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October 8, 2004
Betsie's Literary Page Newsletter
Holiday season is coming - it's time to promote in full force!

Greetings One and All!

To those of you reading for the first time we wish you a warm welcome, grab a cup of java, sit back and read on... our only hope is to have included that special tidbit you've been searching for.

Let's begin with the huge interest in manuscript conversion. Be advised even though the price I have quoted to many of you in emails may seem a bit expensive, it is still by far much cheaper. By the thousands!

What exactly do you get?

A qualified screenwriter with screen credits who is willing to help me out in helping interested authors convert their novels! He will work with you in creating the very best presentable script that you can afterwards begin pitching to agents or producers. There are only a few rules we require from the author before beginning the process.

That you let us know if you've already thought of a logline or have written the script synopsis. Otherwise we have to write them.

There will be no co-writer... the project is completely yours.

Still skeptical?

Then feel free to search for other professionals and compare prices. But just to give you an idea of how expensive it can get - here's the reply I got from one screenwriter when asked to help out:

Dear Betsie

The WGA guidelines for an adaptation of a book to a theatrical screenplay are usually as follows: $50,000 but not necessarily what I have to be paid. And, sometimes writers get paid more than the standard $50,000. However, a step deal might be an option too, if it is a major author who feels I don't have enough screen credit for the WGA amount or a major production company who may feel the same.

And lastly, a deal memo is also an option. But this option is not so preferable for me as the writer, because I might not get paid on time or at all if the language is insufficient to the point only an attorney would understand. That is why the WGA agreements are preferable.


Not only do most charge a retainer of $2000.00 & up to get started, but they also want a piece of the pie - - usually about 15% upon script sale, as well as their name attached to the project! We find this a bit greedy.

We strongly believe the author worked hard to come up with the idea- that's where the credit should go, and not to the person who converted it.

Hope this clarifies this section a little better.



An Honest Book Review From Kirkus? Only $350 - Kirkus Reviews has long prided itself on being a sort of Consumer Reports for the book publishing industry, proclaiming its independence by steadfastly refusing to accept advertising and producing early, plain-spoken reviews that can amplify or smother a new book's early buzz. Now, however, Kirkus is embracing a new spirit of commercialism. This fall, it is starting two new online publications with the Kirkus name: for $350 Kirkus Discoveries will review a new book from any publisher; for $95, Kirkus Reports will recommend a selected lifestyle title in a listing. And for the first time in its 71 years, the company is considering selling advertising in its flagship publication.

Book publishers target young readers: TV-show link used to lure 18- to 34-year-olds - The book industry finally may be figuring out how to reach its most elusive audience: people ages 18 to 34. Publishers have subsisted for years on baby boomers' healthy appetite for reading, and traditional marketing channels - primarily sporadic print ads - have been an effective way to reach them. But younger readers have been tougher to attract, in part because they are lured by more media options, including DVDs, the Internet and video games.

Now, two of the top-selling titles this fall are winning over the 18-to-34 crowd, thanks in part to hard-won marketing insights. A frank relationship guide, "He's Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys," inspired by an HBO episode of "Sex and the City," has hit the No. 1 spot on Inc.'s Web site. And a political satire by Comedy Central talk-show host Jon Stewart titled "America (The Book)" has knocked off Kitty Kelley's "The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty," to become the country's No. 1 nonfiction best seller, according to the list The New York Times will print Sunday.

What do younger readers want? The publishing industry had long been vaguely uncomfortable with books based on TV shows. It was one thing to link a title to a Hollywood movie, but TV seemed more transitory and less connected to literature. Now, executives have realized that the medium is a key cultural marker for selling books to a young audience.


MICHAEL JACKSON's nieces and nephews appeared on television (07OCT04) to defend their uncle against child molestation charges and talk about the hardships they have faced since his arrest.

BEATLES MEMORABILIA STOLEN - The sister of BEATLES legend GEORGE HARRISON has been left devastated after thieves broke into her car and stole photographs and lyrics belonging to the late guitarist. LOU HARRISON was in the middle of donating memorabilia to the Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock, Arkansas, when her car window was smashed and a briefcase containing pictures of her with her brother and lyrics to his songs was removed. She made an emotional appeal to local television station KHTV, pleading with thieves to return the items, which were ''precious to me obviously because I don't have my brother in person any more''. George Harrison died in November 2001 after losing his fight against cancer. He was 58.

