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News from Betsie's Literary Page
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November 12, 2004
Betsie's Literary Page Newsletter
Now its time to say goodbye to all our company....


Hello, hello... excuse me.... coming thru... yes -yes I know I'm late! I had a flat tire on my way to the puter - no wait the dog ate my homework, ooops I'm not in school anymore - never mind, scratch that, I over slept! Hey you work 5 twelve hour shifts in a row!!! Now everyone knows I would never forget about all the nice subscribers... right? Hmm I didn't hear a reply.

Never mind- let's get down to busines:

Every week thousands receive this weekly newsletter and many of you by now, are aware that BLP is on the move... to Florida that is.

BLP will be on vacation from November 27 -until after the New Year, giving staff the much needed time to spend with their families this holiday season. Our last outgoing newsletter will be on Nov. 26, 2004

We can only hope to hear great things from everyone upon our return, and we take this moment to thank all those who have submitted articles & news to us during these past few months.


We appreciate and hope you continue to send us your comments, opinions, articles and suggestions. Remember if you submit anything to our newsletter - include a link back to your site for a free plug.

Betsie's Literary Page is where readers and shoppers are respected, books are cherished, aspiring writers are encouraged and authors are adored.

Have a great weekend!



SCHOLASTIC & CARTOON NETWORK INK DEAL FOR BOOKS BASED ON ORIGINAL SERIES. - Scholastic will be the exclusive U.S. publisher of TV tie-in books based on four new original series on Cartoon Network. Scholastic plans to publish books, beginning in fall 2005, targeted at young readers 4- 11.

The new agreement between Scholastic and Cartoon Network includes publishing rights for CODENAME: KIDS NEXT DOOR, targeting boys and girls 5-11; FOSTER'S HOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS, for boys and girls 4-8; HI HI PUFFY AMIYUMI and THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JUNIPER LEE, targeting tween girls 7- 11.

The relationship between Scholastic and the Cartoon Network began in 1999 with the publication of THE POWERPUFF GIRLS books. From 2000-2004, Scholastic published more than 100 POWERPUFF GIRLS books and has sold some 6.6 million copies in formats ranging from 8x8 storybooks to chapter books to novelty formats such as sticker books, lift- the-flaps and pop-ups.

"We are thrilled to continue our ongoing, successful partnership with the Cartoon Network," said Ellie Berger, svp, trade, Scholastic. "Given our extraordinary success with THE POWERPUFF GIRLS, it was a natural opportunity to expand our relationship, and we look forward to bringing these new original series to new fans and readers."

The $100,000 Scholarship Day in Hawaii - Not only has Wayne Y. Fujita's book received raving reviews, but Governor Linda Lingle proclaimed October 11, 2004, as "The $100,000 Scholarship Day" in Hawaii. The Governor also encouraged all residents to join in celebrating Wayne Y. Fujita's newly released publication, "The $100,000 Scholarship." The official Proclamation was signed at the Hawaii State Capital in the Executive Chambers on September 21, 2004.

Even if you are not looking for a plan to save for college, perhaps you have your own strategy, this book is a fantastic resource for advice on scholarships, financial aid, and college admissions. It is concise and intuitively organized. The advice is candid, useful, and most importantly, rooted in personal experience that produced results. -Dave Wilks, of Roundtable Reviews

After appearing on Hawaii's KHON TV2 Morning News, better known as America's number one Fox Morning News channel on October 20th to talk about his book, Wayne Y. Fujita's sales soared!

Fujita's publisher; PublishAmerica included "The $100,000 Scholarship" on October 31, 2004 at the top of their TOP TEN list on their New York Times advertisement.

BLACK POWER INC SELECTED FOR THE NATIONAL PRESS CLUB BOOK FAIR - Fortune magazine writer Cora Daniels will be in Washington, D.C. next week to support the National Press Club choosing her explosive work, Black Power Inc.: The New Voice of Success, for inclusion in their prestigious annual literary event on Wednesday, November 17.

Ms. Daniels' work has appeared in The New York Times, Newsday, USA Today and Savoy.

Sponsored by: Friedheim Library
Event Location: Ballroom
Details: The 27th Annual Book Fair & Authors' Night
November 17, 2004
6:00- 8:30 p.m.
5:30- 6:00 p.m. NPC members only
Admission is free for members of the National Press Club and $5 for non-members.
Tickets are available for purchase at the National Press Club or Olsson's Books & Records locations (202- 347-3686). No outside books are allowed.


THE INTERNET CELEBRATED ITS 35TH BIRTHDAY. - The Internet just had its 35th birthday party at UCLA, where it all started. On Sept. 2, 1969, Leonard Kleinrock led a team of engineers to establish the first network connection between two computers, ushering in a new method of global communications. A month later, the second node was added at Stanford, and, on October 29, the first host- to-host Internet-type message was sent from UCLA. The message was "LO," which sounds prophetic until Kleinrock explains it. "We wanted to send the message 'LOG IN,'" he says, "but the computer crashed after the first two letters."

Three other fathers of the Internet joined Kleinrock at the all-day bash: Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf, who co-invented TCP/IP, the basic communications protocol (still in use), and Lawrence Roberts, who was the driving (and funding) force at ARPA, the Advanced Research Projects Agency - the Internet was first called the ARPANET. Kleinrock showed how packet switching could work to chop data up into a "common language" between computers.

The world did not share the vision of these four pioneers right away. "I urged organizations to join the network," says Roberts, "but several of them refused - until I told them a would not fund them a new computer otherwise." And so, with vision, perseverance, brilliant hard work - and a little bit of blackmail - the Internet was born and grew.

HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY HELLO KITTY WITH DVD SET. - As that adorable feminine feline, Hello Kitty turned 30 on Nov. 1, 2004, ADV Films released HELLO KITTY & FRIENDS: HOLIDAY FUN, a deluxe two- disc set collection features 10 episodes from the TV series plus two bonus mini-episodes and three all-new special episodes. The collection hit the streets November 2.

