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Betsie's Literary Page Newsletter
IT's a Girl!!
July 30, 2004
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Greetings Dear Members!

Ahhh just thought I'd share - I just became an aunt for the umpteenth time!!! My sister had a beautiful baby girl ^_^

Motherhood-- hmmm I'd prefer to rent than own -- that way if there's some malfunction I can return it for a newer model - kind of like going to walmart LOL

Well we have lots for you to read... have a great weekend and don't forget to PROMOTE! PROMOTE! PROMOTE!


In the News

Digital Subs Loom As New Magazine Circulation Issue -A relatively obscure circulation development -- subscribers of digital editions of magazines -- that has mainly been a source of contention within tech publishing circles may be emerging as a hot issue for mainstream publishers and their advertisers.

Dem Convention Coverage Attracting Fewer Viewers - Monday's coverage of the opening night of the Democratic National Convention on the six commercial networks that carried it live -- ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX News Channel and MSNBC - attracted fewer viewers than the opening night of the 2000 Democratic National Convention, according to estimates released Tuesday by Nielsen Media Research. The average number of persons 2-plus tuning in fell to 18.5 million from 20.1 million in 2000.

Country Home Introduces New Design and Brand Positioning - Country Home magazine will debut an updated design in its September 2004 issue that exemplifies the magazine's new "Be creative. Be yourself." tag line and brand positioning. The magazine's editorial staff worked closely with renowned design firm, The Valentine Group, to create the new look. The September issue of Country Home, the largest September issue in the magazine's 25- year history with over 116 advertising pages, became available on newsstands July 27

DSL Preferred 3 to 1 Over Cable Modem By Future Latino Subscribers - According Horowitz Associates latest study on the U.S. urban Latino market for cable programming and new media services, Internet broadband services is lower among Hispanics overall than among the average urban consumer, but interest in these technologies is high-- especially among specific subgroups of urban Latinos. "The Latino market is very complex, and requires a sophisticated approach when it comes to marketing advanced services," says Howard Horowitz, President, Horowitz Associates, Inc., "Narrow approaches that only target Spanish-dominant Latinos may not be effective in reaching the whole or even most of the market." Adriana Waterston, Director of Marketing for the company, adds

Subway Puts Ad Account On The Menu As 'Anti- American' Ads Come Under Attack - Diet- conscious fast-food sandwich chain Subway, which parted with Fallon in June, has officially placed its $220 million global ad account in review. McCarthy Mambro Bertino (MMB), which has been acting as interim agency for the Subway Franchisee Advertising Fund Trust since its split with Fallon, will participate in the closed review.

Meanwhile, the National Legal and Policy Center Wednesday called on Milford, Conn.-based Subway to stop an ad campaign in Germany it deemed anti- American. Subway restaurants in Germany, it said, are utilizing tray-liners and posters promoting the film "Super Size Me."

The ads show an obese Statue of Liberty holding a package of fries and a hamburger and begin with the headline "Why Are Americans So Fat?" Next appears a Michael Moore quote: "The only time I have been scared for my life has been going through a McDonald's drive-thru."

The ads conclude urging consumers to watch "Super Size Me," "A true fat film by Morgan Spurlock ... Now in theaters!"

Playboy Unfolds New Editorial Chief - According to published reports, Playboy has announced the promotion of Christopher Napolitano to the position of editorial director. Napolitano has been at Playboy for 16 years, most recently serving as executive editor.

Crossing the Meadow by Kfir Luzzatto

Publisher: Echelon Press; (September 2003)
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1590802837
Paperback: 212 pages
Price: $11.99

Rating: Highly Recommended!

July 25, 2004

A unique insight into the journey towards "the other side."

I've often wondered about the journey that we take when we pass away. Does everything fade away or do the memories that we've harbored begin to come to light; causing you to seek answers to forgotten questions? I've often heard of restless spirits roaming our dimension unable to crossover due to problems or unfinished business. I've heard of spirits who refuse to move on, but not of spirits who choose to enroll in a job placement program to continue working in the realm between death and paradise! This fact is the one that comforts me the most and it is a refreshing theory.

The previous paragraph describes one of many sub- plots that the author uses in combination with other characters and situations to develop this story. There are many characters and plots that weave the complex fabric that will become this well written story. The central story revolves around the plight of George, our main character.