MAINES: 'I'M STILL ASHAMED OF BUSH' - DIXIE CHICKS singer NATALIE MAINES has gone public to attack PRESIDENT GEORGE W BUSH again - insisting she's still ashamed he comes from her home state of Texas. The LONG TIME GONE singer caused outrage in America when she blasted Bush during a concert in London last year (03), and she was forced to explain her comments during a tearful TV interview. But, now she's touring with the anti-Bush VOTE FOR CHANGE movement, Maines has built up her courage again - and she's on the attack once more. Onstage in Detroit, Michigan, on Sunday (03OCT04), Maines said, ''A lot of people since the incident ask me if I would take back what I said or if I had regrets. You know what? If I took it back, Bush would just call me a flip-flopper. I'm still ashamed.'' JAMES TAYLOR, who is touring with the Dixie Chicks, admits he's proud of the stand they made when they became among the first celebrities to publicly blast the President. He says, ''They are shouldering such a heavy load. The Dixie Chicks have really made a huge sacrifice for their political beliefs, so I take my hat off to them.''

THE CLASH: WE WERE SPIED ON - The two remaining members of seminal punk band THE CLASH are worried there is a British secret service file on them. LONDON CALLING legends MICK JONES and PAUL SIMONON believe the government were so frightened by their actions in their late '70s heyday that they instructed MI5 to compile a dossier about the band. Simonon says of the existence of the MI5 file, ''There probably is, yes, alongside the file of the SEX PISTOLS. ''It's hard to fully appreciate now, but we certainly stood out back then, we really made a noise. It wasn't just us, it was every punk - anyone, in fact, who wasn't wearing flares was making a big political noise that terrified the government.''


The Rod Of Iron by Robert G. Barbaria
Publisher: Ivy Publishing formerly Enlighten Noah Publishing
Genre: Religion/Inspirational
ISBN: 1929400454
Paperback: 383pp

The ROD OF IRON spoken of throughout the scriptures of the bible refers to-- the Word of GOD.

October 1, 2004

Robert G. Barbaria, author of Revealing the Bible's Truth now introduces The Rod of Iron, a book written to enlighten and awaken all seeking to understand the Word of GOD. The series contains three books reflecting spiritual understanding and moving the spirit to a higher level. The author recommends reading the series in order to obtain the full benefit.

Readers of the first book will be familiar with Mr. Barbaria's unique text and format style. The book contains several anomalies in text and presentation. Throughout the book we are confronted with type changes, odd phraseology and unusual word usage. Apparently the author has done this intentionally to magnify the effect of the Word of God and the true message to Spirit.

The book discusses in depth many controversial subjects: Parallel dimensions, life elsewhere in the Universe, Angels, Heaven, the END and the Destiny of Mankind, opening the mind of the reader to new and unperceived possibilities.

Chapter five-The Significance of Numbers is a complicated and sometimes intense chapter, however it is worth the effort to gain greater insight into the workings of GOD and his universe.

Look into the scriptures as they are revealed to you page after page. Never before has the TRUTH been exposed, explained and revealed in such intense, prophetic ways. Robert Barbaria is bringing TRUTH to the masses, if only they will seek to know it.

There will be some that will scorn the book and the information found within, however those seeking the TRUTH with an open mind and a willing Spirit will find this series an instrumental part of their journey. Watch for the last book in the series: Revelation the Fourth Son.

Reviewed by Allbooks Reviews, Shirley Roe

The Wilderness Within by Barbara Spring
Publisher: Publish America (2003)
Genre/Market: Poetry
ISBN Number: 1592867855
Paperback; 116 Pages
Price: $16.95

Rating: Highly Recommended

Wilderness within shows Beauty within!

