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Light On Snow
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                    Light on Snow Shines!

Title: Light On Snow

Author: Anita Shreve

Publisher: Little, Brown and Co. (October 2004)

Genre/Market: Adult Fiction

ISBN Number: 0316781487

Hardcover; 304 Pages

Price:  $24.95

*Also available as a Time Warner AudioBook and an eBook


Rating: Highly Recommended


August 16, 2004


During an evening walk in the woods, Nicky and her father find an abandoned baby left to die in the snow. This single event begins a healing process avoided far too long by the family.  Two years before, Nicky’s family was ripped apart with the death of her mother and sister, leaving a broken man and lonely little girl. They strive to cope. In the days after finding the baby, Nicky is obsessed with why a mother would leave a baby to die and one feels that perhaps Nicky has felt abandon not only by her father who is barely able to exist but also by her mother. When the young mother comes to find a way to thank them for saving her baby, she helps Nicky begin to answer the questions in her heart and causes the first real communication between father and daughter. Healing begins.


Anita Shreve once again, shows her mastery of the human emotions during extreme situations. I highly recommend this novel as well as any other novels written by Ms. Shreve. You will not be disappointed.


 Reviewed by Deven D. Vasko

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