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Firecracker Jones Is On the Case
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      Encyclopedia Brown meets Napoleon Dynamite…

Title: Firecracker Jones Is On the Case

Author: Christopher Klim

Publisher:  Hopewell Publications (July 4, 2005)

Genre:  Fiction

ISBN:  0972690670

Paperback: 111 pages


October 7, 2005


Francis Jones is a not so typical high school student.  He has a small circle of friends, is always looking for acceptance and has just assigned himself the task of locating a missing person – who happens to be his best friend and football hero, Ted.  Ted disappeared without a trace and the adults in the community have remained very evasive when asked about his whereabouts.  The adults’ odd behavior and Firecracker Jones’ overactive imagination formulate several conspiracy theories that just don’t pan out.


I liken Firecracker or “F” – as his friends call him - to two figures from two different generations.  Encyclopedia Brown;  for his uncanny investigative skills and unique techniques and Napoleon Dynamite for his awkwardness that does not sway him from accomplishing the things that he puts his mind to.  With this formula, you have a likeable character, with a very active imagination and the ability to surprise you every time. We have access to his thoughts and his perception of himself and how he fits into various situations.


As Firecracker and his friend Oliver Chubinski (a.k.a. Chub) set off to find Ted, the laughs continue as this odd-couple finds themselves in one mishap after another. One afternoon, there’s a break in the case and Firecracker uses his detective skills to locate Ted.  F, Chub and Chub’s large bag of food make there way across town and what they find will change them forever.


Firecracker Jones Is on the Case is written in a style reminiscent of Judy Blume; where you get inside the character’s head and start to have fun walking in their shoes for a few miles.  You live in his inner thoughts and experience his distractions and words from his imagination.  This was one of the best books that I’ve read lately and I will look for the sequel!!


Reviewed by Tyrone V. Banks

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