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A Lucky Pair
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Title: A Lucky Pair

Author: Frances Dinkins Strong

Illustrated by: Mattie Dinkins Roscoe

Publisher: Learning Abilities Books (November 2002)

ISBN: 0972026703

Genre: Children's Fiction

Reading level: K-3

Paperback; 28pp



Rating: Highly Recommended


March 27, 2004


The Hamilton's are looking to purchase a tame enough horse for their nine-year old daughter Amy, when they come across a malnourished horse that is up for sale. Even so after a test ride, he seems to move pretty good, is very quiet and has a great temperament, traces of an equine star. Mr. Hamilton feels he would make a great horse for Amy and by the next day they return to pick him up.


Once home, Amy names him Lucky. It turns out Amy has tunnel vision, can barely see in the light of day and later Lucky goes blind in his right eye. The two build a bond of ever-lasting friendship, one depending on the other.


This is absolutely a delightful tale that reminded me much of the classic movie "The Black Stallion," and much like the movie A Lucky Pair achieves a magical atmosphere that children, as well as adults will enjoy.


Positively one book which will make a wonderful addition to any child's library. Lesson plans are included on the author's website.


Reviewed by Betsie