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Betsie's Literary Page Newsletter
Betsie's Literary Page Newsletter )
  November 21, 2003 
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  • Greetings Everyone!

    Well Ladies & Gents we have a lot in store this week. And we hope all promotion efforts for all you authors out there are going well.

    Hey... ever get yourself into a situation you actually wished you had control over?

    Recently, Tripod has sent numerous apologies letters in regards to the mishap of our website. Although it took approximately six emails for them to actually "get" what the problem was. I felt compelled to ask: "hey, are there any job openings over there, yours perhaps?"

    Needless to say after emphazing the importance of getting our site back online, they assured me it would be soon! Just how "soon," we'll soon find out ^_^

    Alas, here's a little something I wanted to share with everyone News Interview
    Let me know what you think, oh and by the way, that is ALL my hair!

    Betsie has recently been spotted scheming in the shadows, but we'll have to see about that. Much depends on whether our readership increases or not. Our goal is go beyond the 2000 mark. Wanna help out? Then ask friends to sign up!!! LOL ok that was a little rough.


    In the News

    Magazines Face Reader Erosion, Two Out Of Three Titles Experience Declines

    As if U.S. magazine publishers didn't have enough to worry about, now they're also experiencing eroding readership. Magazine readership among major consumer magazines measured by Mediamark Research Inc. (MRI) declined 1.9 percent between the fall of 2002 and just-released estimates from MRI's fall 2003 survey

    The declines come at a time when the magazine industry is struggling to recover from a weak advertising marketplace and as its trade organization, the Magazine Publishers of America, has embarked on ambitious new research intended to glean new insights about how readers relate to magazines.

    Taking A Byte Out Of Cybercrime

    A federal investigation of online fraud has netted more than 125 arrests or convictions since it started last month, authorities said today.

    "Operation Cyber Sweep" focuses on schemes that have bilked more than 125,000 people worldwide out of more than $100 million, by the theft of credit card numbers, software piracy and using the Internet to sell stolen goods.

    What's interesting about this initiative is that it's truly a worldwide effort, and it speaks to law enforcement's willingness to go beyond U.S. borders to find cyber criminals. Not only have 50 state and regional task forces been formed to fight crime online, but the Department of Justice has spent time and money training law enforcement in other countries.

    Speaking of Crimes -Jackson's Neverland Ranch Raided

    Well if anyone knows how to grab headlines it's the MJ himself. -- A search warrant was issued on Nov. 18 for Michael Jackson's home as a new allegation of child molestation unfolded. This is not the first time that authorities have raided Jackson's home. Nearly 10 years ago the 45-year-old found himself the subject of an investigation when a 14-year-old boy accused the singer of molesting him. No criminal charges were ever brought in the case. And the case was eventually settled out of court.

    Although, yesterday MJ faced new charges of child molestation that could destroy the pop superstar's career and send him to prison for years.

    Bail, which was set at $3 million in a warrant, seemed easy for the pop star to post... or did he have to hock the houseafter all?

    CBS immediately annouced that it has pulled the Jackson music special planned for next Wednesday on his greatest hits and the impact on pop culture of the former child star who got his start with his brothers as a member of the singing-and-dancing Jackson 5.

    But you would figure after being dragged through the mud several times, MJ would have learned his lesson by now?

    I say we all chip in and get this guy some help! Psychologically that is ^_^

    JUST the Facts:

    This year alone the Treasury Department spent $33 million on advertising, marketing and education programs to promote the new- "pretty" $20 dollar bill. Yes I say pretty because its filled with a wonderful array of pastels.

    Personally I could have thought of a whole lot of things to spend that kind of money on... like paying my rent, promote my book... hell promote everybody's book and then some!!!!


    (2003) (Russell Crowe, Paul Bettany) (PG-13)

    Action/Drama: An early 19th century navy captain sets out to outsmart and catch his wily and more heavily armed French opponent.

    It's April 1805 and the only thing that stands between Napoleon and world domination is the British Navy. Accordingly, Captain "Lucky" Jack Aubrey (RUSSELL CROWE) is ordered to take his warship, the H.M.S. Surprise, and intercept the French frigate Acheron. Unbeknownst to Aubrey, the French captain has come around on the Surprise. After she mounts a fearsome attack on Aubrey's vessel and crew, the Brit manages to get the Surprise into a fogbank and escape capture and/or destruction. Aubrey's decision to stay the course and repair the ship while at sea rather than returning to port doesn't sit well with the crew, including the ship's surgeon, science officer and friend to the captain, Dr. Stephen Maturin (PAUL BETTANY).