George returns to his hometown after a long absence. He wants to make peace with the childhood home that he was forced to leave abruptly. He also has a desire to discover the origin of a nightmare that has haunted him for several years. He meets Clara at a café and she becomes his guide. She leads him through the streets of his hometown and also towards the startling realization that George had not yet acknowledged. Unbeknownst to George - he is dead.

Clara and George search for the origin of the haunting nightmare and then realize that their destinies were intertwined. They have to solve a murder case that has remained unresolved for three decades. They utilize details from two very unique perspectives. George is a witness to a horrific murder while Clara is the victim. They investigate this mystery through contacts within the spiritual world and psychic contact with those of the living world. Once that mystery is solved they will have the option to cross the meadow, passing on to the other side with millions of other spirits who realize that their time is up.

The plot is complex and well thought out. This book is entertaining and worthy of every second of your time. Kfir Luzzatto has written a winner and I look forward to reading his next book as well!

Reviewed by Tyrone Banks

Read the interview...

Master Of The Game by William Tepper

Publisher: Synergy Books; (June 2004)
Genre: Fiction/Crime/Mystery
ISBN: 097476440X
Paperback: 448 pages

Rating: Highly Recommended

Simon says, "no body, no crime scene, no witness = no murder!"

July 25, 2004

Reporter Frank Wycheck's big break comes with "Jaws" murders. After the killer is captured and media dies down Wycheck receives a phone complimenting him on his coverage of the case. The caller identifies himself as "Simon" and immediately invites Wycheck to play a part in a game.

Using disguises Simon is a shrewd, calculating individual who like a well-played game of chess - meticulously plans his every move. Carefully selecting his victims. The game, like baseball: 9 innings, and 9 victims. His rules for Wycheck: tell no one and quit your job. His role in all of this is to write a book, chronicling what will soon take place.

In the meantime the FBI has received several faxes signed by "S", which at first Special Agent Mark Berlanger assumes are sick joke. For Simon, the game has already begun.

Once all the players have been selected and in place, Simon initiates a riveting game of cat and mouse mimicking the infamous Zodiac killer. Taunting authorities to catch him, while ridiculing their intelligence.

After the FBI's regional director, Kevin Fitzpatrick's wife and secretary is abducted, Assistant Director Tim Dawson, places the distraught man on medical leave. Dawson following chain of command gives charge of the investigation to high-profile FBI investigator John Hightower.

Hightower is an intelligent man who has solved many a case, and a "worthy" opponent for an "invisible" killer. But like all serial killers, Simon makes a move that will open his own eyes.

The questions that will haunt readers are: With an impressive lineup, which of the players will emerge as Master of the Game? Can Hightower's mental approach prepare him for when he steps up to the plate? Can he swing, realistically? And what will rewards; will Wycheck's book bring him?

Author William Tepper should be commended on well- developed novel with characters, as intriguing as the plot. Master of the Game has all elements of a blockbuster thriller so perfectly entwined that one can't wait to turn the pages and before realization it dawns on one, the book is finished!

Reviewed by Betsie

Read the interview...

Even More/Todavia Mas by Barbara Quick & Liz McGrath

Publisher: Raven Tree Press LLC
Genre: Children's Fiction
ISBN: 0972019286
Hardcover; 34 Pages
Price: $16.95

Rating: Highly Recommended

Heart Warming Tale of Generational Love

July 28, 2004

Even More, is a sweet heartwarming tale of love that spans generations. It beautifully portrays the timelessness of the love of a mother for her daughter, of a daughter's love for her mother and the loveliness of the great circle of life.

Barbara Quick and Liz McGrath have written a beautiful rendition of what every mother feels in her heart when she looks at her baby and sees future generations. It's filled with love, hope and joy.

I highly recommend this book as a gift for yourself, your mother or your children.

Reviewed by Deven Vasko

Purchase a copy...