In September of 1974, a young artist named Yuko Shimizu presented a drawing of a cat to her boss, Sanrio founder Shintaro Tsuji. Two months later, on November 1, HELLO KITTY was introduced to the world. Preferring catnaps to catnip, this was a kitty that had many of Shimizu's own personality traits like baking cookies and playing the piano. In 1983, Hello Kitty became the U.S. children's ambassador for UNICEF, a position she still holds today. Hello Kitty has stretched across the globe and has become one of the most recognized images in many countries around the world.

She has a net worth in the billions, has her own theme park in Japan and her image is on thousands of products, from 50-cent stickers to expensive jeweled purses coveted by Hollywood stars.


MARVEL SUES DISNEY OVER SUPERHERO COPYRIGHTS. - Three months after suing The Walt Disney Co. in a dispute over royalties, Marvel Enterprises Inc. wants to take the copyrights to Marvel superheroes away from the Mouse House. In a suit filed on Oct. 29, 2004 in Los Angeles federal court, Marvel requests a judge to declare that Disney never legally assumed copyrights to Marvel characters when it bought the original licensee, Fox Family Worldwide, in 2001.

WES ANDERSON TO DIRECT FANTASTIC MR. FOX STOP-MOTION FEATURE. - First it was Luc Bessen, now indie wunderkind Wes Anderson has moved from the live-action director chair into more animated seating. Anderson has teamed with Revolution Studios to write and direct a stop-motion feature version of Roald Dahl's THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX. Anderson's producing partner on LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU Noah Baumbach will co-pen the screenplay. Sony will distribute the flick. The book finds a crafty fox and his family under threat from three dumb, plug-ugly farmers for stealing chickens.

KIDMAN IN TALKS FOR FLUSHED AWAY. - Nicole Kidman is in talks to voice a streetwise sewer rat in DreamWorks' upcoming animated film FLUSHED AWAY. Dick Clement and Ian LaFrenais are writing the film. Hugh Jackman has been named as the lead character Roddy with Ian McKellen and Andy Serkis playing a villainous frog and his hench-rat Spike, respectively. The story follows pampered uptown British rat named Roddy, who after being flushed down the toilet into the sewers of London, must learn how to survive in the real world.

CATCH ME/TERMINAL SCRIBE GIVEN CRACK AT INDY 4. - With George Lucas rejecting the last script from Frank Darabont, Lucas and director Steven Spielberg have hired CATCH ME IF YOU CAN/THE TERMINAL scribe Jeff Nathanson to take a crack at penning the fourth installment of INDIANA JONES.

THE BLOB GETS A SECOND REMAKE. - Paramount Pictures and producer Scott Rudin have teamed to remake THE BLOB. The original film's producer Jack Harris worked out a deal with Warner Bros., producers of the 1958 Steve McQueen version, to bring the remake rights to Paramount where he has production deal. Studio evp Brian Witten and creative exec Ed Goemans will oversee the pic. No writer or director has been signed.

DISNEY RETELLS SNOW WHITE WITH SHAOLIN TWIST. - Walt Disney Pictures has hired Pulitzer Prize-winning author Michael Chabon to pen SNOW AND THE SEVEN, a martial arts take on SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS. Hong Kong director Yuen Wo Ping will make his English-language directorial debut on the film. Andrew Gunn is producing with Gunnfilm's Ann Marie Sanderlin serving as exec producer. Brigham Taylor is overseeing the film for the studio. Set in 1880s British colonial China, the fantasy and martial arts film will follow the Grimm Brothers fairy tale with seven Shaolin monks aiding the heroine.

PLAYTONE MINES CITY OF EMBER FOR FEATURE FILM. - Playtone has secured the film rights for Jeanne DuPrau's young adult bestseller, THE CITY OF EMBER. Partners Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman are negotiating with Caroline Thompson (EDWARD SCISSORHANDS) to write the screenplay and Gil Kenan to make his directorial debut. Walden Media is in talks to co-produce and co-finance the picture. Set in a future where humans live underground due to the pollution of the surface, two teens follow their dreams - one to become a messenger and travel to the surface world and the other to help repair the generator, which is the key to survival underground.

FOG ROLLS IN AT REVOLUTION STUDIOS. - Revolution Studios is set to remake John Carpenter's 1980 horror flick, THE FOG. THE CORE scribe Cooper Layne has been hired to pen the screenplay. Debra Hill and Carpenter, who wrote the original, will produce along with David Foster. Production is scheduled to begin in February. The original film was set in a Northern California coastal town where a thick fog descends and brings back the drowned seaman who died in a shipwreck 100 years prior.

HELLBOY DIRECTOR'S CUT DVD DELIVERS IMPROVED STORY. - As anticipated Guillermo del Toro's recently released director's cut of HELLBOY on DVD (Columbia TriStar Home Ent. $34.95) offers minor improvements in characterization to make this a worthwhile purchase, along with several additional bonus features on this three-disc set. The new footage sheds light on Rasputin and Ilsa as well as greater interplay between Myers and Liz Sherman. New footage is seamlessly integrated into the feature with no loss in quality.


MELUA SLAMS IMAGE-OBSESSED MUSIC INDUSTRY -British jazz star KATIE MELUA is disappointed with the music industry for concentrating too heavily on pop stars' looks rather than their sound. The CALL OFF THE SEARCH singer is not impressed by manufactured bands and believes they have had no positive influence on the development of music. Melua says, ''What's happened to the music industry nowadays, it's not about the music, it's about the dancing, it's become about the image, it's become about the lifestyle that you represent as an artist. ''The only thing wrong with manufactured bands, at the end of the day, is just about the quality of music; that they make that it doesn't progress music into a different stage of history.''

