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My Story by Francis the Bird
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      A tribute to love and the many rewards that it can bring.

Title: My Story by Francis the Bird
Author: Carla C. Cain

ISBN: 0971708800

Publisher: F.S. Press; (December 2003)

Genre: Children's Book

Paperback: 16 pages (Hardcover)

Price: $19.95


Rating: Highly Recommend


March 10, 2004


Francis is a fragile baby sparrow that fell from his nest on a spring morning.  Through beautiful color photographs, we watch first hand the passage of time beginning with Franciss arrival into the author's life.  We watch the small sparrow grow until he "leaves the humans nest."  This book serves as a reminder that every creature, human or nonhuman, can flourish and grow with love.


It is obvious that the author remained patient and nurturing as the photographs were taken.  These color photographs of the small bird against a soft satin-like background highlight this book's simplicity.  I read this one to my 6-year-old daughter last night and many children will echo her words.  As I closed the book she asked me, "Daddy, can I bring this to show and tell?"


Excellent job Francis!  Tell your assistant Carla C. Cain that we look forward to hearing from you both again!  Thank you for reminding me of how one simple, loving action can enhance the lives of the person giving and receiving this wonderful emotion.


Tyrone Vincent Banks