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Shelby and the Shifting Rings
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                      Wonderful story!

Title: Shelby and the Shifting Rings

Author: A.M. Veillon

Publisher: Parity Press (May 2005)

Genre: YA Fantasy

ISBN: 0976201550

Paperback; 167pages


Also available in Hardcover


Rating: Highly Recommended


July 12, 2005


At twelve, Shelby Shodworth after having just buried her mother is shipped off to an uncle she’s never even heard of “The Colonel,” also known as Leviticus, her father's brother. In her new home within Watercrest County, on Patchberry Lane she meets and befriends a wiry chatterbox, Casey Calper. Shelby spends much of her time trying to find things to be thankful for then adds them to her “thankful things” list, and Casey Calper was something to be thankful for.


Shelby doesn’t know much about her father other than he died in a fire ten years ago and a star shaped piece of silver that once belonged to him was been given to her several days prior to her mother’s death.


Life takes a quick turn for Shelby once she enrolls as a new student at Ms. Peabonnet’s Academy for Girls. Here she meets a brainy, Molly MacPac. Both girls are instantly caught up in an exciting mystery involving a dark-cloaked stranger and a missing academy professor.


Shelby searches for answers, and with Molly MacPac’s help, they uncover a hidden time travel portal underneath the school, hidden in tunnels. Shelby finds the courage to use the time travel portal and unravels the mystery of her family’s secret past!


Author A.M. Veillon livens this great read with many colorful and memorable characters that add mystery and draw mix emotions within you; and the author does not leave out the problems a young girl could encounter beginning a new school. Making new friends, battling the school bully, and dealing with a teacher who appears to dislike her, all make for a realistic story.


Reviewed by Betsie

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