GRAZER + HOWARD LAND 9/11 MINI-SERIES - Movie moguls BRIAN GRAZER and RON HOWARD have been given the greenlight to make a movie based on the findings of the 9/11 Commission Report. The producer-and-director team behind hits like THE MISSING, A BEAUTIFUL MIND and HOW THE GRINCH STOLE CHRISTMAS have beaten other Hollywood heavyweights to the rights in what became a highpriced bidding war. BAND OF BROTHERS writer ... will pen the screenplay for the project, which is expected to be made into a TV mini-series. The bestselling book documents events leading up the 2001 terrorist attacks on America.

DE NIRO'S NEW FILM SHELVED -ROBERT DE NIRO and LEONARDO DiCAPRIO's much-anticipated new movie THE GOOD SHEPHERD has been shelved after production company INITIAL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP pulled out its funding. The spy thriller was in pre-production when Initial boss GRAHAM KING chose not to go ahead with the film, which had a $110 million (GBP61.1 million) budget - according to trade paper DAILY VARIETY. Studio bosses at UNIVERSAL insist they're still committed to bringing the film, about career CIA agent JAMES WILSON, to the big screen. The project is set to be De Niro's second directorial job after taking charge of A BRONX TALE in 1993.

'BUSH'S RE-ELECTION IS HEARTBREAKING' - ANGELINA JOLIE is devastated GEORGE W BUSH was re-elected as American President (02-03NOV04), branding it ''heartbreaking''. The SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW actress is stunned that the majority of American voters chose Bush over Democrat candidate JOHN KERRY. Jolie says, ''In the past, I was able to tell people, 'Trust me, that's not the American people - they're great.' ''But I can't say that now because the majority voted to support what is going on and it's heartbreaking for me that I can't defend the people I love in America.''

LARRY KING WINS SHREK IDOL -Gravel- voiced CNN talk show host LARRY KING has become the unlikely winner of an online singing contest. King's quirky rendition of GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN for the SHREK 2 DVD release won an AMERICAN IDOL send-up, FAR FAR AWAY IDOL, after 750,000 fans of the sequel voted via cyberspace after checking out the special addition. King sang the tune as his Shrek character, DORIS THE BARMAID. The DVD sold 11 million copies in its first three days on release this week.

NOW CAGE TACKLES PHILIP K DICK - NICOLAS CAGE is to join stars like TOM CRUISE, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and HARRISON FORD by taking the starring role in a movie adaptation of sci-fi writer PHILIP K DICK's work. The movie star has signed up to play a man who is forced to choose between saving himself and the world after having a premonition in NEXT. Cage will also produce the project, which will be directed by LEE TAMAHORI. Dick is the sci-fi mind behind TOTAL RECALL, MINORITY REPORT and BLADE RUNNER, among other hit films.

AFFLECK BARELY SURVIVES CHRISTMAS BEN AFFLECK's new holiday movie SURVIVING CHRISTMAS is breaking records for all the wrong reasons - it's set to become the fastest big screen- to-DVD release. The film, which also stars JAMES GANDOLFINI, flopped when it opened in America last month (OCT04), making just $4 million (GBP2.2 million) in its opening weekend and has gone on to make a meagre $10 million (GBP5.5 million) at the box office. So, in order to cash in on the upcoming Christmas spirit, bosses at DREAMWORKS are rush-releasing the DVD next month (21DEC04), just eight weeks after the film hit cinemas. It was initially set to be released in time for next Christmas (05).


Lessons From the Gypsy Camp by Elizabeth Appell
Publisher: Scribes Valley Publishing (January 2004)
Genre: Fiction
ISBN Number: 0974265217
Hardcover: 298pp

November 3, 2004

"Consequences."10 year old Lolly Candolin knows her Daddy's threat is not empty. Each reminder of the "consequences" is followed by yet another brutal lesson, mercilessly taught by her overbearing alcoholic father. But, ironically, it is because of one of these cruel actions that Lolly comes upon a colorful tribe of kind-hearted gypsies who enchant her with their love of life despite its hardships, something she sees very little of at home.

Set in California in 1955, "Lessons from the Gypsy Camp" is the story of a young girls induction into the adult world. After one of her gypsy friends is accused of murder, Lolly has to decide what is more important: friendship and justice, or her father's love. Her inner struggle not only helps her grow and discover herself, she also begins to understand her parents and how they are a product of their own imperfect childhoods.

The lessons from the gypsy camp are well worth learning, and are made all the more entertaining by the intensely vivid and endearing characters that teach them. From the bouncing and vivacious Tick and her adoring, unconventional mother, to the simple giant Bob Bob and his lion-taming mentor Sam, Elizabeth Appell has brought to life truly believable characters, a challenge made all the more so by their innate uniqueness.

And she could not have chosen an more ideal student and teacher that Lolly Candolin, whose sense of justice binds us to her while her stubborn strength, tempered by innocence, carries us safely through to a deeper understanding of the consequences of actions and the cultural assumptions that direct them.

Overall, the book is an easy read with a challenging theme. The writing has a comfortably flow at a good pace. It is the kind of book that makes you want to return to in every spare minute, but friendly enough to put down for a few moments when need be.

Reviewed by Nancy Morris, Allbooks Reviews

Native Tongue by Carl Hiaasen
Publisher: Warner Vision Books November 2004 (for current edition)
Genre: Fiction, Humor
ISBN: 0446613207
Paperback: 481 pages
Price: $7.99

Rating: Highly Recommended

Hang On to Your Seats!

November 5, 2004

A typical family is on their way to the Amazing Kingdom in Florida when suddenly, someone in a blue pickup truck flings something out of the truck and onto the back seat of their rented Chrysler LeBaron. Thus begins the wild and crazy convergence of blue- tongued mango voles, senior citizen eco-guerillas, a burnt-out ex-reporter, two inept thieves, an ex- governor turned ecological avenger, and a former mob informant who is now one of the sleaziest and richest land developers in all of Florida.

