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Club the Bugs and Scare the Critters
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 How-To get rid of (just about) Everything

Title: Club the Bugs and Scare the Critters

Author: Dr. Myles H. Bader

Illustrated by: Jason Herbert

Publisher: Dr. Myles H. Bader

Genre: How to

Paperback; 345 pp



Rating: Highly Recommended


October 16, 2004


Bombs and house sprays pose a threat to the human inhabitants. When used properly they are considered safe and effective, but these products are toxic and should be used only as a last resort. To help Mother Nature naturally, without toxic poisons, use organic homemade controls.


Are bugs - Man's new Best Friend? Well many a bug lover would argue this point. And yes, there are limits to everything – having a spider problem myself (Brown Recluse). I cornered one; it reminded me of that movie Arachnophobia. I moved one way, it moved the other… it was a cat n’ mouse game. This thing actually seemed to have a brain!


Dr. Bader helps you identify the problem in your home or garden then provides a number of solutions that can easily be put to use against beetles, Mites, Rove beetles, Earwigs, Wheel bugs, Spiders, etc. It practically covers every bug imaginable! Not only does the book point out what attract these pesky bugs, but also natural repellants.


Using humorous illustrations Club the Bugs and Scare the Critters focuses on pesticides and the hazards to human and animal life, as well as the environment is life threatening.


Overall, this book is well worth the investment. Try one or a number of these simple organic recipes to rid your turf of nasty pests. Hopefully, you will have good results and not to mention a healthy, safe, and successful home or garden.


  Reviewed by Betsie

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