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News from Betsie's Literary Page
September 03, 2004
Betsie's Literary Page Newsletter
Are you ready to promote your book or product?

Hello Everyone!

Good day to all. The Internet is an incredible promotional tool for writers of every medium. My intent with this newsletter is to give you the information you need to begin promoting, and selling your own product. If you want to be successful at promoting, it's going to take time and hard work. Like anything else of real value, you'll get out of it - what you put into it.

But here's the cool thing: Once you have the information you need, your future will not be dependent on somebody else doing their job, it will be dependent on you doing yours.

You need knowledge, pure and simple.

For over a year now, we've given you good, practical information you can put to use right away to promote whatever it is you want to promote! We only hope that we've done a good job so far.

As for our consumers who subscribe we will continue to bring you the latest news on soon to be released works or those already on the market.

Have a wonderful weekend!



Penguin Group USA Inks Deal to Publish Manga for Kids & Adults

Penguin Group USA has signed a three-year deal to publish manga with Digital Manga Inc. in a deal brokered by Eloise Flood, publisher of Razorbill, the newly launched teen imprint from Penguin Young Readers Group and Hikaru Sasahara, ceo of Digital Manga Inc.

The co-publishing venture has Penguin Group USA committed to publishing 8-10 titles the first year and 15-20 per year thereafter. The first line is slated to launch in late spring 2005. Razorbill will publish children's and young adult titles. Adult books will be published by Leslie Gelbman, president/publisher of the Berkley Publishing Group.

"Penguin has been a major powerhouse in the publishing industry," added Sasahara. "I believe our partnership with them will further strengthen manga among the core market as well as in the mainstream market. We are very certain that this bond will enable us to become the most successful manga publisher not only in the U.S. but overseas as well."

Chronicle Books Launches Incredibles Line

Chronicle Books will produce three products based on THE INCREDIBLES, which will hit theaters Nov. 5, 2004. THE ART OF THE INCREDIBLES by Mark Cotta Vaz will be a 160-page, 11x9" hardcover with an 8- page gatefold and color illustrations throughout. It will feature concept and character sketches, storyboards and lighting studies, as well as interviews with the key personnel at Pixar, including director Brad Bird and John Lassetter. It will sell for $40

Chronicle will also produce an ART OF THE INCREDIBLES postcard book with 30 postcards featuring art from the film for $8.95, and THE ART OF THE INCREDIBLES JOURNAL for $9.95 All three Chronicle products will be released in November.

Founded in 1966, Chronicle Books is a leading publishing company in the U.S. For more information, visit

Pixar Animation Studios ( is the trailblazing computer animation studio behind hit film such as TOY STORY, A BUG'S LIFE, TOY STORY 2 and MONSTERS, INC.

BAWLS Independent Game Competition

BAWLS Guarana, a favorite high caffeine soft drink among gamers, and The Slamdance Film Festival have created The BIG C - the BAWLS Independent Game Competition - to help aspiring game developers showcase their work in a national competition. Presented by Slamdance, The Big C is calling for entries of all new games from emerging talent. Selected games will compete at The Slamdance Film Festival and will be judged by festival attendees, with a Jury Award and Audience Award that include cash and prizes presented at the end of the festival. Game submissions have an early-postmarked deadline of Oct. 1, 2004 and a final postmarked deadline of Nov. 14, 2004. Entrants may submit games on disk or provide a URL for judges to download. Entry forms and application information are available through the Slamdance Website at or by calling Slamdance Games Competition Manager Carolyn Cohagan at (323) 466-1786


Schlussel's Woman by John Richard Lindermuth
Publisher: Authors Choice Press (October 2003)
Genre: Historical Fiction
ISBN: 0595299296 (paperback)
0595751652 (Hardcover)
Price - $14.95/$24.95

Rating: Highly Recommended

August 29, 2004

A risk- taking society, unconstrained by fear of failure.

Considered the spawn of Satan, Captain Isaac Schlussel is a wealthy dominant dictator. Despised by most, if not all, within the village he himself created. So much, that during a meeting on the night of April 15, 1830 this ruthless man is shot.

