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The Last Holiday
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Countdown to Disaster!

Title: The Last Holiday

Author: Parke Linder

Publisher: Publish America (November 2003)

Genre: General Fiction

ISBN 1413701876

Paperback; 368pp



Rating: Highly Recommended


May 20, 2004

This story revolves around MSK Air Service, a small airline service that shuttles passengers and packages over the Alaskan bush areas. MSK's reputation has sorely damaged by owner, Mac Stuart, whose unsavory operating practices border illegal. Despite Mac's seedy operating tactics the FAA has not been able to prove any negligence thus far. However, Mac's seemingly unscrupulous conduct has brought MSK to its financial knees and just may knock him out of the Alaskan sky.


Ironically, Mac receives a call from archrival, Evan Gibbons, of North Air Charter offering him a charter flight from Grizzly Bear Tours to Nome Alaska. Mac knows that MSK's capital has dwindled to the point that he can't make payroll. Additionally, the only aircraft open at MSK is currently in maintenance getting and a past due overhaul. Mac uses all his conniving powers of persuasion to convince, threaten, and browbeat those in his employ to get the aircraft soaring by twelve noon the following day.


MSK flight 76 departs Anchorage on a three-hour flight to Nome at 1:30pm. Less than twenty-four hours after take off the Alaskan airways are buzzing with news of the downed and missing charter, which carried forty souls, thirty six passengers and four crew members.


Reading Ms. Parke's Vacation turned survival, I felt as if I were a passenger on that flight. This is a well-written tale, as well as an excellent read. Last Holiday, contains descriptive background that familiarizes the reader with its characters personally. This novel speaks volumes about the many aspects of human personalities in the face of danger, adversity, fear, despair, and even death.


The dramatic depiction of greed, deceit, struggle, and survival, releases a plethora of emotions.



Reviewed by Juanita Reynolds