Wolves are the largest members of the dog family, bigger than any wild 
dogs and domestic. They look much like a German shepard with thick,
shaggy fur and bushy tail. 

At birth they have fine dark, fuzzy hair, floppy ears, and blunt noses.
They pretty much look like regular puppies!

At birth they cannot see and only weigh about 1 pound (.5 kilograms).

An adult wolf can weigh from 40 to 175 pounds (18 to 80 kilograms) and
stretch more than 6 feet (2 meters) from the tip of his nose to the 
end of its tail.

Male wolves are usually larger than females.

The name "wolf" is often applied to a "lecherous" two-legged predatory
male. I've seen more humans that resemble the word "lecherous"!

In reality, the wolves have established a most exemplary partnership!

Wolves have developed one of the highest social orders of any mammals
below the primate level.

They adhere to strict laws that govern individual actions and status
as well as the interactions of members of the group. A wolf that
doesn't fit into the pattern or is not accepted by the rest is either
driven away or killed!


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