When the last two blue-tongued voles in existence are stolen from the Amazing Kingdom, Joe Winder is assigned the task of spinning the story into the standard drivel consistently served up to the media by his bosses. Joe was once an investigative reporter, and he now feels as if he has sold his soul as he fabricates the lies promulgated by the PR machine at his new job. Bud and Danny are the two thieves who stole the voles at the behest of Molly McNamara. Molly is a deceptively innocent-looking senior citizen who hired Bud and Danny to kidnap the voles. She is extremely upset when she discovers that both voles have met untimely ends before reaching her. Molly is the head of Mothers of Wilderness, a group bent on stopping the desecration of Florida's land and animal population by any means available. Francis X. Kingsbury, who owns the Amazing Kingdom, once ratted on the mob and is now living under an assumed name and identity. Francis X struck it rich by developing land in Florida in questionable deals. He then built the Amazing Kingdom - glossy and insipidly cheery on the outside, stinking like a sewer just beneath the surface. And then there is Skink, ex-governor of Florida who now lives a solitary existence in the swamplands, trying to save what little is left of Florida's undeveloped land. He saves Joe's life early on, then wreaks spectacular revenge upon Francis X and his desecration of the land in the climactic ending of the book. We also meet many minor oddball characters along the way, all pursuing their own interests.

While this is a lengthy book, it was easy to read and I often found myself laughing out loud. Carl Hiaasen has a passionate devotion to his beloved Florida and a righteous anger towards those who refuse to acknowledge the value and importance of the fragile ecosystem that sustains it. Joe Winder is the alter ego through whom Mr. Hiaasen can play out his quest for justice and retribution against those who continue to destroy the beauty of the land. I must admit, there are a few scenes that are not for the weak of heart or stomach, and I found myself quickly skimming over them. But I appreciate the author's ability not only to make us laugh, but also to make us think and appeal to our collective conscience about what is happening to our planet and to us as a people. When Bud, one of the thieves, accidentally ends up walking through the nursery of a hospital, he looks at the cooing parents and wonders why people are still having children when the world is in such a mess. More victims, thought Bud Schwartz. Bud then imagines the babies' futures: They would grow up to have automobiles and houses and apartments that would all, eventually, be burglarized by lowlifes such as himself, It is apparent that the author is wearing his heart on his sleeve in this passage as both optimist and cynic. As hope springs forth by the dawning of new life, it bumps up against the reality of our damaged and fractured world. But with Hiaasen leading the charge, there will always be a few laughs to help us along the way.

This is a new paperback edition of Native Tongue, which was originally published in 1991. It is a fun and enjoyable read. And, alas, the theme of environmental devastation is as timely today as it was when it was first written.

Reviewed by Nancy Machlis Rechtman

The Orpheus Industry by Jennie Kermode
Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing (October 2004)
Genre: Fantasy
ISBN: 1554041759
E-Book: 233 pages
Also available In-Print Edition
ISBN: B000667TN4

Rating: Highly Recommended

Greek Mythology for the 21st century.

November 9, 2004

Oscar is the lead singer of the Scottish Band Snakeskin. They are a young group however they have a profound effect on the masses that listen to their music, always leaving their audience in frenzy. One night, after a set, Oscar meets a beautiful young lady named Peri. They have a passionate encounter and soon thereafter, Peri presents Oscar with what seems to be an enchanted guitar. This guitar serves as a bridge between the emotions felt within Oscar's heart and the outside world.

His music captures the attention of the god Apollo himself. Perhaps Apollo is reminded of his son Orpheus. Orpheus was a talented musician in Greek mythology. His words and music were played from his heart as he mourned the death of his wife Eurydice. His music was said to charm man, beast, gods and other inanimate objects. His music was heartfelt and the listener could not resist being pulled into his melodies. Oscar later finds out that Peri is Persephone, the goddess of the underworld and the goddess of Spring. What is it that makes this guitar so special? Is it the instrument, or the musician?

Apollo and his cousin struggle to gain the love and fidelity of Oscar, who enjoys the company of both gods in the same manner. Apollo offers Oscar the one thing that he perceives that Persephone cannot, a promising music career. The characters in The Orpheus Industry exist in a world that has rejected monotheistic ideology. Zeus is seen as the major god and his children do what is expected of them as dictated by Greek Mythology. This is a place where one's destiny is not determined by fate, it is determined by The Fates - who themselves pre-date all of the gods.

Oscar and Snakeskin move from obscurity to the top, becoming world famous performers. While their success takes shape, primarily due to the vested interest that Apollo has taken in his lover and his band, a battle of jealousy rages. Apollo wants Oscar to himself. Persephone wants Oscar to herself after her husband Hades left her for Eurydice, who is Orpheus's former soul mate. Oscar wants the relationship with Apollo and Persephone, but in a different manner. What he wants most is his freedom to choose.

This book was masterfully written and I was inspired to read and re-read every passage to acquire some inner meaning about the events that transpired. I've rarely read books in an e-Book format, but I found that it proved to be very enjoyable. The author, Jennie Kermode, has mastered a writing style and an ideology that I have rarely seen. I've received a lesson about the gods of Greek Mythology and an entertaining story that will be enjoyed by the Young Adult to Adult audience. I was entranced by the words and I felt that I had to move forward through this story. Perhaps this can be likened to the emotions that are activated as one listens to the music of Orpheus?

The story moves from our world to the underworld where Oscar's music inspires the beings that exist in that realm. It seems that irregardless of where the protagonist travels, his music can create a desired response in every listener. That "desired response" even angers Hades, the god of the underworld and he is forced to make a difficult decision to regain order. One mere mortal has caused so much change in the world of The Orpheus Industry. Oscar will pay the price for his unrivalled success, but will that price be paid on Earth or in the realm of the dead?

The end will amaze you!

Reviewed by Tyrone Vincent Banks

Fall (Witch Season) by Jeff Mariotte
Publisher: Simon Pulse (October 2004)
Genre: YA Fiction
ISBN: 0689867247
Paperback: 320pp

Rating: Highly Recommended

Are there really witches among us?

