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Think Safe: Practical Measures
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  A Comprehensive Guide to Keeping Yourself and Your Family Safe.

Title: Think Safe: Practical Measures to Increase Security at Home, at Work, and Throughout Life

Author: James M. McGrew

Publisher:  Cameo Publications (January 2005)

Genre:  Safety

ISBN:  0974414964

Paperback: 168 pages

Price:  $19.95


Rating: Highly Recommended


September 29, 2005


This book is one that every parent should read regarding the steps that we should take to keep ourselves and family members safe from the predators that converge on us from every direction.  It offers insightful data and current statistics coupled with real time solutions that you can implement in your lives right away.  The book is organized into sections that range from protecting infants to protecting older adults and financial resources.  It does not scare you into making rash, paranoid decisions.  It presents the facts, statistics, resolution and precautions to take to prevent you from becoming a victim of various crimes.


You receive an abundance of safety precautions for parents, women and the elderly.  You learn about increasing safety at work.  You learn about preventing fraud and also about the various scams that enter our homes via cyberspace or by way of a knock on the door by a home repair person.  I tried to think of the most unusual crimes and yes – the answers were found in the pages of Think Safe: Practical Measures to Increase Security at Home, at Work, and Throughout Life.


I compare this book to the self-care medical books that many of us rely on to determine if we need professional medical attention.  You simply check the index or table of contents for the situation that you wish to research, turn to the appropriate page and begin resolving and preventing various crimes.  It is in no way an answer to all problems, but if we heed the advice that is given, we can prevent many unfortunate events that affect our lives and our wallets.


The Author James McGrew has been a law enforcement officer and is the president and CEO of an investigative and security consulting firm located in San Jose.  He has more than 30 years experience in planning, implementing and managing security programs in private and public sectors. He is the recipient of a Masters degree in Administration of Justice from San Jose is a Certified Protection Professional, Certified Fraud examiner and a licensed Private Investigator. In summary, he knows what he is talking about and he is serous about keeping you and your family safe.



Reviewed by Tyrone V. Banks

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