Nancy Ann Cadwallader Schlussel, the captain's young wife considers herself as much property, as the slaves that maintained the enormous estate.

Unafraid and with life hanging by a string, Schlussel contemplates his very existence and the man that had summoned the courage to fire the fatal blow, destroying his dreams, plans and future. Guilt ridden, Nancy keeps vigil by his bedside for two nights.

With a cast of shady, suspicious characters only one- question remains: Who fired the gun? And why?

With well-done research author John Richard Lindermuth has woven an exceptional tale, and it shows in his depictions of this time period. Schlussel's Woman will not only give a glimpse into the "gold rush" days, entrepreneurial capitalism but also of the men who helped mold it. There are no illusions about the cynical and ruthless nature of this era. This is certainly one book you won't want to miss!

Reviewed by Betsie

Adventures of Riley-- Amazon River Rescue by Amanda Lumry and Laura Hurwitz
Publisher: Eaglemont Press; 1st edition (September 2004)
Genre: Children's Fiction
Reading level: Ages 4-8
ISBN: 0966225791
Hardcover: 36 pp

Rating: Highly Recommended

August 30, 2004

A wonderful learning adventure!

Nine-year-old Riley travels to Brazil to visit his uncle Max, aunt Martha, and cousin Alice. While sightseeing Riley and Alice spot some unfamiliar animals called Capybara's. They follow them. Without realizing the children have strayed too far from camp. In their quest to find home Riley and Alice encounter the many wonders of the Amazon.

This is a delightful book that children as well as adults will enjoy. Teachers and librarians everywhere can also use the Adventures of Riley -- Amazon River Rescue, as a great learning tool!

The book contains a glossary, hidden compass and a passport to Riley's world. A portion of the proceeds will also go to help save animals.

Reviewed by Betsie

Broken Gourds by Beresford McLean
Publisher:; (February 2004)
Genre: Fiction-General
ISBN: 0975329707
Paperback: 364 pp

Rating: Highly Recommended

September 1, 2004

A spiritual combination of "Flowers for Algernon" and "Phenomenon"

Broken Gourds is an intriguing story about a "simpleton" named Dada. Throughout most of his life he existed as an outsider, scorned by his family and laughed at by children and adults alike. What he lacked in social grace, common sense and intelligence was compensated for by his beautiful singing voice, peaceful demeanor and compassion. He was an outcast suffering from a disease that left gaping sores about his face that would never heal. His father Prince was afraid that he would never leave his home and therefore stifle his own search for a bride to replace Dada's deceased mother. Prince embarked on a campaign to build a life for his son and make him comply with his vision of success.

Dada saw no harm in the way that he lived. As long as there was food, a way to care for his crippled friend Twig and his grandmother - he was content. One day, he failed his father for the last time by setting Prince's livestock free and letting the water supply run dry. As Dada ran for his life with his father at wit's end threatening to kill him, his life changed. He was given a vision and a magical gourd that could fill a well as if an endless supply of water was enclosed within the small container. He was changing and he rushed to the side of his dying grandmother - and healed her with an embrace. The wounds that covered his face - disappeared. Dada's eyes opened and he was no longer an uninterested observer, he was now an instrument of change.

Dada became an instrument of God, much like the gourd that contained the endless supply of water; he was filled with the power of God. He established a place of worship called The Balm Yard and the miracles continued. All that he touched were healed and he took on a new name - Brother Walk. He would travel throughout Albion, Jamaica preaching and healing all within reach. Brother Walk was reborn and in this new form he learns about love, sensuality, self- sacrifice and temptation. He is given an endless amount of power and his followers hang on every word that leaves his mouth. However, we all know what happens with absolute power. This book has an ending that is both surprising and expected.

Read this book and take part in this journey reminiscent of Daniel Keyes' "Flowers for Algernon" and the motion picture "Phenomenon" told with the classic flair of Steinbeck. The journey is mystical and enjoyable and Beresford McLean's style is similar to that of a revered storyteller. His words and images will capture you and you will carry this story in your heart.