Date of Review: Oct. 4, 2004

Barbara Spring shows all who will take a moment to ponder her poetry the beauty that is within, without and all around us in our natural world and our more ancient traditions. Spring takes her experiences and her knowledge of the human race's cultural richness and weaves the two into a lyrical experience for her readers.

I highly recommend The Wilderness Within for everyone. This little jewel has something for the well read and the novice.

Reviewed by Deven Vasko

Murder at Columbia by W.W. Walker
Publisher: PublishAmerica (March 2004)
Genre: Thriller
ISBN: 1413713165
Paperback; 121pp

Rating: Consider

Life Imitates Art!

October 7, 2004

Welcome to 1943, World War II and Women's Professional Baseball.

Meet Private Detective Buck Ames. Called to Columbia Pictures to tail young film star, Betty Gipson, but before he is able to meet the young starlet she is found dead holding a scrap of paper that read Batman and Phantom. With no other clues to help him and Police Officer Bill Hanlan digging in his side will this murder ever get solved? The body count continues to rise in this thriller.

W.W. Walker goes back into time to bring us this tale of murder, intrigue and deception. The direct and to the point style of the author is wonderful and reads very well. You'll meet the stars of the 40's Moe and Larry Howard of the three Stooges and many others.

Readers will enjoy this tale.

Reviewed by Demetria Harris

One With the Land by Preston L. Gorbett
Publisher: PublishAmerica, LLLP
Genre: Fiction
ISBN Number: 1413712983
Paperback; 321 pp
Price: $ 24.95

October 07, 2004

At first, Scott Walker is torn. It is obvious that this beautiful Shawnee woman needs help, but tending to her will slow him down, and he must be quick or risk being caught by the tribe of a friend, killed accidentally by Scott's own arrow.

But in this wild and dangerously beautiful land, companionship has innate benefits, so Scott sees to the woman's wounds. Soon he finds himself grateful for her company, her hard work, and eventually her love. When the pair is joined by another Shawnee, the silent hunter, Man-with-no-hair, the little tribe is complete, strong and self-sufficient despite their size.

"One with the Land" is a realistically detailed look at survival in the unmapped wilderness of America in the 1600's. Scott Walker and his two Indian companions create a life for themselves in a world that is at the same time as beautiful as it is unpredictable. Despite the harshness of the setting, the characters display a myriad of human emotions, from revengeful fury between warring Indian tribes, to an unpretentious romance between Scott Walker and the beautiful Shawnee, Dew-on-the-grass-in-the-moon-when-the- leaves-fall. All of this with the back drop of the untouched land, described with an obvious admiration and respect for nature's beauty and power.

The writing is straightforward and uncluttered, directed by the demands of survival made necessary by the untamed setting. It may take the reader awhile to get comfortable with this terse style, depending on what they are used to reading: at first it feels quite a bit like a screenplay. However, once I became accustom to the writing style, and repeatedly reading the very long name of Scott Walker's female companion, I found myself earnestly anticipating the next challenge they would face.

Filled with insights into native culture and history, and intriguing wilderness survival skills, this book is a must-read for those of us who harbour the unfulfilled desire to test their strength and aptitude against Mother Nature.

Reviewed by Nancy Morris, Allbooks Reviews



Directing Traffic Productions - I am looking for completed thriller scripts where the lead character is female between the ages of 24 and 35. For financing reasons, writers who submit MUST be citizens of Canada. We cannot finance any films where the writer is not a citizen of Canada.

WG and non-WG welcome to submit.

Some of my directing credits can be seen on

Please email a logline followed with a synopsis to: Kristoffer Tabori --

Hope the following helps and keep in mind, all of this is just advice.

Writing for an Actor and Why NOT to do it

First, the exception to this rule is if the actor has committed to the project and the picture is "green lighted." The reason for this is that (and this is the simple truth) whomever your wrote the role for may never see the script, or if they do may not share your opinion of the script and turn it down. A script is always more marketable, and attractive to a producer or director, if ANYBODY could play the part. Some producers may not want to work with the actor you have in mind. Some may not like him or her. Others may simply have another actor that they like to work with. If your script can be filled with a variety of actors in any of the roles you are much more likely to sell the script.

