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     The battle within

Title: Insight

Author: Patricia J. Newcombe

Publisher: Publish Britannica

Genre: Dark Fiction/Paranormal

ISBN: 1413709052

Paperback; 299pp


Rating: Recommended


March 30, 2004


Jenna Jordan is a nurse with some serious baggage. Not only is she pregnant but also has a number of phobias, no clue of whom her biological parents are and suffers from recurring nightmares and sleeplessness. All of which not only take a toll on her physically and mentally, but are also affecting her marriage.


After numerous disputes Jenna comes to the conclusion that her husband David is non-supportive, as he makes one attempt after another to get her psychiatric help. With an old letter in hand, Jenna embarks on the mission to discover her parents identity. In her mind, Jenna believes a demon spirit of some sort is haunting her and seeks to hurt her and her baby.


On another note, Lyn, a so-called friend, in the midst of turmoil makes a move for Jennas husband during their separation.


Failing to find any answers to her many questions, Jenna decides to undergo hypnotherapy in hopes of revealing the many forgotten or blocked memories before her adoption. Hypnotherapist Denman, following several sessions is genuinely worried about his client. His experience tells him deep-seated traumas could push her over into a psychological crisis.


Drawback: The story moves at a slow pace and repetitive descriptions prolong the story, dragging things out at points where it feels the story should pick up. Finding the main character at times contradicting to her actions and a tad bit too self-absorbed making it hard for the reader to connect with her or her flaws. Still these minor setbacks do not hurt the plot.


Overall: Insight is a good dramatic tale and novel with dark, brooding characters for which paranormal fans of "unexplained incidents" will enjoy.


Reviewed by Betsie


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