Reviewed by Tyrone Vincent Banks


Admissions by Nancy Lieberman
Publisher: Warner Books (September 2004)
Genre/Market: Fiction
ISBN #: 0446533033
Hardcover; 355 pp
Price: $23.95

Rating: Highly Recommended

August 31, 2004


Enter the very exclusive world of New York private schools and the desperate and often amusing machinations of the very wealthy parents who will do just about anything to assure their child's entry into one of the few coveted spots which open annually at these schools. Children in this world are often commodities, whose worth depends upon their pedigrees and stations in life. The child's wants and needs are secondary to what their parents' expectations for them are. Getting into the right kindergarten can make or break any hopes of making it into the Ivy Leagues down the line. How much money you donate to a particular school can determine your child's future. From birth, the activities of these elite children are micromanaged down to the second - in order to gain consideration at the right K-8 school your 5-year-old must already be proficient in dance, music, language and more just to keep up with the other applicants.

As September dawns, Helen Drager is in a frenzy over daughter Zoe's future. Zoe has spent her formative years at The School, a very desirable private school where Helen has been an extremely proactive parent. Helen is an art critic who is happily married to Michael, a TV producer for the Food Network. Now that Zoe is in 8th grade, she must begin the admissions process for finding the right high school for her station in life. Helen truly loves her daughter and is trying very hard to hear what Zoe has to say about her own future even when it conflicts with Helen's own wishes and dreams for her.

Sara Nash is the admissions director at The School. She is down to earth and she is also Helen's best friend. We become familiar with The School through both Sara's and Helen's eyes. Sara always tries to do what is right and cares deeply about the good of the school and the students. But Pamela Rothschild, the imperious and self-serving director of The School who over-inflates her influence and importance to everyone within earshot, thwarts her at almost every turn. She demands complete obedience from not only the students, but the parents of the students at The School. Most of the parents are only too happy to comply, out of fear that one wrong word from Pamela can destroy any hopes they have for a brilliant future for their offspring.

We are taken inside this rarified world during the crucial September through February period of the admissions process at both The School and the prospective high schools for the graduating 8th graders. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, Lieberman helps us get to know the other often neurotic parents and their children, the quirky admissions directors at these schools, and grants us an inside view of the lifestyles of the Rich and Frantic. This is a witty and enjoyable read and one that will make you sigh with relief that you have your own kids in public schools!

Reviewed by Nancy Machlis Rechtman

This beautifully inscribed book was sent to me as a gift in exchange for downloading information from my website. The cover art was not only impressive but I was compelled to make mention of this extraordinary read!

The Crystal Palace of Adamas by Richard M. Wainwright
Illustrated by: Ron Walotsky
Publisher: Family Life Pub; 1st edition (June1995)
Genre: Science Fiction
Reading level: 8 to adult
ISBN: 0961956682
Hardcover: 67 pp

** Winner of the Benjamin Franklin Award

Rating: Highly Recommended

August 31, 2004

A unique galactic journey!

One of hundreds, Janus 777 is a 26-year-old space pilot from the planet Sagateum. A ruling class known as the Elite and led by the cruel Cagulus populates Sagateum. Due to overcrowding, and resource depletion, the ruling class hopes to find a suitable world for colonization. In the meantime Janus streaks across the universe in his spaceship searching, reporting back his every encounter. For Janus, finding such a planet would guarantee him an exalted position among his planet's hierchy.

One day Janus crosses path with four planets - finding two possibly suitable. He lands on the third planet, and soon discovers that it is already inhabited. Although Janus soon learns much more than he expected, about this planet called Adamas.

After spending time with his newly found "friends," supressed emotions give way. Ultimately Janus must report back his findings. Janus finds himself turmoiled and must make a decision that could drastically change the face of Adamas, and the world he has grown to love.

The Crystal Palace of Adamas teaches an important lesson, that progress is not always better. That family is something to be treasured and at times we may have to sacrifice in order to keep this valuable gem. Authors Richard M. Wainwright and Ron Walotsky through this wonderful tale also bring awareness of our own ecosystem, and the importance of each individual to help preserve it.

Children of all ages are sure to enjoy this delightful tale!

