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Of Dreams and Nightmares
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Aristocrat to Pioneers, and blazing trails into the Western hills

Title: Of Dreams and Nightmares

Author: Shirley A. Roe

Publisher: pending

Genre: Historical Romance / Series

ISBN: pending


Rating: Highly Recommended

March 31, 2004


Within the social lands of England, Martha McGuire, an impetuous, stubborn young woman and at the tender age of eighteen is forced by her father's hand to marry a much older man, Jebediah Whittaker. Jebediah is a widower, as well as the father of three young boys: Ezekiel, Abraham, and Isaac.


Unbeknown to all that just beneath the surface, is a ruthless and despicable man who aims to destroy Martha.


Jebediah, having pulled off the deal of a lifetime takes his new unwilling bride and children and board The Salvation. The ship sails across the Atlantic Ocean for weeks, bound for the Americas, a voyage that reveals Jebediahs true, horrific intentions. 


The Whittaker's journey continues as they leave the east coast joining a wagon train of immigrant homesteaders, moving west. For these souls no longer a paradisiacal land of fable, dream, and imagination, the West was to become for the settlers, the promise of a new life. Destination Wyoming.


Upon Jeremy's return - Jebediah's brother, his evil deeds are uncovered. Martha's father, John McGuire is agog over what has happened. The pain of it all causes John extreme heartache. He suddenly takes ill and quickly calls for help. Guilt ridden, he will pay any price to get his daughter back!


It is by no coincidence that Martha's childhood friend Austin Wells, offers his services. Jeremy Whittaker angered by his brother's misdeeds joins him in the search for Martha. These odd travel partners board a steamship bound for Boston, one man on a mission of love and the other a mission of revenge and justice.


After Whittaker and Wells finally locate Martha they form a plan of rescue. Isaac, the oldest of the 3 boys takes matters into his own hands, literary. On one fateful day, inside a church, Isaac's memories come to surface identifying the shadow that threw his mother down a flight of stairs, to her death! Shots ring out.


Before long the Whittaker's pack-up, move, making a new life in the booming Mississippi river town of St. Louis, Missouri.


What awaits readers between the pages Of Dreams and Nightmares? An era of aristocracy, rogue heroes, a charmer and trickster, hard toil and suffering, a heroine of the plains, but most importantly a clear picture of a time and place in which classic stories take place.


The author's research shines through for this period with captivating three-dimensional characters readers will easily relate to. Of Dreams and Nightmares is a well-written novel of which readers will admire, specifically content and delivery of this story.


Overall, the feel of this romantic tale is of epic proportions, moving at a fast, intriguing pace, that will keep readers glued to each page, lusting for more, even after they reach the end!


Reviewed by M. Romero, author of Caleng and the Moonstone Pearl


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