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July 09, 2004 Betsie's Literary Page Newsletter
Blast your news!
Greetings Everyone!

If this is your first time reading BLP's newsletter-- welcome aboard!!

This past Sunday I stepped out of the coconut shell to celebrate my birthday... had dinner with a friend, went to the movies and drinks afterwards. It was an all around evening of fun - which unlike cinderella - it ended on Monday 04:30!!!

On another note and Just out of curiosity... has anyone else been bombarded by emails with the following subject: Learn to speak Spanish the quick and easy way!

I'm tempted to write to these oxymorons that I have no need for these classes... why? Well it could be the fact that I was born and raised in MEXICO!!!!!!

Ok so they're not complete morons... its obvious they can speak more than one language - I hope.

Enough of this garbage -- we have lots to share with you this week -- now read on for the good stuff!

Hope you have a fantastic week!


In the News

MADD (Mad Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) has requested a copy of "Silent Killers," as well as The Perry County Newspaper. Editor Vince Leuke is going to do a feature story on drunk drivers and interview the author, Linda Pannett.

Shanghai International Children's Book Exhibition 2004 : The first international children's book expo in China, this one promises to continue as the children's book market is growing. Stands are $1,000 for 9 sq. m. E-mail:

Harrogate Crime Writing Festival: The second annual festival, with crime writers and enthusiasts from around the world. Four days of murder, mystery, motivation, and mayhem. Guests of honour are international bestselling authors Minette Walters and Karin Slaughter. Former M15 boss Dame Stella Rimington and controversial ex-journalist and government PR Martin Sixsmith launch their new spy thrillers. And Alexander McCall Smith will reveal some of the real African mysteries that lie behind his best- selling series of novels. www.harrogate-

Mid-Western Christian Book Fair: Unique Christian book fair in Iowa City, Iowa, featuring book sales by authors, publishers and booksellers from across the U.S., and conferment of eight MCBF Awards. Nominations have opened for the awards and they are free. Details at http://www.christian-book-

Vegas Valley Book Festival: A three-day program of readings, book discussions, workshops, book signings, and children's activities. More than 50 writers from across the country will participate, and novelists Walter Mosley and Charles Johnson will deliver keynote addresses.

First Annual Book 'Em: Dozens of authors to sign their books and speak at Waynesboro High School in Waynesboro, Virginia. The slogan is "Buy a Book and Stop a Crook." Proceeds donated to Central Shenandoah Crime Stoppers, Shenandoah Valley Reading Council, and Friends of the Library to help raise literacy rates and reduce crime. More information at

Magazine Spotlight: Chile Pepper

When Chile Pepper magazine started back in 1987 out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, it was not for the masses. It was, rather, "a cult kind of book," says Publisher and Editor in Chief Joel Gregory--a small regional publication geared for hot-food, pepper enthusiasts.

In 1996, the magazine was moved to Fort Worth, Texas with an eye toward expansion, but it really took off in 1999 when Gregory and two other investors purchased the title with the intention of bringing it to a larger audience.

Today, Chile Pepper's readership is far more national; California and Texas are predictably the top two circulation states, but surprisingly, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Florida are tied for third.

Circulation has also taken flight, averaging in the 60- 70-thousand range for the bimonthly, and delivering an estimated total readership of 250,000.

Book Reviews
Reviewed by Juanita Reynolds   Mirrors of the Soul by Kathy Galloway
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation; (August 2002)
Genre: Romance/ Fiction
ISBN: 1401060765
Paperback / Hardcover; 320 pages
$22.99 / $32.99

Rating: Recommended

Eye to eye; Soul to soul

July 3, 2004

In 1960's England Jared Tanner attempts to escape justice by fleeing to the American colonies. By his departure he is automatically charged as guilty and becomes an outlaw. Jared is a tortured soul, who believes his only hope is to disappear into the wilderness of the colonies by becoming a recluse. However, during the journey to his homestead in the colonies he chances upon Felicity James, a defiant young misused prostitute in the nearby town tavern.

Unwittingly and for reasons unknown to even himself, as Jared offers Felicity salvation from her present situation. Felicity desperate for escape accepts. Together, the two troubled souls embark on a course that takes them through their own personal hells to a shared heaven.

Then tragically, justice comes and shatters their world. Jared must face his own demons and make the ultimate sacrifice to save his love. Ms. Calloway's novel is a touching tragic romance from the past, which could easily be translated to present. How many of us can tell a story of misuse at the hands of another? Some of us have had our kindness taken for weakness, and still others seek to use and betray because the ends justice the means.

Are you with your true soul mate? If you look into the eyes, the true windows or mirror of the soul - that will tell you.