AGENTS seeking clients

Elisabet McHugh is seeking clients. She will consider: "All areas of Nonfiction and most areas of Fiction. I do NOT handle SF/Fantasy, Horror, Poetry, Sreenplays/Scripts or Children's Books. Submission requirements: Query first by Email. Do not send material unless asked for. Be professional. McHugh Literary Agency, 1033 Lyon Rd, Moscow ID 83843- 9167." Email: UPDATE: Her recent sales include: BEYOND THE HORIZON, to Harlequin; NATURAL PROSTATE HEALERS, to Prentice Hall; LIGHTEN UP: EASY, LOWFAT COOKING, to Time- Warner; SILENT WITNESS, to Bantam; FRANKLY, MY DEAR...: The Life of Clark Gable, to McFarland & Co; THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF SMALL BUSINESS SUCCESS, to Bookhome Publishing; Recently she applied to become a member of AAR.

Andrea Pedolsky
Altair Literary Agency LLC
P.O. Box 11656
Washington, DC 20008
Genre: Architecture/Interior Design, Art, Biography, Government/Political Science, Health/Nutrition, House & Home, Natural History, Psychology/Psychiatry, Religion, Science (general), Social Sciences/Sociology, Sports/Athletics, Theology, Women's Studies

Jody Rein
Jody Rein Books, Inc.
7741 S. Ash Court
Centennial, CO 80122
Genre: Biological Sciences, Fiction, Geography/Geology, Government/Political Science, History, Human Relations, Humor, Journalism, Maritime, Natural History, Non-fiction (general), Psychology/Psychiatry, Radio/TV, Science (general), Social Sciences/Sociology

Edward Knappman
New England Publishing Associates
P.O. Box 5
Chester, CT 06412
Genre: Accounting, Americana/Regional, Animals/Pets, Anthropology, Archeology, Asian Studies, Biography, Business, Career Development, Child Care/Development, Communications, Criminology, Drama/Theater, Earth Science, Economics, Education, Film/Video, Finance, Foreign Countries, Gay & Lesbian, Geography/Geology, Government/Political Science, Health/Nutrition, History, How-to, Journalism, Law, Literature/Literary Criticism/Essays, Management, Maritime, Marketing, Mathematics, Military Science, Music/Dance, Native American Studies, Natural History, Non-fiction (general), Outdoor Recreation, Philosophy, Physical Sciences, Psychology/Psychiatry, Radio/TV, Science (general), Self-Help, Social Sciences/Sociology, Sports/Athletics, Women's Studies


YIN, Asian Women Redefined, is the only national, English-language, multi-ethnic Asian women's magazine which is based in the US, and which speaks to the 'soul of Asian women everywhere'. The publication showcases fashion, beauty, celebrities, health, lifestyle, entertainment, careers, romance, travel, culture, world affairs, and everything else falling under the sphere of an Asian woman's interest. Their declared mission is to give Asian women a voice in society to define and redefine themselves. Their audience of Asian American women are well educated, with a high income, and are known to spend heavily on a wide range of products and services. Most have at least a high school diploma, and a large percentage hold degrees and make $70,000 or more annually. Cindy Chen is their editor- in-chief; Ny Chhour is their design director. Farida Ong is the fashion editor; Aimee Kim is the beauty editor, with Lynn Nguyen, Hemmy So, and May Yip their senior editors. YIN is published by Star Publishers, and is at 730 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10019, Ste. 900, (212) 659-7768; Fax: (212) 659- 7769. Regular columns include Dear Reader, letters from the publisher and the editor-in-chief; Ask YIN; YIN Reviews; Yangsta Loving: Street Values. Check out their Web Site: Magazine, the bi- weekly Online urban news magazine has expanded its local, and regional news coverage, and has expanded the news content for each state. They have also expanded their Ethnic Etiquette column. Mariann Aaida and Karen Greyson tackle questions on political correctness. They have also expanded their lifestyle section to four pages of news, tips, people, products, poetry, and increased the number of book reviews. Suggestions for inclusion go to Renee West, IDABERRY COMMUNICATIONS, (646) 942-6251. Their Web Site: You can also E-mail her at: Ms. West anticipates that the publication will be coming out in hard copy form next year.

