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Ayinde: They Gave Praise and He Came
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The symbol of hope- for without God nothing holds together.

Title: Ayinde: They Gave Praise and He Came

Author: Tyrone Vincent Banks

Publisher: PublishAmerica

Genre: Cultural Fiction /Inspirational

ISBN: Pending

Paperback: 160pp



Rating: Highly Recommended

Human beings through history have formulated many different names and forms for the Divine or Eternal. Just as we have many names and forms for other things, whether it is foods, or types of art, so too, in religion a similar great diversity has been created.


This inspirational tale begins after Vincent Young scans and submits a strange scroll he discovers in his possession to a language institute for translation, what he receives in return is an eye-opening message from Doctor Chionesu Sowande Sumaiyya. Sowande is the appointed historian of Tedros trusted with the knowledge of the Foluke people. 


Sowande reveals to Vincent and his family that the scroll is but one part of a great assembly required in bringing Mawuli back to his people. Mawuli is an enormous elephant and representation of God. Sowande warmly dubs Vincent, “Tafiti,” the seeker of knowledge.


“Before the continent of Africa received its name, before the innocence was lost- never to be reclaimed. Before the people of this continent we sold into the service of others...”


Dreamlike, the Young family is whisked away in a limousine then following a procession into an exquisite palatial estate for an unbelievable reunion. This gathering was only the beginning of the path Vincent’s spirit was born to walk. What follows are a series of richly relayed visions.


Vincent embarks on a quest of self-discovery by engaging in the sacred task of defending the soil of Tedros, ultimately finding God and have him reunited with his children. Giving strength through prayer, and a peace that would be based on toleration and a mutual "sharing."


Does God exist? Does God care? Given the world's sorry state, many have their doubts. Man feels alone only because he acts alone, thinks alone, and believes he is alone. He struggles in lack when he ignores or misuses God's bountiful gifts. Many of us understand and appreciate God-given gifts and tools only if we choose to accept them, and rightly use them.


I am truly not one to read large amounts of inspirational material, preferring movies as a better source.  Although Banks’ descriptions in Ayinde: They Gave Praise and He Came of a “paradise haven,” water the mouth, excite the mind and soothe the heart.


Banks’ has done a superb job of creating a “new Africa,” as well as the prophecy of a hero born centuries ago to summon God. “Tafiti,” is a modern day crusader of a forgotten past that has been reborn to cleanse the future. He is not only a flawed hero, but also a skeptical one, and one that most of us can relate to.


Ayinde: They Gave Praise and He Came is truly thought provoking and well worth the adventure into the spiritual world never before told that guarantees to lift the heart!


  Reviewed by Betsie

Stay tune for details on how to acquire a copy of this wonderful novel!