Secondly, the actor you have in mind is very marketable right now. This means you must have an agent. An agent gives you some legitimacy. Even if you have an agent, this actor's agent may never pass the script on to the actor. The actor's agent isn't going to take a risk on somebody without a track record.

Third, the actor you wrote this script for has (for a few years) worked himself to a position whereby he can come up with an idea, write it himself (sometimes with a writing partner) and get it produced. This means the likelihood of this actor working on a project that he didn't write is slim. And why should he? He is getting paid to write the script himself (generally for more than a million dollars) then he is getting paid to be one of the producers (generally for a couple of million dollars) then he gets his salary as an actor (I believe his last movie brought him $15- $20 million - just for the acting). And since people flock to his movies and the studios make tons of cash letting him do all this, there seems little motivation for him to change this.

Screenplay submission Tips:

Even when directed otherwise many, especially new - writers try to query studios or very large studio based production companies. While there may be that rare exception to the rule, in general, these are just wasted efforts. These companies are being funneled tons of scripts from the big agencies and players and are so afraid of lawsuits they'll almost always just return your query unread.

I strongly advise spending your time targeting smaller producers who don't have that kind of flow of scripts and are willing to look at unknown writer's works. Then, if they like the work, they may even get it to a larger producer!

The other area to naturally work is trying to secure an agent or manager. You'll do much better writing a customized letter to an agent noting other clients they have and how you might be a good fit. It's easy enough to find this information out with a little research. You might get lucky with a mass mailing to the WGA agent list of agencies that will consider new writers, but you'll get taken much more seriously if you show them that you've done the research and know what you're doing like a true professional.

Screenwriting Tips:

I know a lot of screenwriting books recommend forgetting about putting DAY/NIGHT in the slugline for your scenes. But I advise to continue to put this and if you want to convey that a scene is continuous or moments later to put that in parentheses after the DAY OR NIGHT.

Secondly, if this script does get made... someone is going to have go back and do that. If you're dealing with a small producer who wants to have a script as ready as possible, it's just one other little thing he/she might think about. Why take the chance when it's just as easy to spell it out which will never reflect badly on you.

Screenplay Contest

Cinequest Scriptwriting Contest

  • Submit printed and bound scripts by the last postmark of November 15, 2004
  • All genres accepted
  • Length should be between 90 and 130 pages. Any script over 130 pages will have points deducted.
  • Any script that becomes purchased, optioned or put into production before the final Jury decision of February 22, 2005 will be eliminated from competition with no entry fee refund.

Price for Entry $50 U.S.

Your need-to-do-list in book marketing and promotion

For novice or experienced authors it's better to have some idea or plan when embarking on a promotional campaign - your to-do-list should include the following:

  • selecting right markets for your book
  • finding ways of reaching them with an offer
  • listing your book in all book industry sources available
  • making your book available through online and offline stores
  • letting the buying public know about your book through published online and offline press releases, reviews, articles, interviews, advertising, etc. etc. etc.
  • getting your book reviewed, yourself interviewed, articles about yourself and your book written, sales copies prepared, etc. etc. etc.
  • creating your book online presence - that's last, but not least - it's getting more and more important as more and more people get information and make purchases online.

The exact course of action depends on your book, its topic and aiming, of course.

How early should you start on the "to-do" list?

Well the way I look at it... it's never too early and it's never too late, so no matter what phase your in... it's always better to-do something than nothing!

6 tips on how to tie-in with a News Event

1. Be prepared. If something happens that can offer the possibility of your involvement, you'll need to act quickly. Make sure you have press materials prepared beforehand so they're ready to go when needed. Obviously, you can't predict news events, but you can begin examining your product, service or area of expertise to discover the types of events that may occur and the role you can play. Put together a strong bio that details your background and expertise. Make a list of the news editors, assignment editors and producers at, respectively, your local newspaper, TV stations and talk radio stations.