November 10, 2004

Kerry, Josh, Brandy, Scott, and Rebecca have left the quaint resort on the coast of California. A life- altering summer in which they spent most of their time in pursuit of an evil witch named Season Howe. Ultimately ending in Daniel Blessing's death, Kerry's boyfriend.

Almost a hermit, Kerry barely leaves her Northwestern University dorm room. Instead she sits day after day pouring over Daniel's journals. Kerry's hope is to unearth even the smallest detail that will aid in some chance of exposing the enigma of a ruthless killer.

Finding her efforts fruitless, Kerry decides to find Mother Blessing the only link left to Daniel Again she pours over the journals piecing a map together, a route that will lead her into the Great Dismal Swamp.

Meanwhile her friends have grown restless after receiving a cryptic email from Kerry- and discovering that Season Howe has been spotted in "Sin City." Striking a nerve, the five friends embark on a pilgrimage to Las Vegas--the city of dreams, gathering, to duel the evil witch. Their cause has several reasons: Making her pay for what she did to Daniel and making sure she never makes it to the Witches' Convocation.

Although after a grueling match of wits Kerry learns Mother Blessing is hiding something. Something she feels even Daniel was unaware of....

If you don't believe in witches, this series will surely help change your mind!

Characters from previous books appear lending a feeling of continuity for long time readers and will keep you gripping your seat until the very last page is read. Fall (Witch Season) is entertaining and well done; unique in that it is both a book and a series. Mariotte's style is deceivingly fresh. Definitely a scary novel for teenagers, yet one that anyone would enjoy, and could make a nice gift for young and old fantasy fans alike.

Reviewed by Betsie

Secrets And Kisses by Celise Downs
Publisher: Gemini Mojo Press; 2nd Rep edition (March 2004)
Genre: YA Fiction
Paperback: 116 pages
ISBN: 097529072X

Rating: Highly Recommended

Capturing the essence of youth!

November 11, 2004

Seventeen-year-old Skylar Knight and her best friend Elliodie "Ellie" Arparo are in their final week of classes at Valley View High. Final exams are just around the corner, as well the junior's only party at Blair Nueman's house. It's well known by all the students that Blair throws the "very best" parties and this year would be no different. But Skylar is terribly nervous and worried. Why? Because of the "Kissing Game," and the fact that she doesn't know how to kiss!

Skylar and Ellie decide a little research is in order and they head for the library, and to their amazement find a book titled "Kissing 101." Upon exiting the library she bumps into Kedren Price, the most popular boy in school. Skylar has a crush on Kendren, but their conversation seems more like an interrogation, on Kendren's part, leaving Skylar with an odd feeling.

While attempting to study Skylar is unable to get the kissing book out of her thoughts, and students around her are acting out of the ordinary. Unintentionally Skylar overhears odd conversations, all concerning the Nueman family.

One thing is definite for Valley View High, is that something big is about to explode and high school for Skylar will never be the same again!

Secrets and Kisses has a realistic cast of characters which explore issues that real teenagers experience. The book uncovers a conspiracy, secret agents, and scandals, absolutely not your typical high school! Author Celise Downs has done a stupendous job of capturing the essence of youth. This is a great book that any teen is certain to enjoy!

Reviewed by Betsie


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8160 Manitoba Street Ste. 309
Los Angeles, CA 90293

Miracle Mile Entertainment - is an Indi. Production Co. looking to Produce and Shoot YOUR Feature Length Horror/Psychological Thriller. We are looking for scripts that have great dialogue/story and that can be produced on a low budget. PLEASE NO CHEESY/GORY STUFF. We are looking for something fresh and new that won't need "Special Effects" to scare the audience!!! Submit you BRIEF synopsis first and if we like your story we will contact you for a copy of the script. There is no pay, but if chosen, your script will be made and submitted to all major festivals as well as distributors and you will get a percentage of the sale/proceeds of the film.

Company Name: Miracle Mile Entertainment
ContactName: David Ara

PrizmHead Pictures - I am a film Producer and I am looking for a ZOMBIE horror script to shoot. Please send a copy of your Synopsis and/or Script to:

Chanda Fuller
222 Wye Moor CT
Queenstown, MD 21658
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at:

Green Valley Entertainment - We are looking for the following types of scripts: Horror (both creature horror and atmospheric horror - blah serial killers, no; supernatural, yes...think the Ring, the Grudge, 28 Days Later, Dog Solders, Seven, Saw). Thrillers (think Last Seduction, House of Sand & Fog, Sexy Beast, Swimming Pool, Panic Room, Memento). Action (think Roadhouse, Above the Law, Reservoir Dogs, El Mariachi, male and female leads). Sci-Fi (this is tough...think Pi, Cube, Screamers, Battle Royale, and smart scripts that avoid sci-fi cliches).

Contact Person: Steve Antczak

One-Eleven Productions a Division of Back Forty Group Inc. is seeking scripts for development immediately. All genres. Company will produce a feature length film in January and two others to follow throughout 2005 and 2006. Ideal budget is around 250,000 however big budget scripts are welcome as well. Writers with multiple scripts, submit all works. A Director will be attached to the right script. If you have any objections to someone other than yourself Directing your script, please do not submit. (Scripts must be polished) One-Eleven will greenlight the right script!

One-Eleven Productions Inc.
21115 Vanowen St. Second Floor
Canoga Park, California 91303

Coda Culture Productions Seeking Screenwriters: Independent producer seeking hip young writers with projects in one of three categories:
1. Urban Horror films - The scarier the better, centering on anAfrican-American lead character.
2. Studio Genre Pictures - Clear cut films, easily identifiable. Also focusing on an African-American lead character.
3. School Story - The story of African-American college students brought in to teach an arts program in a troubled South Central high school, only to become embroiled in the students' personal lives, and discover the hidden racists within the school's system.

