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After the Fall
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   Horror at its deepest level, unleashed from within. Read the words, visualize the scene and be scared!

Title: After the Fall
Author: Monica Y. Russell

ISBN: 1413705863

Publisher: Publish America; (November 2003)

Genre: Horror
Paperback: 134pp

Price: $19.95

Rating: Highly Recommended


February 21, 2004


When I read the back cover of After the Fall, as I do every time I begin reading a book, I was immediately drawn into the plot. I had the pleasure of reading an excerpt back in July 2003 and I thought that I knew where the story was going. I visualized this to be a story about love lost and obsession. I assumed that the plot would unfold to reveal a horrific scene brought on by jealously or mistrust. However, by the thirteenth page, I discovered that I was wrong.


This book goes deeper than any simple obsession. Jayce Paul, the main character, needs her ex-boyfriend King Brown in many ways. He was the one that kept her grounded. He was the only one that she wanted in her life. He was the only one that could pull her back from the demons that were obsessed with Jayce literally. Jayce Paul had many demons that struggled to keep her within their realm and those demons had grown tired of King Brown and his constant heroics. Therefore, as he pulled her back from their grasp, they sent more demons to punish him for his interference.


Through vivid description the author explains the chaos, the pain and the blood that is spilled in this power struggle. If you visualize this as if watching a horror movie, you will be scared as surprises wait in the shadows and leap out at every corner. Monica Russell has just begun to tell the stories that play out in her mind and roam the plains of her dark side. I am confident that with each and every book that follows, she will continue to live out her dream of giving you nightmares.
Reviewed by: Tyrone Banks