls please
Via email:
Via fax: 212-725-6628

Bauman, Redanty & Shaul Assistant This is a FULL TIME JOB
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Description: Bauman, Redanty & Shaul (BRS) has an immediate opening for a highly motivated, experienced assistant to cover two agents in the LA office. Duties include heavy phones, appointment scheduling, project submissions, etc. BRS is a bi- coastal boutique agency representing adults (18 and over) for television, film and stage. No commercial or youth divisions.
Salary plus benefits.
Requirements: In addition to being able to multi task and think quickly, applicants should possess strong computer, verbal and writing skills. Prior agency, talent management, or casting experience required. Contact: Email or fax resume (entertainment related work experience only.)
Via email:
Do NOT send resume as text in body of email
Via fax: 323-904-4565



Whether your looking for an autograph, celebrity endorsement or just interested in communicating with a star... here's the latest addresses.

Remember: Celebrity endorsements are a good way to boost book sales or any product for that matter, so don't be shy about sending out those requests!

Christina Aguilera
c/o Irving Azoff
Azoffmusic Management
1100 Glendon Ave #2000
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Wynonna Judd
William Morris Agency
151 El Camino Dr
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Lenny Kravitz
c/o Craig Fruin
H.K. Management
9200 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90069

Courtney Love
c/o Jason Weinberg
Untitled Entertainment (LA)
8436 W 3rd St #650
Los Angeles, CA 90048

56 Beethoven St.
London, England W10 4LG


The Fountain (Science Fiction)
November (Queensland, Sydney)
Warner Bros./Regency Enterprises
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522
Cast: Hugh Jackman, Rachel Weisz

Goal! (Drama)
November (England, Los Angeles, Mexico)
Milkshake Films/Icon Productions
9444 Sierra Mar Place
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Cast: Diego Luna, Stellan Skarsgard, James Nesbitt, Brian Cox, Matthew Goode

Last Holiday (Comedy/Drama)
November (New Orleans, Czech Republic)
Paramount Pictures
5555 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Cast: Queen Latifah

The War of the Worlds (Science Fiction/Thriller)
Paramount Pictures/DreamWorks Pictures/Amblin Entertainment/Cruise/Wagner Productions
5555 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038
Cast: Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning
Producers: Kathleen Kennedy, Paula Wagner
Director: Steven Spielberg


These agencies deal in both authors as well as screenwriters.

Always query first! DO NOT send materials until requested.

* Common sense will tell you query only one agent from an agency - not all of them!

International Creative Management
40 West 57th Street
New York, NY 10019

8942 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Amanda Urban (Binky)

Mitch Douglas

Heather Schroder

Richard Abate

Jennifer Joel

Kristine Dahl

William Morris Agency
1325 Ave. of the Americas
New York, NY 10019

Suzanne Gluck

Virginia Barber (Not sure if she is still accepting any works - possibly retired)

Joni Evans

Jennifer Rudolph Walsh

Harold Ober Associates, Inc.
425 Madison Ave.
New York, NY 10017

Phyllis Westberg

Don Laventhall (left hollywood for the book world - well not really - he kept his foot in the door)
Agent, Film Rights

Pamela Malpas

Alex Smithline

Emma Sweeney

Craig Tenney

Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency
216 East 75th Street, Suite 1E
New York, NY 10021

Jean Naggar

Alice Tasman

Jennifer Weltz

Anne Engel

Mollie Glick
Assistant Agent

Dystel & Goderich Literary Management
One Union Square West, Suite 904
New York, NY 10003

Jane Dystel

Miriam Goderich

Stacy Glick

Michael Bourret

James McCarthy

Jessica Papin

Leslie Josephs


Popular West Virginia Independent Bookstores

What many authors may not realize is that you can call these bookstores, pitch your book, and ultimately have the owner stock it on the shelf!

Then make sure you post this information on your website under "available at the following locatiions."

Hearthside Books
1603 Bland St #A
Bluefield, WV
Phone: (304) 325-6896

Frog Creek Books
Capital Market
800 Smith St
Charleston, WV 25301
(304) 346-5222

Taylor Books
226 Capital St.
Charleston, WV 25301
(304) 342-1461
(304) 342-1464 (fax)

In Other Words Women's Books & Resources
Specialties: Womens Issues, Women Authors, Feminists
(503) 232-6003

Christian Bible Store
302 Patrick Street Plaza
Charleston, WV 25312
(304) 343-3334

Gulliver's Travel Center & Treasure Chest
4838 Maccorkle Avenue Southwest
Charleston, WV 25309
(304) 768-4096

