Below is my gift to the Sisterhood and Brotherhood
of the Wolf.Many Thanks to all who help defend our 
Brother Wolf and all the creatures of the earth!

Take a good look folks there are some very talented
people out can click on any of the pics 
to visit their sites also. Each of these artist has
expressed their love for our brother wolf in their 
very own unique way. Enjoy and Have A Howling Good Time !

Thank You Rose Wolf

Beautiful..Thanks Bluewolf

So Inocent... Thanks Ambereyes

Nice...Lady in Black

Go get your Guardian Wolf !

Thank You Sirrus!

Thanks Mainewolf

Very lovely...Thank You Lobowolf

Thanks ShadowWolf!

Love it, Snowdove!

This is wonderful, thanx Lorekeeper

Thanx Wolfy

Thank you Shywolf

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