2. Be appropriate. This means two things, actually. First, don't force a fit where none exists. If the world is focused on, say, a manned mission to Mars, your carpet cleaning business probably has nothing much that it can do to tie-in. There has to be some real connection, or else you'll be laughed out of the newsroom (on the other hand, if it's proved that the germs behind some fast-spreading respiratory illness can live in carpeting, you're just the person to talk to the press about how to kill germs hiding in carpets). The second measure of what's appropriate is common sense and decency. Jumping on a tragedy with a hype-filled press release is just plain ghoulish. In the aftermath of something truly awful, go to the press only if you have something unique, helpful, non- promotional and newsworthy to offer.

3. Be timely. If you have something of immediate value to offer (e.g. you've written a book about a major figure who's just died), time is of the essence. Work from the media list you've already prepared and hit the phones. Tell the reporters, editors and producers who you are and the kinds of insight you can offer about the current situation. Since seconds count, offer to stop by with a copy of your book, or to email or fax your press materials. If you really are an expert on the subject of the breaking news story, you're doing the journalist a huge favor, so don't be shy.

4. The other side of the coin: You have a story that might fit in with what's happening, but it's lighter, softer and less timely. In these cases, wait until the dust has settled.

The first few days covering any big story, the media is interested solely in the hard stuff. The who, what, when, where and why info. If you can help with that, great. If not, hang on until the media machine needs more fuel. After a little while, there will be huge blocks of time to fill, breaking news will dissipate and the media will begin turning to lighter stuff to fill the void.

5. Be creative. For non-tragic events, taking a fun approach often works wonders. Consider the Mir idea (it was already determined the station would land in the water, so there was no element of potential tragedy involved. If there was a chance that people could have gotten hurt, the promotion wouldn't have been such a great notion). Or think about how ice cream companies that get mileage out of naming flavors for newsmakers, or fashion designers who send out lists of fashion hits and misses for major Hollywood events or DJ's who do things like sleeping in a billboard until the hometown team breaks its losing streak. When there no lives at stake and the story is purely for fun, be as creative and "out there" as you can to tie in.

6. Be smart. One very important caveat has to be mentioned: unless you specifically cater to a particular audience -- all of whom are in agreement a particular issue -- don't take sides politically. No matter how strongly you may feel about a certain issue, if a segment of your potential or existing customer base may feel differently, you're taking a major gamble by choosing sides. If you want to poke fun at politicians, include both Democrats and Republicans. Unless your area of expertise requires it, steer clear of divisive issues such as religion, abortion, gay rights, etc. Using your business as a personal political soapbox can come back to haunt you. This isn't about "wimping out", it's common business sense. Customers are hard enough to attract and keep -- there's no point in going out of your way to alienate them by showing disdain for their beliefs.


ASJA Panel: Taking the Show on the Road: Turn your writing into professional speaking engagements! Six experts offer practical tips about using speaking engagements to boost book sales. Reception at 6 PM, panel at 6:45. Roger Smith Hotel, Lexington & 47th St., NYC. Call 212-997-0947 for reservations. $20 for nonmembers in advance.

Vegas Valley Book Festival: A three-day program of readings, book discussions, workshops, book signings, and children's activities. More than 50 writers from across the country will participate, and novelists Walter Mosley and Charles Johnson will deliver keynote addresses.

First Annual Book 'Em: Dozens of authors to sign their books and speak at Waynesboro High School in Waynesboro, Virginia. The slogan is "Buy a Book and Stop a Crook." Proceeds donated to Central Shenandoah Crime Stoppers, Shenandoah Valley Reading Council, and Friends of the Library to help raise literacy rates and reduce crime.

5th Annual Conference: Sheraton Park Ridge, Valley Forge, PA. Writers and self-published authors are welcome. Presenters include Penny Sansevieri, Patricia Lorenz, Melanie Rigney, Dan Poynter, John Kremer and Brian Jud. Seminars on improving your book, and successful promotional and marketing concepts. Sunday afternoon book fair; general public invited. Or call 877-BUY-BOOK

On film locations

Celebrity endorsements are a good way to boost book sales or any product for that matter, so don't be shy about sending out those requests!

Innocent and The Damned (Drama)
October 21 (New York, New Jersey, California)
Supernova Media
930 Fifth Avenue, 4 H-J
New York, NY 10021
Phone: (212) 861-1945
FAX: (702) 734-3910
Cast: Julianne Michelle, Sean Stone, Soupy Sales

Special requests can be made by sending us an email.

