"The Re-awkening"

         Maintain, stand up it says
         An echo in the distant wind
         In tears, I hear this whisper
         So incomplete and hallow within
         Belief that all of value is lost
         There is nothing there
         Joy to all around you, it seems
         Yet alone in a field of despair
         Able to decieve others
         But never yourself
         Nature covered by delusion
         How long have we been prisoners?
         Again I hear this whisper...
         Have confidence and faith!
         Like the Rocky Mountains
         Construct the mountain ranges of trust
         That rise high into the sky and unshaken
         Where problems are non-existent
         Passion is like boiling water
         Hope a source of inspiration
         Love that never ends!
         I feel, I have risen
         Like the Phoenix
         From the ashes of a hopeless life.


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