    While tracking the course of the Acheron, Aubrey pushes the crew - that includes coxswain Barrett Bonden (BILLY BOYD), Lt. Tom Pullings (JAMES D'ARCY), uncertain midshipman Hollom (LEE INGLEBY) who doesn't have the respect of those under him, sailing master Mr. Allen (ROBERT PUGH) and young members Peter Calamy (MAX BENITZ) and Lord Blakeney (MAX PIRKIS) - to their limits. With additional violent encounters with the more heavily armored and armed Acheron as they sail around part of the world, Aubrey's determination to catch and defeat the enemy soon causes Maturin and others to question whether his motives are professional, personal or a combination of both.

    Rating: For those with any interest in 18th and 19th century seafaring or naval warfare, this is a must-see motion picture. For others, it's an enlightening and entertaining experience, but there's the issue of the slow middle act to overcome.

    (2003) (Brendan Fraser, Jenna Elfman) (PG)

    Animated Comedy: Human and cartoon characters join forces to stop the nefarious head of ACME from obtaining a supernatural diamond that can turn humans into monkeys.

    It's time for another Looney Tunes "Rabbit Season/Duck Season" animated short, but Daffy Duck (voice of JOE ALASKEY) is upset that he's constantly in the shadow of his more famous costar, Bugs Bunny (voice of JOE ALASKEY). When he demands more, Kate Houghton (JENNA ELFMAN), the VP of Comedy with Warner Bros., has him fired and orders security guard DJ Drake (BRENDAN FRASER) to escort the disgruntled duck from the lot.

    When she then fires DJ for accidentally felling the famed WB water tower, little does she know the trouble she's created. Not only is Bugs upset that he's now the one getting shot by Elmer Fudd (voice of BILLY WEST), but DJ turns out to be the son of the studio's most important star, Damien Drake (TIMOTHY DALTON). Things get more complicated when DJ learns that his father has been kidnapped by The Chairman (STEVE MARTIN), the nefarious head of the ACME Corporation. It turns out he wants to get his evil hands on the Blue Monkey diamond. The supernatural stone can turn humans into primates and then back again, something the Chairman figures will be good for business. Thus, DJ heads off - with Daffy in tow - for Las Vegas to rescue his father. With Kate and Bugs in hot pursuit, they end up meeting Vegas showgirl and covert spy Dusty Tails (HEATHER LOCKLEAR), have a run-in with rootin' tootin' Yosemite Sam, and discover Mother (JOAN CUSACK) and her secret lab.

    Rating: It's goofy fun.

    21 Grams
    Cast: Sean Penn, Benicio Del Toro, Naomi Watts, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Danny Huston, Clea DuVall, Marc Musso
    Director: Alejandro González Iñárritu
    Producers: Alejandro González Iñárritu, Robert Salerno Screenplay: Guillermo Arriago

    21 Grams is a stunning kaleidoscope of a motion picture - a mosaic of images that gradually resolves itself into a powerful tale of tragedy and redemption. Not only is this one of the year's most compelling motion pictures, but, in terms of structure, it's also one of the most intriguing and unique. Not since Memento (although I preferred Amores Perros) has a movie so successfully employed a non-linear chronology. The jigsaw puzzle approach used by director Alejandro González Iñárritu keeps us far more intrigued than a conventional vision of identical material would.

    Rating: In a word, amazing. It's one of those motion pictures that haunts your thoughts and won't let go.


    "The Haunted Mansion"

    directed by Rob Minkoff. Starring: Eddie Murphy, Terence Stamp, Jennifer Tilly, Wallace Shawn. After the enormous success of "Pirates of the Caribbean", Disney hopes to strike gold twice with this family comedy from the director of "Stuart Little". Murphy plays a workaholic real estate agent who promises his family some vacation time, but it goes sour when they get stranded at a haunted estate. November 26


    directed by Richard Donner. Starring: Paul Walker, Gerard Butler, Billy Connolly, Ethan Embry, Frances O'Connor. Michael Crichton's best-selling thriller gets adapted for the big screen as a team of archaeologists get transported back in time to the 14th century after their professor disappears. November 26

    Cooking South of the Border


    Ingredients needed:

    6 thin strips of sirloin
    2 chili anchos
    1 small tomato
    1 clove of garlic
    1/2 onion
    6 pieces of queso asadero
    6 tortillas
    2 avocados
    1 onion
    6 limes
    4 tablespoons of oil


    Toast, hollow out and soak the chilis. Liquify them with the tomato, garlic, onion and salt. Fry until the flavor peaks.

