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Good Morning, Darkness
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Title: Good Morning, Darkness

Author: Ruth Francisco

Publisher: Mysterious Press (September 2004)

Genre: Fiction/Mystery

ISBN: 0892968079

Hardcover: 305 pages

$23.95 US/$34.95 Canada

Rating: Highly Recommended


July 15, 2004


Laura Finnegan is the type of woman a man could easily love beautiful, graceful, mysterious, vulnerable, and missing.

The three men in her life are haunted by her disappearance.

The scorned lover, who evolves throughout the novel, will make you think twice about the one you share your life with.

A Mexican Fisherman, who watches her daily through the kitchen window, wonders about whom she is and sees the beauty in her and around her. He is also the one who found a severed arm, washed up on Venice Beach the same day Laura goes missing.

The tragic LAPD Detective is caught in a mid-life crisis, doubting himself and his marriage of twenty years, believing he has fallen in love with Laura. Lusting after her is causing him to loose his marriage, sons, and quite possibly his job and sanity.

What makes this story captivating is that the author writes for diverse ethnic groups. You'll begin to see the characters mannerisms and impressions on daily life and relate due to the savvy nature, style, and flow of the author's speech.

A lot of research went into this book and it shows making this story enjoyable and believable. Thank you Ruth!

You'll root for the bad guy, but... who is the bad guy?


  Reviewed by Demetria Harris


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