James & Law Company Booksellers
217 W. Main St
Clarksburg, WV
Phone: (304)624-7401
Fax: (304)624-9331

Fort Ashby Books
Route 28 N
Fort Ashby, WV
Ph: (304)298-4881
Fax: (304)298-4881

National Park Bookstore
PO Box 197
Shenandoah St.
Harpers Ferry, WV
Phone: (304)535-6881
Fax: (304)535-6749

Four Seasons Books
116 W. German St
Shepherdstown, WV
Phone: (304)876-3486
Fax: (304)876-1376

Snowshoe Mountain Pulp & Paper
10 Snowshoe Drive
Snowshoe, WV
Phone: (304)572-5902
Fax: (304)572-6738


Smaller papers are more apt to getting the news out about your book or product in front of readers, so don't leave them out!

Tampa Bay Times - Is in its second week of publishing. Published by the Times Publishing Company, publishers of the St. Petersburg Times, this new free weekly is specifically designed for the 25 to 35 year old market. The weekly, with a distribution of 75,000 copies, is a combination of news and information of interest to the younger reader. Their various departments include information about sports, politics, children, entertainment. t*guide pays attention to what is going on in the area in terms of its culture, etc., while t*tech, gives information about the latest in technology, gadgets, and other pertinent information. They also have sections on sports, TV, dining out, jobs, planning weekends, music, information about airlines, volunteering, etc. The editor of the weekly is Anne Glover, while Patty Cox is their creative director. Sharon Kennedy Wynne is their copy editor and a writer, and Adrienne P. Samuels is a reporter. Kelly Smith is news editor. You can contact the editors by E-mail:, or by calling them at (727) 893-8477. You can also reach them at:

Tampa Bay Times
PO Box 1121
St. Petersburg, FL 33731-1121

Hoy - Is one of the nation's leading Spanish- language daily newspapers serving Hispanics in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, and is debuting several editorial enhancements. The new format will offer a comprehensive glimpse of the day's news in a tighter, bolder manner, with more sidebars and photos. Some of the enhancements: Aqui entre nos, which is an entertainment section, with news and gossip about celebs, and culture presented in a bright and bold format, including the coverage of the best in TV and movies. Desportes, which is the enhanced daily coverage of football, baseball, basketball, auto racing, and soccer.

Their reporters and editors will be placing more emphasis on information about services, by including additional facts that help the reader to understand and take advantage of local and national advantages. Hoy will continue to provide extensive local, national and international coverage through dedicated sections such as: Locales, which will highlight news and issues such as immigration, housing, politics, education, health, etc. Nacion & Mundo, incorporates national and world news. There is an opinion section, special sections, a Family page, travel, good living, style, billboard, pastime, weather, Life Today, which is an entertainment guide, and a section called At Night for dining and dancing options. Hoy's national office is at:

330 W. 34 St., 17 fl.
New York, NY 10001
(917) 339-0800.

Armando Varela is charge of the editorial. Their Chicago office is at 435 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611, (312) 527-8400. The editor-in-chief is Alejandro Escalona. Their Los Angeles edition is reached at 207 Broadway, Ste. 600, Los Angeles, CA 90012, (213) 2237-3001, and the editorial contact is Reynaldo Mena.


With thousands of listeners (to & from work or even at work) it's hard to leave out radio stations and their talk programs!

Book Talk - Is the weekly 30-minute radio program produced by the Memphis-Shelby County Public Libraries, is syndicated to more than 20 stations throughout the US, including Dallas and San Francisco. Shows, originating in Memphis, are taped with a studio audience. They feature fiction, and are open to narrative non-fiction, political, historical, memoirs, humor, cookbooks, and self help. They are not interested in diet or religious books, or poetry, and do not feature books that are self-published. Non-fiction should be something of general interest.

Contact the producer: Johanna Edwards
Book Talk, WYPL-FM
3030 Poplar Avenue
Memphis, TN 38111
(901) 415-2754
Fax: (901) 323-7902
The best way to reach Edwards is by E-mail:


Remember pitching your story idea to any one of these magazines will bring your book or product to the attention of thousands!

TANGO - Will launch February 2005, just in time for Valentine's Day. The magazine, which debuts as the first magazine dedicated solely to love and relationships, will be the authority on all that matters in personal relationships: communication, sex, money, leisure, career, home and the family. Founded by Andrea Miller, who conceives of the magazine as enriching the lives of couples. A way to visualize the magazine is to think Sex and the City in print, with more serious content. The staff is headed by founder Andrea Miller, while Ellen Abramowitz is the publisher. Elise O'Shaughnessy is the leader of the editorial team, with Patrick Mitchell the creative director. The contributors to the magazine will include some of the top names in journalism. Tango plans to offer a rich mix of expert advice, in-depth reporting, personal narrative and opinion. You can reach the magazine at their new editorial offices:

33 Little West 12 St
New York, NY 10014-1313
Reach Andrea Miller at (646) 773-3060
They plan to publish four issues in 2005, with a 100,000-rate base


The use of organizations is also a great way to get the word out about your works!