    Put lime and salt on the meat. Grill it, or barbecue it, preferably over a high flame.

    Grill the cheese very quickly, taking care that it doesn't burn.

    On each plate, place a strip of meat, a piece of the grilled cheese, a tortilla dipped in the salsa and folded over, a half lime, guacamole and slices of onion. Serve with hot tortillas and beans.

    Author Spotlight

    Title: Backwater
    Author: Morris L. Striplin
    Publisher: Crystal Dreams Publishing
    Genre: Romance/Suspense
    ISBN: 1-59146-005-0
    Price: 19.50

    Rating: Highly Recommended

    Hot Suspense Romeo and Juliet in the Bayou

    Backwater is an intriguing romance novel about a young law student, Josh Wagner, who during a visit home bumps into an old school mate, Ellen Pike. Josh and Ellen reminisce about old times and discover that they were made for each other. They spend a passionate weekend together and fall hopelessly in love.

    As their time together dwindles, they are saddened. Neither wants to end this glorious time. They decide that this is a great deal more than just a "romp in the hay." However, Josh is from a traditional, wealthy family and Ellen, is a poor working girl struggling to save money for nursing school. Realizing that they must soon part, they brand themselves with a symbol of their love. Josh and Ellen say their bittersweet good-byes with promises of when next they meet. Those promises are short lived when Ellen disappears. Josh is forced to face the reality that Ellen left of her accord and he ends up in a sour marriage.

    The author, Morris L. Striplin manages to simultaneously keep the reader in suspense regarding Ellen's disappearance, while Josh's unfortunate story unfolds.

    I truly enjoyed this intricately written fiction, because it reflects on true-life circumstances in which many marry for the wrong reasons. In addition, I was amazed at how well this "male" author penned romance. I highly recommend this steamy novel full of raw emotions the ending will surprise you!

    Reviewed by Juanita Reynolds

    Children's Book Reviews

    Mason Moves Away
    Mason Se Muda
    Author: Amy Crane Johnson
    Illustrated By Robb Mommaerts
    Publisher: Raven Tree Press, LLC.; (January 2004)
    Reading level: Ages 4-8
    Library Binding
    Price: 16.95
    ISBN 0972019235

    Rating: Recommended

    This story is about Mason the beaver that learns a lesson in change. Children will love this wonderful, easy to follow story. It keeps the interest of the audience and reader. Children can identify with its context and plot.

    The story teaches that when faced with conflict we must question it and get down to the matter, so that the same mistakes won't continue to be made. Although unwanted change may be frightening, with the help and support of some special friends, the consequences may surprise you.

    The bilingual English-Spanish text is educational and fun for monolinguals. A glossary of words is also included.

    The illustrations were appropriate to the storyline and wonderfully told the dilemma of the forest creatures.

    Yelly Kelly
    Kelly, el Griton
    Author: Nancy Sweetland
    Illustrated By Robert Sweetland
    Publisher: Raven Tree Press, LLC.; Bilingual edition (February 2004)
    Reading level: Ages 4-8
    Library Binding: 32 pages
    Price: 16.95
    ISBN: 0972019200

    Rating: Highly Recommended

    Kelly's family is tired of hearing him scream and yell all the time over nothing. They come up with a plan to teach him a lesson; that crying doesn't help if you do it all time.

    This humorous children's tale teaches the parent, that in some instances children will understand and figure things out for themselves once they go through a situation on their own. If children don't respond appropriately to verbal instructions that show them how to do it, there may be another option to help them.

    The children learn that instead of making a lot of noise over nothing all the time, people won't believe you when you do need help.

    This story is well told with a superb English to Spanish style. The imagery and projection are vivid. You can almost envision a child you once may have met that yelled and screamed constantly.

    The action illustrations were wonderful, exciting, and full of energy. The pictures are very well drawn and sharp, the colors are great.

    This book is highly recommended for small children; especially those that are preschool aged, who still have the tendency to be a Yelly Kelly.