Mirrors to the Soul, is a well-written novel that is sure to entertain.

Reviewed by Shirley Roe, Allbooks Reviews   *

The McKannah's by Rick Magers

PUBLISHER: Grizzly Bookz
Genre: Western Fiction
ISBN Number: 0974795119
Paperback: 384 pages
Price: $17.00

July 03, 2004

Sean Brennan McKannah, orphaned in Ireland at thirteen sets sail on the Sea Duchess with Captain Patrick Olin Mullholland in the year 1793. He eventually finds himself in California where he meets Frank de Rivera Santiago. The two try their hand at trapping and then horse wrangling for Frank's uncle, Luis. Although he is aggressive and fearless with the men of the Wild West, Sean is definitely not comfortable with the ladies. Eventually the shy and reserved Sean, pursues and marries the beautiful Issabella. Sean and his wife produce six strong willed and determined children-Broderick, Patrick, Ian, Simon, Jesse and Aleena.

The McKannah's is the saga of one Irish lad's journey to the Americas and the life he finds there. Adventure, excitement, challenges and tragedy all play a major role in the McKannah's history. The story of young men that become lawyers, hoteliers, gamblers, and living legends amongst the Indians and a daughter that makes her own mark on the world. The reader will come to love the characters that author Rick Magers brings to life -each one different yet loveable. The pioneer spirit reigns supreme in this feisty family saga.

The author's in-depth research of the period fills the book with descriptive imagery and unforgettable situations. Bandits, Indians, and scoundrels all compete for the attention of our heroes and heroines. The story leaves the reader wanting to know more about this wonderful early 19th century pioneer family.

Historical novel enthusiasts will love this book by adventure author, Rick Magers.

Reviewed by Juanita Reynolds   *

Anathema by David E. Greske

Publisher: Publishamerica; (December 2003)
Genre: Horror/ Fiction
ISBN: 1413703569
Paperback: 216 pages

Rating: Recommended

Much deadlier than Amityville and Night of the Living Dead combined!

July 3, 2004

Jim Anderson appears to be an average American husband with two children and a dog. In an attempt to renew his relationship with his wife, Diane, Jim buys an old house in Wisconsin.

He hopes to spend some quality time with Diane rehabbing this property. They get off to a rocky start on their arrival to Prairie Rest, Wisconsin because neither Diane, nor his fourteen year old daughter Molly are pleased with the move. A heated argument causes Jim to leave the house and visit the local bar. Here he meets and becomes fast friends with Jarvis Clark, one of the town elders.

The next morning, Jim and Diane make up and out. Travis and Molly are getting along better then Travis dies from an unexpected accident, Jim's life becomes a rocky-horro picture show, one tragic event after another. Finally Jarvis convinces Jim that the property is cursed and that he was chosen to do battle against an evil that possesses the property and quite possibly may be spreading to the entire town!

While I am strictly not a horror buff, this is a very well written novel. As I write this review I am still cringing and attempting to shake off the hideous images brought on by the descriptive detail of this horror flick written on paper.

Not for the faint at heart. Don't go to sleep in Prairie Rest; as a matter of fact don't close your eyes!

Reviewed by Tyrone Banks  

Bearkiller by D.J. Stephens

Publisher: Publish America; (January 2004)
Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 1413703380
Paperback: 232 pages
Price: $19.95

Rating: Highly Recommended!

A visit into the distant past to discover oneself

July 7, 2004

Jeff Barkil has always been a loner. He seems to achieve more on his own than in the company of others. He doesn't want his mistakes or miscalculations to affect others. He has the heart of a warrior, which is proven while he is engaged in battle during the Vietnam War. During this war he survives several injuries and several months as a P.O.W. In the words of the author, D.J. Stephens, "He was a survivor and stayed alive for over forty-five years by counting on himself and his instincts."

Jeff felt as if he was truly alive in the outdoors and this feeling helped him escape from the fast pace of his life in Chicago. For this reason he went elk hunting in Montana and he finally caught a glimpse of what makes him the man that he is today. The surroundings are familiar and he knows far more about this territory than he can give himself credit for. The great elk, the subject of his hunt, stands nearby.

After a successful hunt, a powerful grizzly attacks Jeff Barkil. Jeff miraculously triumphs over the grizzly bear but he is seriously injured. He loses consciousness and awakens in a tent in Blackfoot Indian Territory, in the 1780's where he has been nursed back to health. He is given the name Bearkiller in acknowledgement of his victory over the creature that will soon become a part of his being.

The Blackfoot Indians take in this warrior with blond hair and blue eyes and soon they disregard his differences and allow him to join the tribe. The bear becomes his spiritual guide and tells him the credo that Jeff Barkil lived by. Bearkiller is to fight his wars alone, as when he faced the bear - this belief lasts for over two hundred years and has become a part of the warrior reincarnated as Jeff Barkil.

