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Hi, glad you surfed on in! I'd like to take this time to ask for
your patience as some of these pages are slow loading due to the
music they contain, although I can guarantee it is well worth the
wait! I have links to these wonderful composers below if you are
interested. Once again I say Thank You for your patience...enjoy
and please help preserve the wolves, for they are God's creatures

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What would you do if they allowed open season on mankind to decrease
the population? Would you fight to exist or lay down and die?


Why not help to preserve the existence of our brother wolf and all the
other creatures on this earth? Remember they were already here when we
moved in !

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Okay... The wolf has always inspired fear and hatred, awe and respect,
but their images have fascinated mankind for centuries, why is this?

Yet, man continues to attempt to drive this intelligent and gentle
being into extinction! This very animal that once put silver into 
their ancestors pockets!  

My attempt here is to help you see through text and pictures the true
identity of the wolf as it will be revealed. When we understand the 
wolf not only as a mythical character but as a creature of nature, we 
learn to value and respect its place in our world.

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One prayer: Peace

One hope: Harmony

One dream: Understanding



A special thanks to:

Dark Feather:
South Winds:
Following Generations Music:
Condor Records:
David Griffiths - Lake Applet:
Doug Lehnhardt - Wildlife Paintings:

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So through the path of the wolf  I wander, hungry, desperate, cold 
and alone...Such a kind and gentle spirit that I am... won't you help?

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