Currently has first look deals with several producers, and willing to work with writers on a one on one basis. NO SCRIPT ATTACHMENTS, LOGLINES ONLY unless requested. Email:

Blue Tattoo Films - We are seeking copyrighted script submissions. Prefer dramas referring to characters overcoming some sort of physical or mental obstacle. Send scripts to:
Blue Tattoo Films
5640 Franklin Ave., Ste. 302
Los Angeles, CA 90028.
For more information email:

Canary Films, a NY independent production company, was started in 2001. We are developing our film slate and currently searching for a COMING OF AGE DRAMA set in the United States. (We do not have financing in place for these projects. Currently we are looking to spec option material). We are also looking for novels for screenplay adaptation.

1.Send a logline, synopsis, and any additional information about yourself.
2. Indicate if your screenplay has won any awards.
3. No attachments please.
Contact: Jenny Schweitzer

SANGER LEE -I am an independent producer seeking projects for development and sale. I am open to all genres and budgetary ranges, theatrical and television. No experience, representation, training, or credits are required to submit.

All submissions MUST be copyrighted and be registered with the WGA. Additionally, YOU MUST SIGN A RELEASE FORM BEFORE SENDING ME ANY OF YOUR WORKS. Any submission without a proper release form signed will not be read or reviewed under any circumstances.

Please e-mail me your logline and brief synopsis. No attachment. I will send you a copy of release form after reviewing them. You may submit more than one material at a time. If you would like materials returned to you, include a SASE.

Upon your submission, you will be notified that your work has been received. All works will be read and you will be contacted ASAP. Feel free to contact me for any questions.

** Once you are certain the listing is legit, submit material through an attorney or agent. Never, never, never send your complete script to anyone over the net. A half page synopsis is all that should be expected via email, the requestor should supply full postal details for anything more. Unless you intend to make more money from the potential lawsuit than selling your script, make sure your script is registered with the AWG/wga-west or east. Best of luck!

Finding Your Target Market

Achieving sales is probably the biggest challenge a web business owner has. It requires a balanced mix of the right product, competitive pricing, optimal web design, aggressive advertising and attracting the right online visitors.

While all of the above are equally important in achieving abundant sales, none of them will work at all if you don't target the people that are most likely to buy your product. These people are known as your target or niche market. Focusing in on your niche market will allow you to find only those that are ready, willing and able to buy what you have to offer.

Your niche market provides you the competitive edge over bigger name competitors because many tend to market to a much broader range of people. Their promotions are more generalized and less focused. For them, the smaller markets are not worth bothering with. This now becomes your opportunity to capture those highly defined niche markets that they left behind.

Defining your Market

In order to find these people you must first determine who they are. This might sound like a simple or perhaps insignificant question at first but it can possibly make or break the success of your sales if you don't give it some serious thought. Here's how to get started.

Think about the following and jot down all those that might apply to people interested in your product. Don't rule out any category completely. Think about each group of people and how they might apply.

Age Group: infants, children, teens, young adults, baby boomers, middle aged, elderly or all.

Gender: Male, female or both.

Marital status: single, married, divorced, widowed or all.

Ethnic or religious backgrounds

Occupations: Executives, doctors, lawyers, housewives, business owners, teachers, blue collar, white collar, students, out of work, etc.

Health Status: healthy, diseased, home bound, active, sedentary, etc.

Interests: sports, hiking, music, arts, computers, reading, television, animals, home, decorating, cars, walking, running, relaxation, health conscious, age conscious, physical fitness, etc.

Income status: low income, middle income, high income, no income.

Education: high school dropout, high school, college, MBA, PHD, hates school, loves school, etc.

Certainly all categories are not listed above, however these can get you started on thinking about all the possibilities.

Next, it's important to determine what benefits you are offering. Examine your product carefully listing all the benefits that you can think of. Perhaps take a poll of your existing customers and ask them what it is they like about your product. What benefits them the most?

Once you have a listed all of the benefits, think about what people would be interested in these benefits based on your list above. Then put them together to assist you in reaching a market that will bring you sales.

Reaching Your Target Market

Search engines are the best way of finding a targeted market because those searching on the web can type in exactly what they are searching for and receive the targeted traffic the search engines so proudly advertise.

But attaining good placement on the search engines is often difficult and time consuming.

Ezines and newsletters are a very effective alternative.

Most ezines cover specific subjects such as finance, marketing, health, internet, etc. Your job will be to find an ezine whose topic matches your target market. To do this you must locate an ezine directory. Directories usually list contact information, advertising rates, and circulation. Once you find a targeted ezine then place your ad. Be sure your ad includes as many of your product benefits as the ad will allow.

The idea is to define your target market specifically enough so that you can find the appropriate place to advertise and then create sales messages that make your readers feel you are talking directly to them.

You'll be amazed at the amount of traffic you can receive by finding your target market and reaching them in the appropriate location.

How Producer's Consider Loglines

One of the biggest problems that a screenwriter faces is the lack of information about the decision process a producer might go through when purchasing a screenplay.

The more you know about how producers make decisions, the easier it will be for you to present materials that a producer might buy.

In the previous issue, I presented three tips to increasing the success rate of your loglines. They are:

First: MAKE IT ATTRACTIVE to a producer.

Second: Write your logline to be pitched.

Third: Tell the best part.

To more fully understand this, let's look at two ways to write a logline for the same story.

After his cooking show becomes a hit, the now- famous baker has the one thing he can't tolerate show up in his kitchen -- his overbearing mother.

That logline would work fine for a phone or in-person pitch, but not for as a stand-alone for a written pitch. In a phone pitch, it would hook the listener and you are there to answer the obvious questions.

But this kind of logline is often the kind seen on web sites or in the publications that provide 200 loglines. It does poorly because there's not enough there for an assistant to justify why they should request the script.

There's a big problem with this logline... only presents the first Act.