Reviewed by Betsie

Where To Get Published For Free Online
Accepting cutting edge short fiction, political satire, reviews.

The TopWriteCorner
Submit your poems, short stories, essays and more for possible publication on this site...

The Harrow
Publishes original works of fantasy and horror.

Offers writers the opportunity to post their work for free online and get feedback, support and more from readers to hopefully improve their writing skills.

This open submission forum with more than 1,200 members allows you to post your work for free and comment on other members' work.

Seeks submissions of literary non-fiction under 750 words.


Scripts Wanted

Ironic Parrot Films LLC

I recently completed the film 'Hitters Anonymous', a dark dramedy about hitmen who don't want to be hitmen any longer. I am looking for a completed script similar in feel. For example, a story about three groups of people robbing a bank at the same time. A Tarantino meets Guy Ritchie type of story is what I would like to read.

The budget for the film will not exceed 1 million. Thus, the action must be limited.

Directing credits include: 'Hitters Anonymous' (in post) and 'Billy Todd's War' (currently on festival circuit).

Please email a logline followed with a synopsis to Monte Young:

New York International Children's Film Festival (NYICFF) 2005

NYICFF was formed to encourage the creation and dissemination of passionate, intelligent, artistic film productions for ages 3-18. Following launch in 1997, NYICFF has grown quickly to become one of the largest and most prestigious youth film festivals worldwide. The festival presents the programming that pushes the boundaries of style, genre and subject matter to help redefine what is meant by "film for kids." Each year the festival reviews more than 1,200 submissions from around the world to select the 50 new films to screen in competition. For more information, visit

Learn the Craft

Before you do anything else, of course, you must learn the screenwriting craft. Whether you do this by taking classes or reading books, by studying movies and working in the industry, this is your first priority. Before you do anything else, learn how to write a screenplay.

When you have mastered the extraordinary efficiency of the screenwriting craft, and when you have used what you've learned to write several decent scripts, then you are ready to enter the marketplace. And you begin this journey without needing an agent.


What screenwriters need in the beginning is some kind of professional validation. You may feel confident that you've reached a level of quality in your writing, and your friends and relatives may even agree, but there is nothing as satisfying as learning from an anonymous professional in the industry that your script was read, liked, and taken seriously. Perhaps the quickest way to get this validation is to enter screenwriting competitions.

But where to begin?

The most cursory search of the Internet will turn up dozens and dozens of screenwriting competitions. While all will serve the purpose of giving you personal validation if you do well, only a few will actually help your career in a big way. The most important of these is the Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship competition.

Every beginning screenwriter should enter this contest annually. You don't have to be one of the five winners to do well here. If you make the first cut to the quarterfinals, you can congratulate yourself for learning the craft. And you are likely to hear from producers who want to read your script.


The query letter is your sales tool. Understand that your job in a query letter is to pitch your script story and summarize your writing background in less than a page.

How do I begin the querying process?

You need to do a little research to make this strategy more effective than it might be otherwise.

  1. Develop a marketing plan. If you are looking for an agent, target the Los Angeles and New York agencies first. If you are looking for a production company and/or studio for your project, find out what types of projects they are looking for and what they have produced in the past.
  2. Target about twenty companies to start with.
  3. Send out the twenty queries and see what type of response you're getting. If you are not getting any positive feedback, then rewrite your query before targeting the next twenty companies on your list.

Should I send a synopsis or resume with my query?

No. Send only your query letter unless you have spoken to the agency, studio, or production company first and they have requested additional material from you. If you do include additional material without being asked for it, this will be seen as unprofessional, and you will risk the query being tossed out.

Writing A Query Letter That Works

Your name


Executives name
Executive's title
Address of company

Dear Mr. or Ms. Executive: (use a colon, not comma)

Begin with a friendly greeting and/or attention- grabbing line about your script/book. Continue with a sentence such as: "I have just completed the feature screenplay/novel [title] that I would like to submit to you for your consideration." If appropriate, include information about why your project may be the right match for their company.