This book is splendidly written! I do not know much about Native American rituals, beliefs or customs, but I feel that they are actively portrayed by D.J. Stephens - as if he's lived those experiences for himself. There is never a dull moment and you are privy to the thoughts and emotions of a mighty warrior with many coups (victories) as he provides for the family that has adopted him as their son.

Turn off the television and read this book. The images will play out before you and offer great insight into the points that comprise the human psyche. As Jeff Barkil is rescued after his ordeal with the bear, you will love "the end --or is it just the beginning?"

Books Not Yet Released
Reviewed by Demetria Harris   Falling Off Air by Catherine Sampson
Publisher: Mysterious Press; (August 2004)
Genre: Mystery
ISBN: 089296813
Hardcover: 320 pages

Rating: Highly Recommended

Single mother takes on the world!

July 3, 2004

Meet Robin Ballantyne, 35-year-old mother of twins, television producer and murderess? Finally adjusting to being a single mother of one-year- old twins. Robin encounters social activist Paula Carmicheal dead outside her window, falling to her death from a second floor balcony. Without leaving a suicide note or evidence of foul play this is one for the coldcase files.

Robin finds out that the woman she hardly knew, knew more about her and the twins William and Hannah than she knew of Paula. Why is Paula writing about Robin in her journals and why are the police connecting the wrong dots?

Who killed the father of Hannah and William using Robin's car to frame her? The two deaths may be related more than the police realize. More importantly, Will Robin find out before it's too late?

I love novels that give you more questions than answers in the middle, and reveals nothing until the very end. This nail biter will keep you guessing.

Catherine Sampson is marvelous at keeping the attention of a busy reader. I hope to read more of this novelist work.

Celebrity Contacts
  Filming for all began: July 2004

Whether you're looking for an autograph or endorsement... Here's your chance to contact your favorite star!

The Greatest Game Ever Played
Touchstone Pictures
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521.
Cast: Shia LaBeouf.
Producers: Mark Frost, Larry Brezner. Director: Bill Paxton. Writer: Mark Frost. Casting: Mary Gail Artz, Barbara

Aeon Flux
MTV Prods/Lakeshore Entertainment/Valhalla Motion Pictures/Colossal Pictures
5555 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038.
Cast: Charlize Theron
Executive Producers: Tom Rosenberg, Van Toffler. Producers: Gale Anne Hurd, David Gale, Gary Lucchesi, Gregory Goodman. Director: Karyn Kusama. Writers: Matt Manfredi, Phil Hay. Casting: Laura Rosenthal. Distributor (U.S.): Paramount

Savage Grace
Killer Films/Tartan Films
380 Lafayette Street, #302
New York, NY 10003
Cast: Julianne Moore.
Executive Producer: John Wells. Producers: Christine Vachon, Pamela Koffler. Co-Producers: Hamish McAlpine, Carole Stiller. Director: Tom Kalin. Writer: Howard Rodman. Distribution (Intermational): Arclight Films

Shaggy Dog
Touchstone Pictures/Mandeville Films/Boxing Cat
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521
Cast: Tim Allen
Executive Producers: Tim Allen, Matt Carroll, Todd Lieberman, Robert Simonds. Producer: David Hoberman. Director: Brian Robbins. Writers: Tom Brady, Jack Amiel, Michael Begler. Distributor (U.S.): Buena Vista

XXX: State of the Union
Revolution Studios/Original Film
2900 West Olympic Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Cast: Ice Cube, Samuel L. Jackson, Willem Dafoe, Scott Speedman
Executive Producer: Todd Garner. Producer: Neal H. Moritz. Director: Lee Tamahori. Writer: Simon Kinberg. Distributor (U.S.): Sony.

Want To Get Published For Free - Online?
  These sites accept cutting edge short fiction, political satire, and reviews

Register at site for free to submit your stories or poems for possible free publication on this site, which markets your work to print and online publications.

Amarillo Bay
Publishes high-quality fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction.

A display site featuring new and semi-experienced authors supporting a variety of genres, including fiction, poetry, non-fiction, satire and novels.

Big Bridge
Accepts submissions of fiction, non-fiction, and journalism articles.

Cherry Bleeds
Publishes stories and articles.