Do you see that? It leaves out most of what the movie is about. So the assistant or intern reading through 200 loglines doesn't know enough about the story. It could be about a mother and son reconciling or it could be a murder mystery where the son kills the mom at the beginning of the 2nd Act.

What if the logline were written like this...

A small town's baker achieves fame for his cooking show until his overbearing mother joins the show, upstages his cooking, belittles his lovelife, and his hit TV show becomes the town joke.

Don't worry if that isn't a great logline. Just consider this part. How much more do you know about the story, now? You don't know the ending, but you know the setup and the 2nd Act, right?

That is how producers pitch a logline. Writers pitch the setup. Producers pitch the 2nd Act.

Why is this important? There are so many stories that have an amazing setup, but the 2nd Act doesn't live up to the first. After hundreds of scripts with poor 2nd Acts, producers have been forced to ask for more than the setup.

FORTH tip: Pitch the 2nd Act to give a producer certainty that this really is a great script.

As long as you have a great 2nd Act, you should be proud to highlight it in your logline. But if you don't, then this is a great time to brainstorm a 2nd Act that is as good as your 1st Act.


Once you have the 2nd Act represented in your logline, make sure of one more thing -- that your logline is a hook!

That is probably the most valuable thing you can do with a "marketing logline" and... we'll discuss how to do it in the next issue.



Popular British Columbia Independent Bookstores

What many authors may not realize is that you can call these bookstores, pitch your book, and ultimately have the owner stock it on the shelf!

Then make sure you post this information on your website under "available at the following locations."

Page Eleven Books
1070A Shoppers Row
Campbell River
V9W 2C6
P: (250) 286-6476
F: (250) 286-9782

Blue Heron Books
1775 Comox Ave.
V9M 3L9
P: (250) 339-6111
F: (250) 339-0413

Katrina's Books
301 - 535 Victoria Ave. N
V1C 6S3
P: (250) 417-2628
F: (250) 417-2630

Black Bear Books
1013 Canyon St.
V0B 1G0
P: (250) 428-2711
F: (250) 428-2711

Volume One Bookstore
149 Kenneth Street
V9L 1N5
P: (250) 748-1533
F: (250) 748-6544

Polar Peek Books
P.O. Box 1589, 592 2nd Ave.
V0B 1M0
P: (250) 423-3736
F: (250) 423-3736

Merlin Books Ltd.
448 Victoria Street
V2C 2A7
P: (250) 374-9553
F: (250) 374-0596

Book Masters/Toys 4 U
202 City Centre
V8C 1T6
P: (250) 632-7323
F: (250) 632-7329

Duthie Books
2239 West 4th Ave.
V6K 1N8
P: (604) 732-5344
F: (604) 732-5314

Banyon Books & Sound
2671 West Broadway
Long Distance (Canada & USA): 1-800-663-8442

People's Co-op Bookstore
1391 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC, Canada
V5L 3X5
Phone: (toll free) 1-888-511-5556 or (local) 604-253- 6442

Women in Print
3566 West 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6R 1N8
Phone: 604-732-4128

102-3400-30th Ave.
V1T 2E2
P: (250) 545-1885
F: (250) 545-0095

Print Magazines

Remember pitching your story idea to any one of these magazines will bring your book or product to the attention of thousands!

The Women's Review of Books
Wellesley College
Center for Research
Wellesley, MA 02481
Phone: 781-283-2087
Fax: 781-283-3645
Frequency: 11 x year
Circulation: 13,500
Editorial Profile: Publication features reviews of current books by and about women, including fiction and poetry.

29 Bennitt Avenue
San Anselmo, CA
Phone: 415-647-7091
Fax: 415-456-7260
Frequency: 4 x year
Circulation: 576,955
Target Audience: Young Adult

The Women's Times
323 Main Street
Great Barrington, MA
Phone: 413-528-5303
Fax: 413-528-8186
Frequency: 1 x month
Circulation: 12,000
Editorial Profile: Publication contains interviews, essays, articles and resources on topics of interest to women

20 Exchange Place
New York, NY
Phone: 212-509-2092
Fax: 212-509-2407
Frequency: 6 x year
Circulation: 200,000
Editorial Profile: Publication covers national and international news, the arts, personality profiles, health, and fiction from a feminist viewpoint.

New Writer's Magazine
P.O. Box 5976
Sarasota, FL
Phone: 941-953-7903
Fax: 941-953-7903
Frequency: 6 x year
Circulation: 5,000
Publication Category: Consumer

Writer's Carousel
4508 Walsh Street
Bethesda, MD
Phone: 301-654-8664
Fax: 301-654-8667
Frequency: 6 x year
Circulation: 6,500
Editorial Profile: Publication contains reviews, market information, calendars, and articles on writing for writers, as well as lovers of literature.

Landing a feature in any one of these magazines could also add up in sales - so don't procrastinate - get cracking and call, write, or morse code your news today!

Delaware Newspapers

Smaller papers are more apt to getting the news out about your book or product in front of readers, so don't leave them out!

Cape Gazette
P.O. Box 213
Lewes, DE
Phone: 302-645-7700
Fax: 302-645-1664
Daily Circulation: 8,500
Frequency: 1 x week

Delaware Beachcomber
3712 Highway 1
Rehoboth Beach, DE
Phone: 302-227-9466
Fax: 302-227-9469
Daily Circulation: 25,000
Frequency: 1 x week

Greenville Community News
P.O. Box 549
Hockessin, DE
Phone: 302-239-4644
Fax: 302-239-7033
Daily Circulation: 10,500
Frequency: 1 x week

Middletown Transcript
24 West Main Street
Middletown, DE
Phone: 302-378-9531
Fax: 302-378-0647
Daily Circulation: 4,800
Frequency: 1 x week

The Express
609 Division Street
Dover, DE
Phone: 302-678-3616
Fax: 302-678-8976
Daily Circulation: 25,000
Frequency: 1 x week