Describe your script/novel in three to four sentences. State the genre, who the main characters are, using their actual names, what their major obstacle is, and how they plan to overcome it. Don't give away the ending.

Give a brief one-paragraph bio stressing your writing, screenwriting or film background. For example: "I am a recent graduate of" or "My credits include: [name films or scripts and awards]." Also, add something unique about yourself that makes you attractive to the Production Company, studio, or agent.

Closing paragraph. Two simple sentences will do. For example: "Enclosed you will find a self-addressed stamped envelope for your reply. I look forward to hearing from you soon."

Phone number

What happens next?

Usually a phone response is a positive sign. This was my experience on my first attempt 4 years ago! Although the main player was curious to know how I acquired their information and managed to get past the receptionist. I giggled, then said "have computer will travel." The exec laughed and was extremely receptive to ideas and conversation, so much that he even took a call from a person I referred afterwards ^_^ . The production company at the time was working with Warner Bro - I didn't sell my script but I gained recognition and a new friend.

Rejection generally comes through the mail. If you don't get any response at all - it usually means NO. Although the query could have been lost somewhere in the mail handling, so the best is to do a follow-up.

If you get a positive response on your query - send them your script/novel together with a cover letter that opens with any variation of:

"As you requested, here is..."

This is a numbers game.

Producers are going to request your work. Of course, you've registered it with the WGA or US Copyright. They may ask you to sign a release form, usually providing it themselves. Sign it. Keep records about your queries and responses.

When producers show interest in your script/novel, better yet when a producer wants to option your script/novel film rights, then and only then are you ready to approach agents.

** Keep in mind that this has been my experiences only... it is not what everyone should expect or will experience!



Sometimes bigger papers is not always the best route so here's some smaller ones within the California area to help you get started.

A.C.C. Newspaper
2214 1/2 West Florence Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 323-778-0524
Fax: 323-778-3000
Daily Circulation: 14,500
Frequency: 1 x week
Target Audience: Religious

Alhambra Post-Advocate
2621 West 54th Street
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 323-290-3000
Fax: 323-291-0219
Daily Circulation: 24,014
Frequency: 1 x week
Target Audience: General

Amador Ledger-Dispatch
10776 Argonaut Lane
Jackson, CA
Phone: 209-223-1767
Fax: 209-223-1264
Daily Circulation: 8,159
Frequency: 3 x week
Target Audience: General

1530 Ellis Lake Drive
Marysville, CA
Phone: 530-741-2345
Fax: 530-741-1195
Daily Circulation: 21,500
Frequency: 7 x week
Sunday Circulation: 24,500

830 Petaluma Boulevard North
Petaluma, CA
Phone: 707-762-4541
Fax: 707-765-1707
Daily Circulation: 8,800
Frequency: 1 x week
Target Audience: General

Arvin Tiller
9717 Main Street
Lamont, CA
Phone: 661-845-3704
Fax: 661-845-5907
Daily Circulation: 9,100
Frequency: 1 x week
Target Audience: General

Atwater Signal
P.O. Box 739
Merced, CA
Phone: 209-358-6431
Fax: 209-357-2968
Daily Circulation: 12,500
Frequency: 1 x week
Target Audience: General

These may not look like much, but once tallied, it could mean that 101,573 subscribers will read about your new book or product!

Print Magazines

The Armchair Detective
549 Park Avenue
Scotch Plains, NJ
Phone: 908-226-9701
Fax: 908-226-9702
Frequency: 4 x year
Circulation: 7,500
Editorial Profile: Publication focuses on mystery, detective, and crime fiction; includes interviews, news, reviews, commentary, essays, excerpts, and information on the genre.

5265 Fountain Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 323-660-0433
Fax: 323-660-0434
Frequency: 4 x year
Circulation: 52,000
Publication Category: Consumer
Target Audience: General

The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction
P.O. Box 3447
Hoboken, NJ
Phone: 201-876-2551
Fax: 201-876-2551
Frequency: 11 x year
Circulation: 35,000
Editorial Profile: Magazine is a science fiction and fantasy publication; also contains book and film reviews and science columns.

