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The American Prophecies
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America's divine dilemma

Title: The American Prophecies

Author: Michael D. Evans

Publisher: Warner Faith; (August 2004)

Genre: Nonfiction/Biblical

Hardcover: 320 pages

ISBN: 044652252X


Rating: Recommended


June 24, 2004


Reading this novel I asked myself "who am I that I should be given the honor and privilege to critique the words of a prophet?" "Or what words could I use that would give credence to such an accomplished author?"  My answer is none.  Instead my comments are guided by blind faith.


I have long feared that a time of atonement for the American people has always been close at hand. Mr. Evans novel depicts America's place in biblical prophecies by use of selected verses, words, and actions from Presidential inaugural scriptures of elected officials during their term in office. Moreover, he states that America must do its divine duty and stand up for her sister and ally Israel. Is America capable of choosing right or justice over power or that bottom line?


Is it possible for a nation that has not sewn its own seeds of racism to come to the aid of another? How can a country that will not acknowledge its own moral failures assist racial unrest abroad? Unlike our American scales of justice Israel, Arab-Iraq and its terrorist's sanctions are not blind.


Finally, Mr. Evans' viewpoint of America holding hands with Ishmael for oil and Israel over guilt of the holocaust, guilt by silence. Every history professor in America will tell you that the basis of government is to do whatever is beneficial for the nation. Where does this leave America in the biblical struggle over foreign Holy Lands? Only God knows.


What I do know is the God of my Father does not condone killing be it for land, oil, power, fame, or the nation. Lastly, The American Prophecies unveils a highly controversial view into providential Presidential politics.


Based on this, will America stand or fall?


Reviewed by Juanita Reynolds