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Once A Bride
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      Delightful medieval romance!

Title: Once A Bride
Author: Shari Anton

Publisher: Warner Forever (April, 2004)

Genre: Romance/Fiction

ISBN: 0446612278

Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages



Rating: Highly Recommended


July 17, 2005


The Sovereignty in the year of 1333 has charged a noble named Sir John Hamelin with treason and then holds him a prisoner. Sir John Hamelin waits in the Tower of London for the King's verdict. Sir Hamelin informs his daughter Eloise that he has not performed any of treacherous acts he is being charged of.


The Earl of Kenworth soon arrives, accompanied by a noble knight, Sir Roland St. Marten. The Knight, by the King has been ordered to handle the properties of Eloise. There is history between Eloise and the Knight. St. Marten happens to be the half-brother of Eloise's deceased fiancÚ who died on the church steps just prior to their wedding vows. While the Earl of Kenworth is out for revenge. Eloise summons her brother to help with their case. Sir John ultimately turns himself over to another Earl and winds up in the Tower of London.


This suspenseful medieval novel focuses on society's ease in the condemning of a loyal noble subject and the difficulty in proving one’s innocence. Something not too far fetched from today’s society!


Readers can easily relate to these characters: individuals plagued by love, guilt, influence, conspiracy and treason. Normally, I’m not a romance reader, but I can assure fans they will be satisfied with this underhanded plot of court intrigue. Well-done Ms. Anton!


Reviewed by Betsie

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