The Harrington Journal
110 Center Street
Harrington, DE
Phone: 302-398-3206
Fax: 302-398-3824
Daily Circulation: 2,000
Frequency: 1 x week

The New Castle Weekly
203 Delaware Street
New Castle, DE
Phone: 302-328-6005
Daily Circulation: 1,200
Frequency: 1 x week

The Sussex Countian
115 North Race Street
Georgetown, DE
Phone: 302-856-0026
Fax: 302-856-0925
Daily Circulation: 4,500
Frequency: 1 x week


Bay News 9
7901 66th Street North
Pinellas Park, FL
News Desk: 727-437-1239
Toll free Tipline: 888-437-1239
Fax: 727-437-2034
Subscribers: 905,000
Description: General Interest Periodicals - National

Central Florida News 13
64 East Concord Street
Orlando, FL
Phone: 407-513-1313
Fax: 407-513-1399
Subscribers: 550,000

Channel 4 San Diego
1370 India Street
San Diego, CA
Phone: 619-266-5061
Fax: 619-595-0168
Subscribers: 650,000
Description: Sports - General

ChicagoLand TV
2000 York Road
Oak Brook, IL
Phone: 630-368-4000
Fax: 630-368-4468
Subscribers: 1,700,000
Description: General Interest Periodicals - National

Talk Radio Stations

92.7 The Ticket
2495 N. Cedar Street
Holt, MI
Phone: 517-699-6183
Fax: 517-699-1880

Continental Media Group
People's Wave Radio
252 W. 37th Street, 9th Floor
New York, NY
Phone: 212-387-0299
Fax: 646-218-6990
City Coverage: New York

3415 University Avenue
Saint Paul, MN
Phone: 651-647-1500
Fax: 651-649-1515
City Coverage: Saint Paul

2601 Mariposa Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: 916.446.3061
City Coverage: Sacramento / San Francisco
Wisdom2See,RadioTalkShow Host
2300 Powhattan St.
Alton, IL
Phone: 618.465.9787
City Coverage: Washington DC, St.Louis, Chicago

NPR -Most news reports by freelancers and member station reporters come to NPR's programs via one of our four newsgathering "desks"-- foreign, national, science and arts information. These desks take pitches and also solicit coverage. Desk editor's work with reporters to shape and focus the story for broadcast. Please do not e-mail our programs if you want to do a story; contact our liaison to independents at:
City Coverage: National


Whether your looking for an autograph, celebrity endorsement or just interested in communicating with a star... here's the latest addresses.

Remember: Celebrity endorsements are a good way to boost book sales or any product for that matter, so don't be shy about sending out those requests!

Sarah Michelle Gellar
c/o George Freeman
William Morris Agency (WMA-LA)
1 William Morris Pl
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Melissa Etheridge
c/o Staff Member
Richard De La Font Agency
4845 S Sheridan Rd
Tulsa, OK 74145

Andrew Firestone
c/o Staff Member
Paradigm (LA)
360 N Crescent Dr
North Bldg
Los Angeles, CA 90210

Gwen Stefani
PO Box 8899
Anaheim, CA 92812

Maroon 5
c/o Erin Culley-LaChapelle
Creative Artists Agency LCC (CAA-LA)
9830 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

This past week Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards announced that she was diagnosed with invasive ductal cancer, which is the most common type of breast cancer. You may send her your well wishes at this address:
Elizabeth Edwards
P.O. Box 34640
Washington, DC 20043

The highly anticipated sequel to "Bridget Jones Diary", "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason" comes out today in a theater near you. You can write the film's star, Renee Zellweger at this address:
Renee Zellweger
c/o John Carrabino
Foundation Management
100 N Crescent Dr #300
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Supermodel Claudia Schiffer has given birth to her second child with husband Matthew Vaughn, a 7 pound, 2 ounce baby girl. She was born at 11 a.m. yesterday at London's Portland Hospital. You can write her at the following address:
Claudia Schiffer
c/o Lisa Jacobsen
United Talent Agency (UTA)
9560 Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Literary Agents

Always query first! DO NOT send materials until requested.

The Robbins Office
405 Park Avenue, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10022
Kathy Robbins
David Halpern

Wieser & Elwell, Inc. Literary Agency
80 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1101
New York, NY 10011
Jake Elwell

Marcy Posner Literary Agency
85 John Street
New York, NY 10038

Watkins Loomis Agency, Inc.
133 E. 35th Street, #1
New York, NY
Gloria Loomis
Katherine Fausset

Kristin Nelson Literary Agent
1020 15th Street, Suite 26L
Denver, CO 80202

Raphael Sagalyn, Inc.
4825 Bethesda Ave., Suite 302
Bethesda, MD 20814

Susan Schulman Literary Agency
454 W. 44th St.
New York, NY 100362


PR by the Book

Marika Flatt spent seven years with Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists as the lead publicist. She has launched her own firm called PR by the Book. PR by the Book offers: full scale media campaign, ala carte publicity services such as media training, specific city promotion, press material development, and other training/ consultant services. Of most value to new writers, Flatt develops a complete marketing plan which writers can use in their promotion to agents and publishers.

** PR by the Book is offering "Betsie's Literary Page" readers a 15% discount until 11/18/04.

Visit PR by the Book today!


This is an e-publication dedicated to writers and lovers of writing. Fiction, poetry, business and technical writing, how-tos, articles, reviews, freelance markets, jobs for writers and much more, published bi-weekly.

Subscribe today!

Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists, Inc.

Since its inception in 1994, Phenix & Phenix has built a reputation that ranks it among the industry's most highly respected publicity firms, and the publicist of choice for authors and publishers throughout the United States and 17 foreign countries.

Phenix & Phenix also offers a no charge comprehensive media analysis of your book, to evaluate its potential reach and scope in the media.

Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists, Inc
2525 West Anderson Lane, Ste. 540
Austin, Texas 78757

visit Phenix & Phenix today!

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