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Interview Worksheet
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Hopefully this sample sheet will help you get ready for theat next big interview.

Interview Preparation Worksheet

Interview with: _______________________________________________



Please select one.


Indicate by check mark.


Award-winning author

Up and coming author

Brand new Author

Soon to be published author: ______________________ has written

(author or writers name)

______________ and published _____ novels since her/his career began in _________.


(number) (number) (year)



Since then she/he has received publicity (and) a (or several)

nominations (and) an (or several) awards for her book(s).

______________________ received the ______________________

(author or writers name) (type of nomination(s) or award(s)

award of ______________________ from __________________________

(name of nomination(s) or award(s) (giver of nomination(s) or award(s)

and is also a finalist for the ______________________________________.

(if there is yet another kind of nomination or award)


Please use the space below to list any kinds of additional recognition of your work as an author, or noteworthy accomplishments in regard to your writing career. Include invitations to travel and/or speak: advanced degrees, post graduate studies, special projects, honorary memberships, etc.






These are just a few of her/his accomplishments, and if you have ever read one of her/his books, you know she/he is a name to watch for_____________________.

__________________________ lives with her/his husband/wife, their _____  kids, (author or writers name) (number) and a ________________________ near ___________________, _______. (name pet or something unusual) (name of largest city near where you live)




Interviewer Name: ___________________________



Interviewer: Tell us about whatever youve been working on lately.




(skip to next question if there is no such thing as a latest book in your case)



Interviewer: And please tell us about your latest book.






Interviewer: When did you first start writing? Have you always wanted to write?






Interviewer: What satisfies you about writing? What keeps you at it?






Interviewer: Where do you get your ideas for your book(s)?






Interviewer: Who has influenced you the most in terms of developing your personal writing?




(if you are just writing your first or if you only have one novel, then discuss it here)



Interviewer: Which of your novels do you consider your best work? Why?






Interviewer: How important is research in your writing?






Interviewer: What is your writing day like?






Interviewer: Who do you read for fun?






Interviewer: What's it like to spend a day with you?






Interviewer: What do you do to relax? Do you have any hobbies?






Interviewer: Do you have an autograph tour coming up soon? If so, tell us the schedule?






Interviewer: How can readers contact you?



Author: Visit my web site at www._____     com,  e-mail _______        or write to me  at_________________________      I love meeting readers.



Interviewer: Thank you, _________________________________.