The Author:

M. Romero, was born and raised in Tampico, Mexico-
came to the U.S with her parents (by force)
and is now my second home that she loves. She has
made many wonderful friends and wishes she could
see them all everyday,but they are all
scattered throughout the world! 

Her writing career began at a very early age
with wonderous and sometimes scary bedtime 
tales told by her grandmother and mother.
This led to many venturous daydreams and 
sometimes trouble with teachers! But it did 
not deter her from doing what she most enjoyed... 
telling stories.

While growing up in house full of children, 
boredom was never a part of life and some 
of which sparked many scenes within the tales 
told in her latest book series.

But M. Romero grew up or so many think. She 
joined the Navy, a duty she still remains 
proud of. It is here during her tour that she
learned many new things, not just about life
but of different cultures as well. 

Now she proudly works as a nurse, and hopes 
to bring a smile or two to her many patients.

Among many other things; she likes painting, 
drawing, arts and crafts, teaching her dogs 
new tricks.

Her Dogs:

1st there's Goliath(rhodesian-ridgeback)
who is at times clumsy, playful and loving 
(more so with the mailman, wants him for 

We recently acquired a Moose (german shepard), 
who is even more clumsier than Goliath, if 
that's possible! LOL

Her Cat:

Frisco Burger(brown tiger)who seems to act
as the godfather and overseas what everyone 
is getting into! Of course when all chaos 
breaks loose he's the first to run!

Once again...Thank You So Much for visiting 
and may God guide your life and the angels 
in the heavens watch over you and yours always.

And by the way if you get a chance maybe you could 
sign my guest book! And once again THANK YOU !


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