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The Ice Chorus
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A Woman Relives A Portion Of Her Life And Rediscovers Herself.

Title: The Ice Chorus
Author: Sarah Stonich

Publisher: Little, Brown (February 2005)

Genre: Fiction

ISBN: 0316815551

Paperback: 336 pages



Rating: Highly Recommended


February 22, 2005


The Ice Chorus is a retelling of events that shaped the life of the main character Liselle.  We find her in Ireland as she tries to rebuild her life.  Through her memories and conversations we find out the results of many of her life’s decisions.  She has fallen in love with another man and her marriage is in shambles.  Her seventeen-year-old son communicates with her but we are certain that this relationship is damaged as well.  With no other recourse perceived she travels to Ireland and awaits Charlie, the passionate artist who taught her to enjoy life and celebrate the beauty that she does not see for herself.


As she rediscovers herself she rediscovers her deceased father’s past and the secrets that were taken to the grave only to be rediscovered by Liselle.  We live life through her eyes and witness vibrant flashbacks and snippets of conversation that often lead us into a dance with her emotions.  We can see how and why she has changed and now we will find out where she will go from this point forward.


This book can be deemed poetic storytelling or even a journal of sorts. It is told in a way that will inspire you to live the moment and paint what you have seen.  There are so many ideas and emotions that make up this “spiritual paint” but at the conclusion you can see that Liselle has grown even more than she could have imagined as she discovers the truth.


Reviewed by Tyrone Vincent Banks