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Overcoming Writer's Block
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There is nothing more frustrating for a writer than writers block.

Writers block occurs and you just sit in front of your page or computer screen, trying so hard to force out a word that none come at all. You are blocked, it seems as though you will never be able to write another word and you don't know how to get yourself out of this quandary.


It's probably not likely that you have simply run out of things to say, so lets explore some different ways to break through writers block and have you on your way again!


One of the most entertaining ways to break through writers block is the sack of words. Cut out interesting or unique words from newspapers and magazines and put them all in a paper bag or a bowl. Pick some words randomly and write a story, poem or article around them. Since the sack gave you a few words already, it's sort of like having a head start on writing something.


Stream of consciousness writing is where you sit down and just write everything that comes to your mind. This style of writing often clears out clutter from your mind and allows you to get to the deeper things beneath and start writing seriously again.

A new voice. Sometimes, if you write from another point of view, especially a drastically different one than your own, you can break through the boundaries of yourself. This is a fun and creative way to explore your writing, for example, writing from a mans point of view if you are a woman, or writing from a child's point of view when you are an adult, etc.


Journaling is another good way to get through block. All of our days are filled with something, and if we put the somethings down on paper, they will be out of the way. Look in your journal a month or two back and pick something to expand on. You'll be surprised to see how much things have changed in a month or two.


Above all, keep your pen moving, even if all it is saying is uh, um, uh, um...  


If you stop, you'll be tempted to never go back again, which seems pretty ridiculous since every writer becomes blocked from time to time.