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Poison at the Pinnacle
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     Lethal doses of power and prestige in rural USA

Title: Poison at the Pinnacle

Author: Hawk MacKinney

Publisher: Turnkey Press;(April 2004)

Genre: Murder Mystery

ISBN#: 0974466867

Paperback; 248pp


Rating: Highly Recommended


April 18, 2004


In a small rural town in South Carolina bank president Royce Sedgewike falls dead at a banquet dinner. The official cause of death is listed as a heart attack. Terri Stanley, a widow of less than 6 months re-enters the work force securing a job at that same bank as a department trustee officer. Craig Ingramme is the trustee of the McGriffin trust that Terri is auditing. The figures in this portfolio don't add up and Terri must decide which direction to take. Is someone in the bank skimming funds from this account and has she been hired as the patsy?


Terri decides to go to Craig with her suspicions. Together they secure the original forms to prevent any document tampering. Craig is an ex-seal PI with connections and quite wealthy. Craig launches into an investigation that inadvertently places Terri and her son in danger. As the proverbial body count rises, Craig along with ex-seal buddy, Lt. Grason MacGerald, scramble to smoke out a killer or killers.


The motives and possible suspects begin to form an unending roadmap with all roads leading to dead ends. Terri and her son come up missing. Will Craig be able to locate them before the killer moves in or will this snooping cause their deaths?


This authors story, about high-level corruption and greed is filled with colorful characters ranging from filthy rich, high society "hob-nobs" to penniless "bag ladies." There's romance, depraved sexual acts, strange friendship, along with a modern day Hatfield McCoy rivalry. 


I highly recommend this novel filled with the pitfalls of power at the top. The ending will surprise you!


Reviewed by Juanita Reynolds





Hawk Mac Kinney is currently a full time writer and resides in Augusta, Ga. He began writing at an early age when he authored serial mysteries as a teen growing up in Cabin Creek, Ark., a small railroad town in the northwest part of the state. He went on to author textbooks and professional articles about anatomy and served in the United States Navy Special Staff Corp for over 20years. While serving as a Navy commander, he also had a career as a fulltime faculty member at several major state medical facilities.  He earned two postgraduate degrees. Poison at the Pinnacle is his second book.

For more info, please visit http://www.hawkmackinney.net