    On The Banks of the Amazon
    En las orillas del Amazonas
    Written By Nancy Kelly Allen
    Ilustrated By Elizabeth Driessen
    Publisher: Raven Tree Press, LLC.; (January 2004)
    Reading level: Ages 4-8
    Library Binding
    Price: 16.95
    ISBN: 0972019278

    Rating: Consider

    This book covers a day in the life of safari photographers within the Amazon.

    This observational tale of the creatures encountered in the Amazon doing their daily routines is told with brilliant imagery; giving great details of the forest's lush green scenery and bright clear blue skies.

    The story will take the children to another world with its great details and illustrations. Every page depicts beautiful illustrations, bright and colorful with plenty of images to see. Some of the images aren't sharp and it makes it harder to determine what is seen, but children will like this book of observation.

    * Note *

    All three of these books were reviewed by Demetria Harris and her three daughters.

    For Aspiring Writers


    Just as your mind's eye can visualize images, it can also imagine other sensations. Can you hear the sound rain on a tin roof? It's a sound you'd want to be able to imagine if you were writing something like the script "Rain." Can you hear the ping of bullets? You'd need to hear that sound if you were writing something like "Boyz N the Hood."

    How about the roar of engines at the race track? Wind in the trees? Someone diving into water?A waterfall? Or a faucet dripping?

    If you had trouble with one of these images, such as the faucet dripping then go to the bathroom and turn it on and let it drip, drip, drip. After a few seconds turn it off, and try to remeber the sound.

    Here's what happened to me: I noticed after it whirred from the spout there was a gurgle as it went down the drain.

    Sense out your own house, but don't just listen. Feel, Touch, as well then imagine how you might use these in your story.

    **** Be sure to proofread and ask others to check your grammar and punctuation. Errors not only make your work hard to read, but also makes you look unprofessional.

    For Screenwriters

    Screenplay's are not much different than writing a book. Seeing as you only have 95-100 pp to "show" your story. Yes they are compressed, but it doesn't mean they deserve less attention.

    Giving Characters Depth

    One of the most common flaws of working on a rewrite of a script is that the original author often creates what is called a "two dimensional" or "flat" character. What happens when you read a script with flat characters is that you have little to no emotional reaction to the events that the flat character experiences.

    Causing a reader to have an emotional experience when reading your script is the first step in the process of your script being made into a film. The emotion the reader experiences could be amusement, fear, outrage, etc., but they need to feel something. If your character doesn't seem like a real breathing person who has dreams, fears and ambitions, then the reader won't feel much emotion when reading your script.

    If you make it your business to inquire, you'll discover that everyone out there has a whole list of goals, fears, hopes, dreams and other things that are important to them. It's surprisingly easy to get people to tell you these things. In my day-to-day life I chat up just about every retail clerk, Subway guy, etc. I'm always surprised by how quickly people want to share their lives with me. The things that people tell you are things that you can give your characters.

    If you have a character in a script that you want to give depth to -- you can make him complain to someone about how outrageous it is that he had to pay for his merchandise. In fact, maybe he can cite this as a reason that there's no way in hell he's going to pay the amount requested. Granted, it's a small thing, but now your character has some life. Think about it, isn't it easy to imagine a guy who is frustrated because of a bill?

    Giving your characters depth isn't giving them a limp or a speech impediment. Use the things real people worry about and then find clever ways to tell your reader about it without just announcing in your narrative, "JOHN, 30's, is still angry because he had to pay an outrageous bill ten years ago." If your characters have depth, people will have much stronger emotional reactions to the events that affect them.

    For Authors


    Tip #1: Mind your language

    Write in plain simple English - explaining your story clearly. Avoid technical jargons and flowery words. Spell check and grammar-proof your press release.

    If you can't write well, get a professional PR writer to do your press release. It's worth the investment. Poorly written press releases are rarely read. Don't botch up your business image by sending out a badly written press release.

    Tip #2: Spice it up

    Spice up your press release with an exciting headline that grab the editors' attention. The toughest stage of any media campaign is getting editors to read the press release - and they get a lot of press releases daily!

    Include interesting quotes from relevant people to liven up your press release. Just check out the newspapers. Almost every article has at least one quote.


    This is a list of the Rights owned by an Author. Each of these Rights can be offered for sale together or separately. When negotiating with an Agent or Publisher or when Self Publishing your work you must protect these rights.

    1. Book Club
    2. Electronic Media Rights (Internet or Web)
    3. Excerpt Rights
    4. Film Rights
    5. Foreign Rights
    6. Reprint Rights
    7. Revised Edition Rights
    8. Serial Rights
    9. Syndication Rights
    10.Subsidiary Rights

    Remember these rights when negotiating ANY of your property!

