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Sam's Letters to Jennifer
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    A wonderfully crafted novel!

Title: Sam's Letters to Jennifer

Author: James Patterson

Publisher: Little Brown and Company (June2004)

Genre: Inspirational Romance/Fiction

ISBN: 0316710571

Hardcover; 263pp



Also Available as a Time Warner AudioBook, eBook and in Large Print Edition

Rating: Highly Recommended


May 21, 2004

Jennifer, a workaholic and columnist for the Chicago Tribune is summoned back to the town where she grew up by an urgent phone call. Packing a duffel bag she climbs into her '96 Jaguar Vanden Plas and heads north for Lake Geneva.


Upon reaching Lakeland Medical Center, Jennifer finds her grandmother has slipped into a coma and Reverend John Farley keeping watch. The Reverend hands Jennifer a key to her grandmothers house before leaving. Overwhelmed by the sight, Jennifer sits a while, conversing, and then heads for 23 Knollwood Road.


Inside the house where she spent her magical summers, all remains the same. In her mind, Jennifer is home and within the room she had always occupied, finds a series of letters neatly addressed to her. Each letter, as it turns out is a piece of a story that will reveal a completely different world she thought she knew. It is also through these letters that she finds a love more powerful than she ever imagined.


Only a day after her arrival, Brendan Keller, a handsome man, presents and reintroduces himself. It takes a moment for Jennifer to realize he was a childhood friend. Hesitant and guarded Jennifer turns down an invitation to dinner, yet Brendan appeals to something in her, something that hasn't been touched in over a year.


I fell in love with this story and its characters. The set up for the story was great, the way the plot unfolded was absolutely AWESOME, and there just wasn't much about this book not to like!


Written in first person, Sam's Letters to Jennifer is an intriguingly heartwarming romantic tale with likeable characters and a mysterious subplot that will keep readers interested from beginning to end. This inspirational story will bring a tear to the eye of even the hardest heart.


Author James Patterson has created a can't-put-it-downer, a sit-here-till it's-finished! Even though it may be tempting to race to the finish, this book should be savored; readers will also have a warm feeling at the book's satisfying conclusion.


Reviewed by M. Romero


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