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Every Dream Interpreted
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      REM is more than sleep mode!

Title: Every Dream Interpreted

Author: Veronica Tonay

Publisher: Collins & Brown; (May 28, 2003)

Genre: How To

Paperback: 272 pp

ISBN: 1843400510


Rating: Recommended


March 4, 2004

Every Dream Interpreted is a mystical, as well as scientific view into the world of dreams. Using research gathered by several psychological dream experts, Dr. Tornay explains how to gain insight into self and others. Through four main theories, developed by Freud, Jung, Gestalt, and phenomenology.


The views developed by these researches range from dreams representing subconscious sexual aggression, desires, and fears to simply another state of once awareness and expression.


In addition to theories on interpretation of dreams this author defines the different stages of sleep along with the significance of their importance in maintaining a healthy mental balance.


With the use of vivid illustrations, charts, graphs, questionnaires, and scenarios from actual real life dreamers this book makes it possible for analysis of many types of dreams.


Finally, use of the word every always causes an exception, this is the mystery portion of dream interpretation. Perception of the analyzer, meaning the same dream may be perceived differently depending on which theory used and the dreamer. Recommended as adjunct in psychotherapy, counseling, and any individuals in search of self-enlightenment.

Reviewed by Juanita Reynolds