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Dream Catcher of the Raven
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                An exciting tale that I could not put down!

Title: Dream Catcher of the Raven

Author: Ken Ramirez

Publisher: (Still Unpublished)

Genre: Fiction

ISBN: (Pending)

Paperback: 265 pages


Rating: Highly Recommended!


August 6, 2005

I started reading this manuscript almost one year ago and personally I am excited that this will make it to print.  “Dream Catcher of the Raven” is a tale comprised of a diverse group of exciting characters who own portions of the book as we move towards the climax.


  We have the story of our main character, Ty, his younger brother Seth and friend Tanner.  They stumble upon a remarkable stretch of land untouched by civilization to an extent.  The land once belonged to a former Buffalo Soldier named Clay Cooper and his beautiful Native American bride Maka Wakanda.  They promised to protect the land and keep it out of the hands of those who would plunder the land the remove the abundant gold hidden in the area.


Next we have Curtis and Carl Cooper.  Clay Cooper was their Great Uncle and they have purchased the family’s land with the intention of finding gold and stripping it from the earth.  They are accompanied by and older ex-con named Skinny and a muscle-bound ex-con with a kind heart named Eight Pack.  Unbeknownst to the other people in town, they have located the gold and have to go underwater to retrieve it.


The guardianship of the land has been passed down to Clay Cooper and his wife Maka Wakanda.  They in turn advise their daughter Nevar of her responsibility to the land.  Years later Nevar has selected someone else to replace her as the guardian of their small piece of land and that someone else is Tyler Dettin. 


Tyler respects the land that the Cooper boys have selected to plunder.  He is chosen to stop them before they complete their task.  He is given a dream catcher as a gift from Nevar.  In his dreams he is allowed to see into the future and this foreknowledge will guide him in his task. A huge Raven also serves as his companion and at times protector.


Ken Ramirez has woven a clever tale written in a refreshing and enjoyable style.  The character development is impeccable and the use of three separate stories that converge at the end also gives the reader an enhanced view of the situation.  You know each character’s motivation and the “scenes” flow together well as we journey through the storyline.


Once I started reading, I did not want to put the book down or miss a single word.  There are no cumbersome statements and paragraphs in this book as each event happens for a reason and we see how the characters react. I could see this entire tale filmed as a Disney movie that both educates and entertains it viewers, regardless of their age group.  Please pick up a copy of this remarkable book written by a talented author.  You will enjoy this read and walk away with a smile!


Reviewed by Tyrone Vincent Banks