    LOOKING TO INCREASE BOOK SALES OR SETUP A SIGNING? Then heres's a list of bookshops to get you started.

    Specialty Bookstores

    Murder on the Beach (formerly Murder on Miami Beach), in Delray Beach, FL specializes in mystery, romance, thrillers, true crime, horror and children's. The store accepts self-published and small press mystery books, although it is partial to Florida writers. Send books to Joanne Sinchuk. Winter hours are Mon - Tues 10-6, Wed - Sat 10-9, and Sun 12-5.

    Brain Snacks is an independent bookstore specializing in mystery, science fiction/fantasy, and romance books. Since opening six years ago, we have expanded the roleplaying and game section, ventured into rubbber stamping, and added a number of quirky gift items. Brain Snacks is located at: 5221 Main Street, Downers Grove, IL Phone: 630.241.1040 Fax: 630.241.1043

    San Francisco Mystery Bookstore accepts books from small publishers. New and forthcoming titles are featured on its website,, and publishers and self-publishers might want to send galleys to be included. More San Francisco specialty bookstores are listed at (search: specialty bookstores).

    The Spy Store at the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. The store sells books on espionage, spying and some military histories, and occasionally accepts books from small publishers and self-published authors. Books can be sent to Matt Arnold, who says he accepts "very few fiction titles since we are primarily a museum store.Covert military histories dealing mostly with para-military subjects are covered. Overt military subjects dealing with conventional military warfare are not. The exception would be books emphasizing the Pentagon's military intelligence gathering capabilities."

    Flights of Fantasy Books, Games & Accessories is "always happy to work with small presses" and self-publishers. Its website,, boasts the largest collection of new and used science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and suspense and romance books in the Capital District of New York State.

    Book Shop at Brookside
    116 West 63rd St.,
    Kansas City, mO. 64113
    Owner(s): Roy and Sandra Beaty, Steve Paul
    Type of bookstore: General
    Inventory size: 60,000

    Second Story Books
    Location: Multiple locations, including Bethesda, Rockville and Dupont Circle

    Note: Very large used and antiquarian books operation in DC area. It sometimes has a surprising assortment of books.
    Visit for more info.

    Anderson's Book Shops, Inc.
    5429 Center Mall,
    Kansas City, Mo. 64119
    Owner(s): Corporation William and Jeannie Anderson
    Type of bookstore: General
    Inventory size: 100,000

    Media Leads and More!


    Diane Durrett Agency
    727 22nd Street
    Sacramento CA, 95816
    Tel: 916-492-9003
    Send query with SASE

    The Richard Herman Talent Agency
    124 Lasky Drive 2nd Floor
    Beverly Hills CA, 90212
    Tel: 310-550-8913
    Fax: 310-550-0259

    Preferred Artists
    16633 Ventura Blvd. Suite 1421
    Encino CA, 91436
    Tel: 818-990-0305
    Fax: 818-990-2736
    *Run by legendary Lew Weitzman, a nice man and fine agent. His son Paul also is an agent. Small agency. Write to Brad Rosenfeld.

    The Schechter Company
    9300 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 400
    Beverly Hills CA, 90212
    Tel: 310-278-8070
    * Attn: Frank Balkin Send a query with a SASE. Query should include 2-4 sentence logline.


    Nuance Productions (Paul Reiser)
    345 N. Maple Drive Ste 208
    Beverly Hills CA, 90210
    Tel: 310-247-1870

    Original Voices
    2617 3rd Street
    Santa Monica CA, 90405
    Tel: 310-392-3479


    1) Any 5 Films

    I am looking for a completed script that is either a true story or a legend about Native Americans. We are NOT WGA signatory, so only non-WGA members should submit.

    Any 5 Films /Jenny Lynn Video is an independent company and has several awards, including Tellys, Vision, Aurora, ITVA, and 4 time winners at the Atlantic City Film Festival, where we won the GRAND PRIZE, in 2001

    Please e-mail a logline only to:
    Tony Picciotti

    Company: Fearmakers Studios
    Credits: Death4Told
    Is there money upfront? Yes
    Contact Info:
    Contact Person: Bo
    Years In Business: 3
    Writer Wanted:
    Screenplay Wanted: Fearmakers Studios, the creators of Death4Told, the horror anthology starring Margot (SUPERMAN) Kidder and Lecy (TV's ROSEANNE) Goranson, has begin development on their second horror feature and are now accepting horror screenplay submissions. Screenplays not accompanied by a release form will not be accepted.