Jane Magazine, which speaks to 18 to 34 years olds about their personal style, beauty, and differences, is having a major editorial and design facelift. Unchanged since its inception in 1997, editor and founder Jane Pratt is unveiling an extensive redesign with the September issue. This will include renamed and new departments, as well as more fashion, beauty and reviews. The cover will be cleaner. Departments such as Dish, Eat, and Sweat will remain, but there will be new departments such as Play (technology and gadgets); Primp (formerly Beauty Central) and Dress, (Fashion Blender), which concentrates on shopping. Blind Date is out, but Score, where two people rates each other's skills at making out, is in. Also new to the magazine will be Breathe, a department which concentrates on Yoga and holistic items, and Drive, which is all about cars and their accessories., They will expand their music coverage to at least four pages. Jane Pratt is the editor-in-chief, while Bill Van Parys is deputy editor. Debbie McHugh is the managing editor, with Katy McCall and Mitzie Miller fashion editors,. They are at Fairchild Publications, 7 W. 34 St., New York, NY 10001, (212) 630-4000; Fax: (212) 630-3925;; E-mail:

American Profile is a weekly, four color magazine that celebrates the virtues of hometown American life. Their average reader lives in communities with an average population of 7,000. It is a reminder of what is good about America, and the many places we still call home. American Profile is about places where drive-in movies are still around, where there are county fairs, and neighborly kindness is still around, not just a memory. These aspect of life are woven into the fabric of everyday is about Sunday picnics, 4th of July parades, and good home cooking. The publication is a national magazine, but with a regional focus. They include a Q & A section, their picks of TV, music, books, and videos, focus on family issues, outdoor living, gardening, finances, food, health, home maintenance and repairs, education, cartoons, hometown heroes, profiles of cities and town, happenings and calendars of regional events, festivals and celebrations, and unique and interesting facts from around the country. Each issue profiles one of America's great hometowns. The executive editor is Charlie Cox and senior editor is Stuart English, E-mail: They are at American Profile, Publishing Group of America, 341 Cool Springs Blvd, Ste. 400, Franklin, TN 37067, (800) 720-6323; Fax: (615) 468-6100.Check out: American Profile is a Sunday supplement, supplied to rural newspapers around the country.


Kyla Pratt
603-B University Drive
PMB #235
Carson, CA 90746

Penelope Spheeris
8145 Laurelmont Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90046

George Layton
(Actor/TV Presenter/Scriptwriter, was in Sunburn with Michelle Collins)
c/o Amanda Howard
21 Berwick St
London W1V 3RG United Kingdom

Archie Kao Lab Technician Archie Johnson on CSI
c/o GML
3500 W. Olive Ave. #1400
Burbank, CA. 91505

Eric Szmanda
actor, Greg on CSI
4570 Van Nuys Blvd #171
Sherman Oaks CA 91403

Want To Get Published For Free - Online?

These sites accept cutting edge short fiction, political satire, and reviews

Evergreen Review
Publishes literary fiction and non-fiction.

In Posse Review
Seeking Stories up to 3500 words.

Melic Review
Seeks submissions of highest-quality fiction and essays only.

My Hidden Talent
New website allows authors to publish their work free of charge and receive reviews from around the world.

Journal of Chapman University seeking submissions of literary works. .html


Have you ever dreamed of selling your book to a large corporation? A sale that would register several thousand copies of non-returnable product on the book sale meter? What's that? You've never thought of it you say? Well, never fear! It's not too late to pursue this avenue, especially if you have a book ripe for a particular market.

Before you embark on this project, it's important to understand the possibilities out there. Start being aware of incentive items you might see and understand how they are used. Many are offered as consumer gifts or incentives while others are used as training tools or morale boosters for employees.

Some examples of premium sales might be:

  • Books offered at yearly company sales meetings
  • Books offered to consumers at a discount (consumers are usually asked to send in product UPC's to qualify for these specials)
  • Books offered to new customers at financial institutions
  • Books offered to new homebuyers
  • Books offered to new magazine subscribers

To determine the market segment you want to go after, study your book first for obvious clues. If you've mentioned or recommended companies or products in your book, those will be the first tier you'll want to go after. Next, think about the message of your book and how it aligns with particular companies within that industry. Company web sites and ads will offer great clues when trying to match a company or organization up with your book.

If you're going after the magazine subscriber bonus segment, you'll have a bit more flexibility. Generally, if the book fits the reader demographic and aligns itself with the message of the magazine, it will be considered. For example, you might offer a home organization book to Good Housekeeping or a fitness book to Self or Redbook. Before you approach these magazines, read them for about three months so you get a good sense of what they're about and who their audience is.

