The wolf is one of the most intelligent of all wild creatures. It has
the ability to learn from experience. It is being pushed back not 
because it is smart enough to know that all hands are turned against

Therefore, it strives to keep away from constant danger that man

Legend has it that before the settlers came to this country, the
Native Americans and the wolf lived together in peace and harmony.

They revered the wolf and looked upon him as a brother and a teacher.

Many Native Americans were honored with wolf names.

Hundreds of years ago there were many thousands of wolves across much
of the Northern Hemisphere. But wolves have been hunted, trapped, and
poisoned and only small numbers can still be found in Eastern Europe,
China, and parts of North America.

The fate of the wolf is up to us and our willingness to share the 
earth with wild animals!

So what is it about these creatures that inspires us so? So much that
we have been compelled to possess them in captivation, photos, 
paintings, and even in mythical ways !

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I hope that by reading these pages you have learned much about the 
wolf and its ways in nature. The wolf is truly no different than your
companion that is at your side, only that he has grown in the wild and
fights for his food and survival !

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