    Release forms can be downloaded: here.
    Submissions should be mailed to the address listed on the release form. No emails submissions will be accepted, and emails with attachments will be immediately deleted. Deadline for submissions is Dec. 15, 2003.

    Company: Questar Productions
    Is there money upfront? No (But posssible for future projects)
    Contact Person: Rod
    Years In Business: start up
    Writer Wanted:
    Screenplay Wanted: Hello, I am seeking for an outstanding horror short screenplay for an upcoming short film fest sponsored by a major #1 worldwide horror publication. FANFORIA ( screenplay must not exceed 13 minutes running time with minimal locations. ( That can be done a NO/LOW/LOW budget. The premise is featuring young tough female heroines (teens-mid 20's, aka BUFFY,ALIAS, SCREAM, FRIDAY THE 13TH etc.) I am looking to begin production within the next 1-2 weeks. This competion will feature excellent exposure opportunities. Please e-mail synopsis at first to( for those selected I will be contacting with further details on how to proceed. Thanks everyone.

    11/6/03 Company: Handheld Productions
    Credits: Getting Played, Extreme Honor, Black Rose
    Is there money upfront? Negotiable
    Contact Person: Jeff Harrier
    Years In Business: 7
    Writer Wanted:
    Screenplay Wanted: Screenplays wanted with strong character driven stories romantic drama, suspense, and mystery thrillers, in the vein of Fatal Attraction, Basic Instinct, or Unfaithful. Only send us a logline or one page synopsis no attachments please.



    LOS ANGELES, CA 90025

    HOUSTON, TX 77002

    Contests... Contests!

    100 Word Writing Contest #5

    What can you do with 100 words? Here is your chance to win a free writing class ($395 value) and be published in our brochure. Show us what you can do with 100 words. Write about any topic you like!

    The winning entry will be published in the Gotham Spring 2004 brochure and posted online at The author will receive a free 10-Week Writing Workshop.

    The contest is easy to enter, and there are no fees. Just follow the required steps: here


    The 4th Annual /The Radmin
    Company 2004 Screenwriting Competition

    Final Deadline: January 31, 2004

    The Radmin Company will read top 50 screenplays. Ten Finalists Get to Pitch their Winning Script to a Hollywood Producer. First Prize $5,000; 2nd Prize $1,000; 3rd Prize $500

    Go here for info


    Deadline Nov. 24

    Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to be considered for literary representation by industry-leader Energy Entertainment, who will be sponsoring scr(i)pt magazine's next Open Door Screenwriting Contest. The deadline is fast approaching so send your screenplay in today!

    Who is Energy? Energy is home to some of the hottest up-and-coming feature film writers in Hollywood and functions in two primary capacities: to develop spec scripts and pitches with clients, to sell to the studios and to provide career counseling to clients in regards to open writing assignments and original ideas. Energy has a first-look deal with Sony-based Original Film ("SWAT," "Sweet Home Alabama," "XXX," "The Fast and the Furious").

    The winner of this contest receives $3,000 CASH, consideration for literary representation by Energy, screenwriting software provided by Final Draft, a $200 gift certificate from The Writers Store, promotions from and Script PIMP - plus much more!

    Deadline: November 24th, 2003
    Entry Fee: $45

    For more information visit: here


    1st. Prize: $50.00. 2nd. Prize: $25.00. 3rd. Prize: $15.00. Plus Honorable Mentions. Compose a travel writing story about vacation travel. The story should not be written in the first person.

    Winners will be published in future issues of the WRITERS´Journal. Length must not exceed 2,000 words.


    You can find all the details: here

    THE RUNNER´S HIGH -Sponsored by Breakaway Books -- submit a personal essay (no fiction or poetry, please) between 750 and 2000 words, on the subject of the runner´s high. First prize: $1000. Second prize: $500. Third prize $250.

    Open to all writers, professional or amateur, from anywhere in the world. (English-language submissions only, please.)

    There is no entry fee. Details: here


    Any advice I give is based on my personal experience as a writer. I am by far not the ultimate authority on this business. **

    We hope you enjoyed this week's newsletter, and thanks for reading!

    We welcome and appreciate forwarding of our newsletters in their entirety or in part with proper attribution. (c) Betsie's Literary Page 2003

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