If you're going after a particular market and are trying to locate companies within that industry, try doing a Boolean search in Google. Your search should look like this: "your industry and companies." Another resource is This site will link you to companies nationally and internationally within your industry.

Next, don't overlook companies in your own backyard. Think about industries, companies and organizations in your area that might work well for your book and begin going after them. Many times, local companies will welcome the opportunity to support hometown authors.

Once you've put your list together, you'll want to contact them and pitch them the idea. Or, in some cases, our company will send them the book and proposal before we even make phone contact. Sometimes the companies you've targeted will be on the lookout for incentive items, other times this will be a new (and exciting) area for them. If you're going after employee incentives, it's interesting to note (and mention in your sales letter) that employee incentives increase individual performance by 27% and team performance by %45 percent.

Be open and creative with your pursuit of premium sales! Many times, companies will want to put their logo on the cover or include an extra page in the book with a letter from the President or CEO. Check with your printer or publisher on whether this is possible for you and what the additional costs will be before you start pursuing the premium sales arena.

So, how long does this process take? We've seen premium sales turn around in a week, while others take a year or more to complete. Oh, and the most important part... how many books can you plan to sell? Anywhere from one thousand to several thousand depending on the deal and the company. We've even got a deal in the works for a half a million copies of one book. Discounts and negotiations vary. Often, we'll negotiate volume discounts of 50% to 70% on bulk orders. Again, make sure you've got these figures ready when you pick up the phone to make your pitch.

With the right book, premium sales are not only a great way to gain exposure of your book. But in the end, they make great "cents."

BONUS: Get your book evaluated for free! Send a blank email to:

Penny C. Sansevieri
The Cliffhanger was published in June of 2000. After a strategic marketing campaign it quickly climbed the ranks at to the #1 best selling book in San Diego. Her most recent book: No More Rejections. Get Published Today! was released in July of 2002 to rave reviews. Penny is a book marketing and media relations' specialist. She also coaches authors on projects, manuscripts and marketing plans and instructs a variety of coursing on publishing and promotion

Visit her web site...


Maciek Wszelaki

I'm looking for a completed contemporary, character driven drama with a touch of mystery (more intimate study of characters rather than a genre script) with minimal locations taking place in a small town. Examples of what I am looking for would be 'In The Bedroom', 'The Passenger' or 'The Vanishing' (Dutch version).

Budget range will not exceed 10 mil.

I'm an AFI award winning director/producer working between the US and Australia. Previous titles include 'Original Schtick' (winner of 2 AFI awards), 'Sparky D' (winner of 1 AFI award).

Please email a logline followed by a synopsis to: Maciek Wszelaki at


A new paradigm is upon us!

Thanks to the proliferation of cable channels that function the way broadcast networks do, your chances - and mine - of getting a new series on the air are the best they've ever been.

If, that is, your show is "reality" based - as in a lifestyle series, a news show, a sports show, an interview show, a game show, etc. And it appeals to one of the niche audiences served by buyers like HGTV, Trio, Discovery, Bravo, etc. Oh, and you'll have to be content with taking your piece of the action from a total budget of $15,000 to $50,000 per half hour. (But believe me when I tell you that kind of money will feed your family, buy you some toys, and, most importantly, make you happy to get up every morning and go to work.)

The trick is that you need to be more than a writer. You need to make yourself a total film or video maker and to put together your own pilot episode, one you can send to buyers who are so willing that their e- mail addresses are posted on the channel web sites. Buyers who would much rather talk to you than any big bullshit-spewing L.A. agent.

Thanks to the competition between the cable channels, "affordable" content is king. And the progression is inevitable - I confidently predict that the reality shows will pave the way for equally affordable dramas and sitcoms. Even now, MTV is producing a "reality drama" in which the situations and conflicts will be real but controlled, and the producers will be deliberately editing each episode in order to heighten the effects they want. If this ain't the first step toward fiction, then what is?

Forget your qualms about leaving your lives behind and moving to L.A. to become TV or film writers. It's time for new gualms - leaving your writing behind and learning all you can about shooting and editing the tape. We're going to be witnessing the birth of true TV auteurs, and each of you reading this can become one of them. All it takes is the dedication and courage to walk through the door.

Larry Brody

For more info visit here...

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