The Georgia Review
The University of Georgia
Athens, GA
Phone: 706-542-3481
Fax: 706-542-0047
Frequency: 4 x year
Circulation: 6,000
Editorial Profile: Publication is a literary journal containing essays, poetry, fiction, book reviews, and art.

Snake Nation Review
110 West Force
Valdosta, GA
Phone: 229-244-0752
Fax: 229-253-9125
Frequency: 4 x year
Circulation: 1,500
Editorial Profile: Publication is an anthology of poetry and prose.

Puckerbrush Review
76 Main Street
Orono, ME
Phone: 207-866-4868
Frequency: 2 x year
Circulation: 300
Editorial Profile: Publication features interviews, and reviews covering Maine poetry and fiction.


WDEL 1150 AM- News radio serving Northern Delaware. Site includes live streaming audio feed of the station (except when broadcasting syndicated national shows)
News Room: (302) 478-8898
News Room Fax: (302) 479-1532
Offices: (302) 478-2700
Office Fax: (302) 478-0100
2727 Shipley Road
PO Box 7492
Wilmington, DE - 19803

WDBO 580 AM -- Orlando, FL - Where Central Florida keeps up with local and world news, traffic, weather and opinion.
Studio Lines: (407)290-0058
News Hotline: (407297-6397
Newsroom Fax: (407)290-1076
Business Line: (407)295-5858
4192 John Young Parkway
Orlando, FL 32804

1310 KXAM Phoenix Talk Radio - 1310KXAM Phoenix talk radio and web cast worldwide - live 24/7
4725 N. Scottsdale Road Suite # 234
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Telephone 480-423-1310
Fax 480-423-3867

KNSS - 1240 AM, Wichita KS - Local and national news, talk radio and Kansas City Royals games.
Tony Duesing, Program Director
News Talk Line (316) 436-1330
2120 N. Woodlawn, Suite 352
Wichita, KS 67208

KLAV 1230am - Las Vegas, Nevada. Talk station featuring news, sports, religion, and national and local programs. News, program schedule, information on hosting a talk show, RealAudio clips, contact information, and links.
1810 Weldon Place
Las Vegas, Nevada 89104
Ph: 702.796.1230
Fx: 702.796.7433

WGST NewsRadio Atlanta - Fed via Windows Media Player. News stories updated quite frequently (now known as The Mix, 105.7FM WMXV) as of Sept. 08, 2000
1819 Peachtree Road NE
Suite 700
Atlanta, Ga 30309
Newsroom 404-367-6400
Newsroom Fax 404-367-6401

Specializing in Animated film

Think your work fits the animated category? We're talking Shrek, Nemo etc. Then here's a few prodco's to get you started in your journey into animation. Remember to follow the steps in the query section for better success!

Pink Cat Rodeo
Los Angeles, CA
United States
Short Films

Pioneer Entertainment
2265 E. 220th St.
Long Beach, CA 90810
United States
[T] 310-952-2000
Feature Films
Television Series

3101 Park Blvd.
Palo Alto, CA 94306
United States
[T] 650-846-8100
[F] 650-846-8101
Feature Films

Peakviewing Transatlantic
The!Wheelhouse, Bonds Mill
Gloucestershire, GL10 3RF
[T] 44-145-382-6300
[F] 44-145-382-6303
Feature Films
Television Series

PS Creative
Studio 512-513
The Greenhouse
Gibb St.
Birmingham, West Midlands B9
United Kingdom
[T] 44-121-2248484
[F] 44-121-2248485
Short Films
Television Specials

Oxygen Media, Inc.
75 Ninth Ave.
New York, NY 10011
United States
Short Films
Television Series

Nelvana Limited
32 Atlantic Ave.
Toronto, Ontario M6K 1X8
[T] 416-588-5571
[F] 416-588-5588
Television Series

Popular Arizona Independent Bookstores

Sunpath Children's Bookshop
Store locations:
Glendale -- 7150 N 57th Dr
Green Valley --The Book Shop - 231-B Esperanza Blvd Mesa -- Read It Again Books - 4210 Main Street #13 - (Used)
Peoria -- Paradise Bookstore - 9008 N 99th Ave Ste 6 Prescott -- Prescott Newsstand - 123 North Cortez St Hand-painted bookcases line the walls and contain a collection that rivals those of the big chains: classics, picture books, chapter books, board books, cookbooks, parent/teacher resources and reference and Southwest sections.

