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Adventures of Riley: Safari in South Africa
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          A boy's adventure!

Adventures of Riley: Safari in South Africa

Written by Amanda Lumry and Laura Hurwitz

Illustrations by: Sarah McIntyre

Publisher: Eaglemont Press; (October 2003)

Price: $15.95

Hardcover; 36pp

ISBN: 0966225783


Rating: Highly Recommended


This scholarly tale of 9-year-old Riley on "Safari in South Africa," with his cousin Alice, aunt Martha, and uncle Max take census of the different breeds of animals.


Riley learns the eco system is the responsibility of everyone and every creature in the world must do its part for the world to continue to survive and have balance. Poachers, predators, and developers however tip the scales of the eco system and cause the animal population to become endangered.


With each animal they encounter, some fun and interesting facts are revealed regarding their behaviors, eating styles, and play.


The authors evoke the help of several zoologist, conservationist, and educators in the animal fields for references and include next to the fun facts illustrations of the references.


This tale has awesome illustrations, set on the background of actual safari scenes and with real pictures of safari wildlife. You too will feel as if you were on this adventure.


The Adventures of Riley in South Africa is one of a series of - Riley's tales. This book contains information on accessing the Internet so kids can continue more adventures, and a passport book with a stamp of South Africa, so when they read a different book they can collect the stamps.


Children will absolutely love this book and learn from it.


**A portion of the proceeds will go to the Wildlife Conservation, Smithsonian Institute: Educational Mission and the World Wildlife Fund.

For more information or to purchase your own copy go their.


Website: http://www.eaglemontpress.com


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