Popular MAINE Independent Bookstores

Betts Bookstore
584 Hammond St
Bangor, ME 04401
Tel (207) 947-7052
Fax (207) 947-6615

BookMarc's Bookstore & Café
Address: 78 Harlow St
P O Box 1844
Bangor, ME
Phone: (207)942-3206
Fax: (207)942-3206

Briar Patch
27 Central St
Address: 27 Central St
Bangor, ME
Phone: (207)941-0255
Fax: (207)941-0255
Store Theme: Children

Sherman's Book and Stationery Store
56 Main St
Bar Harbor, ME 04609

Blue Hill Books
2 Pleasant St
Blue Hill, ME 04614
Tel: 207-374-5632

The Book Burrow, Inc.
1 Great Falls Plaza
Auburn, ME 04210

Bridgton Books
52 Main St
Bridgton, ME 04009

Owl and Turtle Bookshop
8 Bay View St.
Camden, ME 04843

Kennebunk Book Port
10 Dock Square
PO Box D
Kennebunkport, ME 04046


Always query first! DO NOT send materials until requested.

Philip G. Spitzer Literary Agency
50 Talmage Farm Lane
East Hampton, NY 11937
Philip Spitzer

Ted Weinstein Literary Management
35 Stillman Street, Suite 203
San Francisco, CA 94107
Bontact: Ted Weinstein

Sharon Friedman Literary Agency
P.O.Box 8426
Jerusalem, Israel 93108
Contact: Sharon Friedman

Malaga Baldi Literary Agency
233 West 99th Street #19C
New York, NY 10025
Contact: Malaga Baldi

Steele-Perkins Literary Agency
26 Island Lane
Canandaigua, NY 14424
Contact: Pattie Steele-Perkins

Roslyn Targ Literary Agency, Inc.
105 West 13th Street, 15E
New York, NY 10011
Contact: Roslyn Targ

or contact:

Scott Gould

Print Magazines

Gifts & Decorative Accessories
345 Hudson Street
New York, NY
Phone: 212-519-7200
Fax: 212-519-7431
Frequency: 1 x month
Circulation: 34,000
Editorial Profile: Publication is geared toward gift, table top, home furnishing, and stationery retailers.

Souvenirs, Gifts & Novelties
7000 Terminal Square
Upper Darby, PA
Phone: 610-734-2420
Fax: 610-734-2423
Frequency: 7 x year
Circulation: 34,000
Editorial Profile: Publication is geared toward the souvenir, gift shop, and novelty industry.

Inspirational Giftware
600 Rinehart Road
Lake Mary, FL
Phone: 407-333-0600
Fax: 407-333-0600
Frequency: 4 x year
Circulation: 14,000
Editorial Profile: Publication covers Christian-oriented giftware, apparel, jewelry, decorative items, books, toys, and collectibles.

Book: The Magazine for the Reading Life
252 West 37th Street
New York, NY
Phone: 212-659-7070
Fax: 212-736-4455
Frequency: 6 x year
Circulation: 150,000
Editorial Profile: Publication focuses on books, authors, and reading.

Critical Inquiry
University of Chicago
1050 East 59th Street
Chicago, IL
Phone: 773-702-8477
Fax: 773-702-3397
Frequency: 4 x year
Circulation: 3,500
Editorial Profile: Publication features articles on literature, music, visual arts, film, history, and culture.

Factsheet 5
P.O. Box 170099
San Francisco, CA
Phone: 415-668-1781
Fax: 415-668-1781
Frequency: 4 x year
Circulation: 14,000
Editorial Profile: Publication reviews unusual and independently produced magazines, compact discs, and books.

In case you're wondering why I added gift magazines? It's because I believe no stone should be left unturned!


Curious Pictures - Intern

Job description: This internship is assisting in the general day to day activities at Curious Pictures, a live-action/animation production company located in NYC.