Singing Wind Bookshop
700 West Singhing Wind Rd
Benson, Az.
The store features the best in Southwestern fiction and non-fiction. Here are university press offerings and coloring books for kids.

The Poisoned Pen
4014 N Goldwater Blvd. Suite 101
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Phone: (480) 947-2974
Toll Free: (888) 560-9919
FAX: (480) 945-1023
1 block south of Indian School Rd on Goldwater Blvd.

One of the three largest mystery bookstores in North America, The Poisoned Pen carries over 15,000 current titles in inventory including Canadian imports, small press books, British, historical, and juvenile mystery, travel and literature of the Southwest, and recommended modern fiction.

Antigone Books
411 North 4th Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85705
Tel: 520-792-3715
A zany bookstore with a feminist slant. Come browse our large selection of books, laugh at our bumper stickers, find that perfect gift, or enjoy our store events.

Clues Unlimited
123 South Eastbourne
Tucson, AZ
(520) 326-8533 (voice)
(520) 326-9001 (fax)
There we stock more than 4500 titles in mystery and detective fiction--latest releases, hard-to-find and unusual titles, collectors' editions and signed firsts, an extensive backlist--books you haven't read yet and won't find at the airport or chains.

Celebrity Contacts

Filming for all movies listed began as of September 1, 2004 - cast & filming locations included.

Authors don't be shy... get those endorsements!

In the Belly of the Fat Man (Action/Drama) (Arkansas)
Cherokee Productions
8491 Sunset Blvd., #277
West Hollywood, CA 90069
Cast: Shani Rigsbee

House of Defects (Comedy)
(Los Angeles)
Wilcox Pictures
FAX: (323) 462-5296
Cast: Michael Turner, Thomas Two Crows, Lois Goorwitz, Steve Melosi, Victoria Tyler, Sandra Logan, Linda Osuna, Dawud Abdullah, Joy Meserve, Stan Bly, Lisa Bahouth, Remi Kabaka, Anita Hamingson

The Book of Joe (Romantic Comedy)
(Halifax, Nova Scotia, Toronto)
Dave Bell Associates, Inc./Makelo Entertainment/Studio Partners
3211 Cahuenga Blvd. West, #201
Hollywood, CA 90063
Cast: Joe Mantegna, Gena Rowlands, Peter Falk, Charles Durning

Pumping Up! (Comedy)
(Queens, NY)
Smash-One Productions, Inc.
34-23 Steinway Street, #911
Astoria, NY 11102
Cast: Tony LoBianco, Goumba Johnny, Clint Howard, Nick Scotti, Mike Kimmel, Catherine Natale, Danny Badalamenti

I Believe in America (Drama)
(New York, Puerto Rico)
I Believe In America Productions, L.L.C.
PMB 008
P.O. Box 144200
Arecibo, PR 00614-420
Cast: Guy Pearce, Hector Elizondo, John Savage, Paul Calderon, Maria Conchita Alonso, Jaime Tirelli, Al Sapienza, James Martinez, Kamala Lopez-Dawson, Luis Guzman

DeathRanch (Horror)
(Las Vegas)
MikieeT Film Company
6130 West Flamingo, #559
Las Vegas, NV 89103-2280
Cast: Michael A. Tessiero, Glenda Tangen, Steve Rossi, Brittany Weber, Joseph McAvoy, Michael A. Rizza

Mad Money (Drama/Comedy)
MGM/Cosmic Entertainment/Granada Film Productions
2500 Broadway Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Cast: Diane Keaton
Producers: Goldie Hawn

Tru Blu (working title) (Drama)
(New York)
Universal Pictures/Imagine Entertainment
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA, 91608
Cast: Denzel Washington, Benicio Del Toro

phone: not available

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Betsie's Literary Page | 9975 Lorraine Ave | St. Louis | MO | 63074