The Adoption Annex - Is a new non-profit organization dedicated to adoption, that hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony on October 11 at a new venue in Roslyn, NY. The luncheon event introduced the facility to dignitaries, the media, and politicians. They seek books on the subject of adoption for their library. They plan book readings with adoption authors.

For more information contact:
Robin Gorman Newman
RGN Communications
(516) 773-0911


Trying to get your product on TV... here's your chance!

Marti Ann Schwartz is THE CONSUMMATE CONSUMER and she is looking for gift items to showcase on her upcoming TV segments. She seeks items appealing to all ages from toddler through adult, as well as all prices... for example bargains through if you have to ask, you can't afford them range. The segments currently being planned are: Best Gifts for Kids; Gifts You Didn't Know You Had To Have; Hostess Gifts; Shopping the Internet for Gifts; Specialty Items for the Cook, and more. Send samples of the products to show on the air as well as press kits and information on where viewers can purchase products in the Southern California area. She is at

25650 Velan Dr.
Valencia, CA 91355
(661) 254-5828, phone/Fax

Life & Style - Heard over WB stations throughout the country, calls itself the modern women's ultimate guide to issues, relationships, fashion, beauty, and entertainment. A multi-topic show, with daily segments hosted by Jules Asner, Cynthia Garrett, Lynne Koplitz and Kimora Lee Simmons, the show is a fast-paced one-hour program aiming to re-define the genre, and is a guide to the life and style for women, emphasizing compelling first- person narrative field pieces in addition to in-studio interviews. The show identifies the newest trends and hottest topics in pop culture, relationships, fashion and celebrity news, and has edgy stories about important issues from a modern and honest point of view. Life & Style offers expert advice, how- to segments for viewers to incorporate into their daily lives. Ray Giuliani is the executive producer, with Michelle Mazur the co-executive producer. The show's production offices are at:

Life & Style
226 W. 26 St.
New York, NY 10001
(212) 727-1234

Wolf Blitzer - Anchors two shows on CNN, is seen on "Wolf Blitzer Reports", a nightly newscast that focuses on the day's top news, live interviews with the top news makers of the day, and discussions with CNN newscasters from around the World. He is also seen on Sundays on the show "Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer", which is seen in more than 200 countries and territories. Each show is hot on the news of the day, and features the top world leaders, political professionals, writers and editors, hot on the news and the stories, which make the headlines of the day. At "Wolf Blitzer Reports", Kay Jones is the booker, with Brian Todd senior producer, and Eric Sherling the executive producer. At "Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer" Elizabeth Rey is the booker, Suzanne Nelson, senior producer, and Linda Roth is the executive producer. They can be reached at:

CNN's Washington Bureau
820 First St., NE
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 898-7900
Other numbers for Wolf Blitzer:
(202) 898-7944
(202) 898-7618


So you can't get people to request your book in the library? Well there's an easier way of solving this issue - contact them yourself!

Joint University Libraries
419 21st Ave. S.
Nashville, TN. 37203

Univ. of Tennessee-Knoxville
James D. Hoskins Library
Knoxville, TN. 37916

Memphis State Univ. Libraries
Memphis, TN. 38152

Univ. of Mississippi Library
University, MS. 38677

Mississippi State University
Mitchell Memorial Library
P.O. Drawer 5408
Mississippi State, MS. 39762

Rare Books & Special Collections
University of Louisville Library
2301 S. Third St.
Louisville, KY. 40208

Univ. of Kentucky
Margaret I. King Library
Lexington, KY. 40506

Rare Books & Special Collections
Ohio State Univ. Libraries
Wm Oxley Thompson Memorial Library
1858 Neil Ave. Mall
Columbus, OH. 43210

Rare Books
Bowling Green State University Library
Bowling Green, OH. 43403

Rare Books
Univ. of Toledo
William S. Carlson Library
2801 W. Bancroft St.
Toledo, OH. 43606

Rare Books & Special Collections
Case Western Reserve Univ. Libraries
11161 E. Blvd.
Cleveland, OH. 44106

Rare Books
Cleveland Public Library
325 Superior Ave.
Cleveland, OH. 44114

phone: not available

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