Alternative Media Contacts
  Media UK

Broughton Spurtle
c/o Broughton Books
2A Broughton Place, Edinburgh
Monthly free paper for local area

The Pork Bolter
PO Box 4144, Worthing West Sussex BN14 7NZ
Free newsheet for Worthing

Awaz FM
2nd Floor, 92 Commerce Street, Glasgow G5 8DG
Studio - Tel: 0141 420 1072

Akash Radio
Unit 14, Arches Business Centre, Merrick Road, Southall, Middlesex UB2 4AU
Studio - Tel: 020 8843 0555

3 Western Esplanade, Brighton, East Sussex BN41 1WE

  Scripts Wanted!

Remember: Copyright your work before submitting!!!!

------- 1) Stars Agency -------

I am looking for a completed high concept dramedy script in the vein of 'Something's Gotta Give' (a dramatic theme infused with a comedic relief). I am not looking for another teen romance story such as 'How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days'.

WG and non-WG both welcome to submit.

Stars Agency is a highly established agency, we can be found in any of the Agents & Managers directories.

Please email a logline followed by a synopsis (no email attachments will be read) to:Connie Hall --

------- 2) OxRock Productions -------

We are looking for a script that can be produced into a movie. Short films are the best for now, but feature films could be considered as well. The movie would be produced in the Boston/central MA area with a small budget. This could be a great opportunity for you if you are an emerging scriptwriter. Compensation may be awarded depending on the financial success of the movie. Email:

----------- 3) Blue Raven Films -----------

I am looking for a completed action-horror script. Budget Range is 2-4 mil.

WG and Non-WG members welcome to submit.

For Credits see under Valerie McCaffrey. Please send a logline followed by a synopsis (no email attachments will be read) to: Valerie McCaffrey

----------- 4) Hard as Water Productions -----------

We are a digital independent motion picture company seeking quality scripts in the following areas: Thriller/Suspense/Mystery; Action/Drama. Please forward inquiries to the address below. E-mail:

----------- 5) Gone Entertainment -----------

New NYC Production Company seeking scripts to produce for the coming season. Please send a log line, plot synopsis, and a copy of the script for review to:
Gone Entertainment
Attn: Brandon M. Maier
334 E. 26th St. TW-023C1
New York, NY 10003

----------- 6) London Studio Works -----------

London-based up-and-coming production company is looking for scripts with multiple characters provided the stories are smart and well written. It can be anything from horror, drama, comedy, romance, suspense thrillers, etc.. Please send synopsis or info to:

BLP's Book of the Month

The Dark Princess by Donna J. Schmidt

The Dark Princess is a strong, rich, and original piece of writing. The blend of the erotic and the horrific is true to the spirit of the original Dracula.

For Immediate Release

Midwest Book Review has described F.E. Mazur's writing as "fiction with an edge" and his latest novel, THE BUCKSELLER, again illustrates the reason why. During the deer-hunting season in upstate Pennsylvania, a sniper stalks the woods surrounding a small mountain community. Conventional wisdom suggests the killings are the work of an antihunter, seeking revenge on behalf of slaughtered wildlife. But THE BUCKSELLER delivers much more than the expected conflict between sportsmen and animal rights activists. Taut with mystery and suspense while loaded with an appreciation for the region's magnificent beauty, THE BUCKSELLER turns its attention also to the long-standing promotional efforts of state officials and local businessmen to attract hunters and others to the region. At the center of this focus in THE BUCKSELLER is the small- town weekly newspaper, the Tier Sentinel, and its editor Meredith Tome who feels compelled by economic reasons to support all promotional efforts while ignoring a segment of his readership which deplores the perennial visitations by "outsiders."

Mazur dares even to expose a significant decades- long double standard by a state agency, which openly denounces the "Disney-fication" of wildlife, and yet in its own popular publication, to which the author was an occasional contributor, hundreds of animals are humanized by way of the cute cartoon, characterized by facial expressions and witty dialogue.

Mazur lived for many years in the area he writes about. Part of his work included that of freelance writer and photographer which brought him into contact with the editors of various small-town newspapers. He was also a member of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association (POWA). Currently, he resides in Kentucky.

THE BUCKSELLER (ISBN: 1-4137-0703-3) is published by PublishAmerica and can be ordered from any bookselling website. Or check with local booksellers for its availability.

For additional information about THE BUCKSELLER, the author F.E. Mazur, his previous and upcoming work, visit the website

Book Reviewers
  Looking for professional opinion?

Even though I have a fairly large list on the website... here's a few more to help you out.:

Notes in the Margin
Book reviews for real people, by a real person.

The Brothers Judd
Reviews of books of all genres, including the Modern Library Top 100, National Book Award winners, and current books. A complete directory of recommended authors and their works that have all been read by one or both of the Brothers Judd.

Steven Wu's Book Reviews
Reviews of novels from many genres, including science fiction, fantasy, and literature.

Portalmania's book reviews
Edward Hasting


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