Duties include, but are not limited to: shipping of Fedex and UPS packages, messengering reels of Curious directors, taking inventory of Curious Toy stock, answering phones, faxing, copying, helping to create press kits, internet research, organizing screenings and staff meetings, assisting with our animation tv series productions, assisting our cgi department, and assisting with live action shoots on our inhouse stage.

The intern must be available for a minimum of 3 months, 3 days a week. Hours are: 10 am- 7pm. Requirements/skills: current or recently graduated student with a film or animation background

Department/division: Talent Curator
Contact: Dominie Mahl
Address: 440 Lafayette St.
NY, NY 11201
phone: 212.674.1400
fax: 212.674.0081

NeoPets, Inc. - Artist/Illustrator

Job description: Neopets seeks a skilled Artist/Illustrator to work in our merchandise department. Daily duties may include, but are not limited rendering characters on model for print and web advertising, packaging and merchandise. Full- time position available.

Requirements/skills: Knowledge of Flash and Illustrator a must. Ideal applicant seeks out challenges and contributes creative ideas in a fast- paced team oriented environment. Only local applicants, or those planning on re-locating themselves to the Los Angeles area, need apply. Experience with the website is a definite plus and should be referenced in your cover letter. Please submit detailed summary of experience, resume, salary history and salary requirements to:

Department/division: Human Resources
Contact: Shelly Garcia
Address: PO Box 10060
Glendale, CA 91209
phone: 818-551-4338
fax: 818-242-3975

Animaster Productions Pvt. Ltd. - Web Designer

Job description: Design and Development Requirements/skills:Image editing Packages - Photoshop Animation - Flash with Scripting Web - Dreamweaver and other tools

Contact: Corporate Office
301, Uniworth Plaza
20 Sankey Road
Bangalore 560 020, India
Telephone : 91 - 80 - 5113 8121 / 22 / 23
Fax: 91 - 80 - 5113 7709
E-mail :

Accepting cutting edge short fiction, political satire, and reviews

Blue Moon Review
Publishes fiction and nonficton.

Poetry 2000
Created for poets who want to publish their poetry - provides free sites for poets worldwide and more.

Sonnet Central
Submit your poem or sonnet for free publication knowing that registered members are brutally honest with their critique of your work.

StickYourN eckOut
This new monthly e-zine will publish your articles, cartoons, essays, features, humor, memoirs, poems, puzzles, reviews, stories and more for free online. See site for submission details.

The muse apprentice guild
Open to all genres and to all writers - this literary magazine accepts dynamic and static text, straight text and hypertextual work, prose and poetry, criticism, academic work, articles, reviews, essays, interviews and works in progress.


714 North Canyon
Carlsbad, NM
Phone: 505-885-2151
Fax: 505-887-5691
Low Target Age: 1
High Target Age: 99

200 North Broadway
Abilene, KS
Phone: 785-263-1560
Fax: 785-263-0166
Low Target Age: 35
High Target Age: 99

The Evergreen State College
CAB 301
Olympia, WA
Phone: 360-866-6000
Fax: 360-866-6797
Low Target Age: 1
High Target Age: 99

110 Richardson Avenue
Alamosa, CO
Phone: 719-587-7871
Fax: 719-587-7522
Low Target Age: 18
High Target Age: 35

800 Sierra Madra Villa Avenue
Pasadena, CA
Phone: 626-568-1300
Fax: 626-351-3707
Low Target Age: 18
High Target Age: 99

2068 McCulloch Boulevard
Lake Havasu City, AZ
Phone: 520-855-1051
Fax: 520-855-5395

Low Target Age: 18
High Target Age: 34


WriterOnLine - is an e-publication dedicated to writers and lovers of writing. Fiction, poetry, business and technical writing, how-tos, articles, reviews, freelance markets, jobs for writers and much more, published bi-weekly.

Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists, Inc. - Since its inception in 1994, Phenix & Phenix has built a reputation that ranks it among the industry's most highly respected publicity firms, and the publicist of choice for authors and publishers throughout the United States and 17 foreign countries.

Phenix & Phenix also offers a no charge comprehensive media analysis of your book, to evaluate its potential reach and scope in the media.

Phenix & Phenix Literary Publicists, Inc:
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