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The Skeleton Key
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 Rating: 3 Stars

Caroline, a a nursing student/hospice worker, is hired to tend a dying stroke victim, Ben Devereaux. Devereaux resides in an enormous mansion in the Louisiana bayou, where he's watched over by his wife, Violet.

Viewers will learn that in New Orleans many of its inhabitants practice a strange sort of magic known as Hoodoo not Voodoo. A craft which the southern rooted Violet regurlarly uses.

Caroline soon discovers that a pair of century-old spirits haunt the mansion. The spirits are evil and are manipulating the living to fit their desires, and Caroline herself is at the center of one of their sinister schemes.

Let's look at some of the cons for this film:

  1. Devereaux dies while Caroline is reading “Treasure Island” (horrible portrayal of nurses/caretakers)
  2. Violet sends Caroline to the attic for some packets of seeds instead of in the gardener’s shed?
  3. Caroline finds a hidden door. The skeleton key Violet gave her, which is "supposed" to open every door in the house won’t open it.
  4. Something is lurking behind the door, rattling the knob, emitting bright beams of light under the door and making noises, but we never find out what the thing is.
  5. This film contains every haunted house cliché

The screenwriter for this film is the very same who translated "The Ring" -Ehren Kruger... To be honest I wasn't scared by the Ring either. Amazingly enough he also wrote one of my all time favorites "Arlington Road." * Go figure